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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

UPSR Bahasa Inggeris - Pemahaman

SECTION A [20 marks]

Practice 1
Mr James ___ my new neighbour.
A is B are C was D were
2. Nabila is her aunt’s ___
A neice B cousin C nephew D daughter
3. While I ___ my friend came.
A sleep B slept C is sleeping D was sleeping
4. The goose is feeding its ___ with some worms.
A ghost B geese C gosling D gospel
5. I live in a terrace house while my friend lives in a ___
A banglo B banglow C bungalow D bangalow

Choose the suitable idiom.
6 Ah Meng was ___ when his father asked for his report card.
A barking up the wrong tree
B beating around the bush
C letting the cat out of bag
D blessing in disguise

Choose the best answer for each blank.
People travel in many types of vehicles. On land, people would choose car, bus __(7)__ taxi. Among the sea vehicles are ferry, boat and ship while __(8)__ air vehicles are helicopters and airplanes. __(9)__ are meant to ease our lives.

7. A so B or C but D and
8.A a B an C the D -
9. A He B She C They D Their

Choose the word that has the same meaning as the underlined word.
10. The actress is wearing a very attractive dress.
A hot B lasting C interesting D inexpensive

Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation.
A "I visited the tea plantation in Cameron Highlands last week'. Said Lina.
B "I visited the tea plantation in Cameron Highlands and week. Said Lina.
C "I visited the tea plantation in Cameron Highlands last week" said Lina.
D "I visited the tea plantation in Cameron highlands last week," said Lina.

Questions 12 -15
Look at the picture and choose the best answer.
Razlan and his family are at the airport. They are __(12)__ to Australia. Razlan sees two men carrying __(13)__  and checking their tickets. A young lady is standing by the window __(14)_ watching the planes. A man in a suit is sitting and reading a newspaper while a lady beside him, __(15)_ his wife, is reading a novel.

12 A travel B travels travelled travelling
13 A suitcase B briefcase handbag backpacks
14 A so B or C possibly D definitely
15 A finally B surely C possibly D definitely

Questions 16 -18
Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
SUBANG, 2 Oktober - A couple, their three year-old son and a friend were returning from Deepavali prayers at Perumal SS13 temple, when they decided to stop at a petrol station at SS14 for a car wash at about 10.30 a.m.While the group waited outside the car as it was being washed, a male motorcyclist in his 3Qs rode up to the lady and yanked the gold chain off her neck.
However, the husband managed to respond immediately by grabbing hold of the passing motorcycle's handlebars and pushed the suspect off his bike. The thief fell and was held down by the husband until the police arrived.
Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari, said the victim's husband retrieved the gold chain from the suspect during his arrest."The victim was uninjured, but her husband sustained scratches on his right elbow and knees in the brief .struggle with the suspect, he said.

16 How many people were in the car?
A Four B Three C Two D One
17 Who managed to grab the robber?
A The victim B The husband C The commissioner
D the motorcyclist
18 The word retrieved in the passage can best be replaced with:
A regain B resell C recycle D returned

Questions 19 - 20
Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Have you ever watched a circus? It is a show of multitalented people and animals. A circus will not be complete without clowns. They are normally dressed in colourful costumes and perform different skills. Some of them are good in doing somersaults while often clowns capture our hearts with their balls and balloons.

19 A circus is a ___   
A performance by skillful people and animals
B a showcase of talented clowns
C somersault performance by clowns
D animals playing with balls and balloons
20 A circus performance is normally ___
A boring 
B annoying 
C sickening 
D entertaining

Answers: 1 A, 2 A, 3 D, 4 C, 5 C, 6 B, 7 B, 8 C, 9 C, 10 C, 11 C, 12 D, 13 D, 14 C, 15 C, 16 A, 17 B, 18 A, 19 A, 20 D 
Source: BH/UPSR/Didik/Isnin, 14 November 2016

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