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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

English - Let's Read

Dear Pupils,
All Praise for the Almighty, with HIS blessings, the textbook packages for primary schools are ready for publication to be used by pupils in all primary schools. The textbook packages are written based on the revised Integrated Curriculum for Primary Schools.
The textbook packages for each subject have fulfilled and complied with the requirements of the Syllabuses and Curriculum Specifications produced by the Ministry of Education to ensure learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed, and to help teachers carry out teaching and learning effectively.
In this era of global educational development, the Ministry of Education aspires to produce textbook packages of quality and of world standard. These textbook packages are based on the National Philosophy of Education which focuses on developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner. It is hoped that these textbook packages will evolve a new generation of dynamic, productive and competent youths who will be responsible towards their religion, race and country.
The Ministry would like to extend their congratulations and gratitude to writers, publishers, panels of Textbook Package Evaluators and all parties appointed by the Ministry of Education, especially to the Textbook Division, for their successful production of the textbook packages. Finally, it is hoped that these textbook packages will generate a ‘knowledge society’ that strives for excellence.
It is hoped that the English textbook packages will equip pupils with basic skills and knowledge of the English language to enable them to communicate effectively and confidently in and out of school.
Thank you.
Director General of Education
Ministry of Education

The English Language Textbook for primary students aims to fulfill pupils’ language needs as stipulated in the English Language Curriculum for SJK schools, and help pupils improve their English Language proficiency through the use of various strategies and activities. The approach to language learning is modular in nature and this approach helps to meet the needs of pupils with different abilities and from diverse backgrounds There are two components to the Standard-Based Curriculum for English Language for primary levels. The two components are: (1) The Textbook and (2) The Activity Book
The Textbook
The textbook consists of 18 units and the topics are reflective of the needs of the pupils in schools. Each unit introduces the pupils to the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils’ experience of learning the English language is also enriched through language arts at the end of every unit. Language arts inject the element of fun into language learning. Through language arts, pupils draw on their creative abilities enabling them to participate fully in the learning process.
Teachers can use this textbook for classroom teaching as well as to prepare enrichment activities for the pupils. Suggestions for extended activities are also given in the Teacher’s Notes. The pages in each unit of the textbook are also designed to help pupils develop their language gradually, beginning with listening and speaking skills and moving on to developing reading and writing skills. Each unit ends with language arts.
The lessons are represented with icons as below:
Listening and Speaking
Language Arts
In developing the use of natural language in every day conversation, the use of contraction (I’m, He’s, We’re... etc) is seen in the dialogues. Phonemic awareness is also created using a four-part strategy:
(1) introducing individual sounds, phonemes and graphemes,
(2) blending,
(3) segmenting and
(4) reading.
By guiding the pupils through this four-part strategy, teachers will be able to help the pupils to learn the sounds in the English language in a systematic manner. This parts are indicated with an icon as below:
Sound it right
Say, spell, say
Say it right
Another aspect of the textbook is the incorporation of technology into English language learning. Pupils will learn how to surf the Internet, use a , search engine and learn to create a PowerPoint presentation. This exposure 'IL to language learning through the use of ICT is deemed necessary in this era of rapid ICT development.
The Activity Book
The activity book comprises 18 units and is to be used in tandem with the textbook. The activities in the activity book are designed to reinforce learning of the language skills taught in the textbook. There are four pages in each unit of the activity book. The activity on each page is correlated to a skill in the same unit of the textbook, namely listening and speaking, reading, writing and language arts. Teachers can use the exercises in the activity book at the end of a lesson on the focused skill, or use them to assess pupils’ learning outcomes at the end of each unit. All of the activities are designed to support and strengthen the language skills taught in the textbook.
It is hoped that teachers will optimise the use of the textbook during the teaching and learning process to ensure that pupils reap the benefits of the knowledge presented in it. Moreover, the textbook is made accessible to all pupils and teachers, therefore serving as a point of reference and source of information for the teaching and learning of the English language in primary schools throughout Malaysia.

Useful links
Let's Read A Story...
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Writing Strategies
How do you write your description?
Jot down and organise ideas about your topic.
Write the first draft.
Revise your whole essay. Check the flow of ideas, grammar and choice of vocabulary.
Edit your essay to make sure the words are spelled correctly and the punctuation are used accurately.
Write the final draft.

Read and share the description that you have written with your friends. 
Decide which description you like most. 
Give your reasons.

Let’s Read and Learn
About Animals
A fish swims.
A bird flies.
A frog jumps.
A snake glides.
A bird has eyes, beak, wings, legs and tail.
A cat has eyes, mouth, ears, nose, legs and tail.
A cow has eyes, nose, mouth, horns, legs and tail.
A fish has eyes, mouth, fins and tail.
Different animals move in different ways.
Penguin and ostrich are birds that cannot fly.
Different animals have different parts of the body.
There are many types of animals in this world.
Can you name the animals you know?
Name of animals: cat, dog, cow, goat, fly, butterfly, ant, fish
Let us study about animals.
Remember, always be kind to animals!
The Blue Whale is the biggest animal in the world.
What animals live in the forest?
What animals live in the grass?
Can you name the home of a cow?
Where do fish live?
Which animal tweets?
Which animal hisses?
What animal has two legs?
What animal has four legs?
What helps a fish to swim?
Name an animal which has no leg.
Name two animals that can jump.
Name two animals that can fly.
Animal that mews? (Cat/snake/bird/frog/fish)

Let’s Read and Learn
About Food
Keywords: vegetables, fruits, rice, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner
We need food to live. Why?
Food helps us to grow and be healthy.
There are many types of food.
We have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Most food come from plants and animals.
Banana, papaya and pineapple are local fruits.
They are good for our body.
Food helps us to grow and be healthy.
We also need to drink a lot of water.
We need to drink six to eight glasses of water every day.
Every day I eat and drink.
I have three meals.
Breakfast: I have breakfast in the morning.
Lunch: I have lunch in the afternoon.
Dinner: I have dinner at night.
Why do we need food?
What happens if you do not eat food?
At what time did you have your breakfast?
What food did you have for your breakfast?
What did you have for lunch?
What did you have for dinner?
Name three types of food that keep you healthy.
We need food to live. YES.
Bananas and durians are fruits. YES.
We must eat only one type of food. NO.
We have breakfast in the morning. YES.
We have dinner at four o'clock. NO.

Let’s Read
CY3/Meeting People
Please help me arrange the chairs, the desks, the tables and the benches.
Please call Vijay, Jin Hao, Anisa and Biki.
Pease bring the hoops, the balls, pails and the skipping ropes here.

Do you remember
Do you remember how to use capital letters, full stops and question marks?
Remember to use commas , when writing about more than two persons, things and so on.

A: Mum, may I go to Priya’s house?
B: Yes, you may.
A: Mrs Devi, may I speak to Priya?
C: I’m sorry. She’s at Kavita’s house.
A: Can you tell her to bring some pencils, pens, rulers and erasers to school?
C: Please write your message and I’ll leave it for her.

Let's read
Mrs Lee and Jin Hao are at the supermarket. 
They are buying things for Jin Hao’s birthday party.
Jin Hao: May I have some balloons and party hats tor the party, Mother? I have invited twenty-eight friends.
Mrs Lee: Yes, of course. Let’s go over there. We’ll buy thirty balloons and thirty party hats.
[Jin Hao sees some bags on the shelf.]
Jin Hao : What are these, Mother?
Mrs Lee: Oh, these are goodie bags. They have sweets and chocolates in them.
Jin Hao : May I have them for my friends?
Mrs Lee: Certainly.
Jin Hao: [Hugs his mother] ...

Be thankful.

Answer the questions
Where do Mrs Lee and Jin Hao buy the things for the party?
How many friends are coming to Jin Hao’s party?
How many balloons do they buy for the party? 
Who sees the goodie bags first?
What do you think Jin Hao says to his mother in the end?

Let’s Read
CY3/Plants, Trees and Flowers
I am a cacao tree. My trunk is hard and brown. I have many big leaves on my branches. They are green.
I have many fruit. They are called pods. They are oval. They grow on my trunk and branches. They are green. They turn brown when they are ripe.
There are many seeds in my pods. You can make these seeds into powder. The powder is called cocoa. You can use this powder to make chocolate.
Do you think I am a useful tree?

Answer the questions.
The cacao tree has a ___ trunk.
A hard B thick C small
The leaves of the cacao tree are ___
A hard and brown
B oval and green 
C big and green
Where are the pods found?
A On the trunk only 
B On the branches only 
C On the trunk and branches
What are used to make chocolate? 
A The pods B The seeds C The leaves
Complete the table below about the cacao tree
Complete the table below about the cacao tree
Trunk -
Leaf - big
Trunk - brown
Leaf -

Pod -

Note: Plants are useful. Take care of them.
Let’s Read
Ivan and his sisters are at home. It is raining hard outside.
“Oh dear! We can’t go out to play badminton,” says Ivy.
“I know what we can do,” says Ivan. He goes to his room and takes out his stamp albums. He shows his sisters his stamps from Malaysia, China, India and many other countries. He tells Ivy and Irene about the people and the places in those countries.
There are also pictures of flowers, birds and insects on the stamps. Ivy likes those with flowers but Irene likes those with birds. They do not like the ones with insects.
“This is so much fun. We have learnt many things. Please teach us how to collect stamps,” say Ivy and Irene. 
Answer the questions.
What does Ivan like to do?
A Collect stamps B Play badminton C Collect stamp albums
How many sisters has Ivan?
A One B Two C Three
Ivan takes good care of his stamps. (True/False)
Ivy and Irene enjoyed looking at the stamps. (True/False)
Is stamp collecting a good hobby? Why?
Do you collect things? What do you collect?

Let’s Read
Long ago, there was a Sultan in Sriputra. He loved his people very much.
One day, some robbers wanted to steal the food in Sriputra. So, the people of Sriputra went to see the Sultan. They said, “Your Majesty, we will fight them.”
The Sultan had a plan. He told his people to cut the rice plants and hide the rice.
When the robbers came, they found no food. So, they left. 

The word steal means to ___
A rob B eat C carry
In the end, the people of Sriputra were ___
A angry B happy C hungry
The best title for the story is ___
The Brave People 
B The Clever Sultan 
C The Hungry Robbers
What does the story teach us?
To be kind.
To work hard.
C To love our country.

Do you like the story?
Do you love your country?

Let’s Read
C3/Things At Home
I am a clock. I am new and I am made of plastic. I am yellow. My body is square.
I have two hands but no legs. I have small numbers on my face. You can find me in your room. I tell you the time.
I am a white oven. I am rectangular.
I am made of metal. You can find me in the kitchen. You use me to cook food and bake cakes.
I am a blue kettle. My body is round. I have a handle and a cover. I am made of metal.
You often find me on the stove in the kitchen. You use me to boil water. Do not stand near me when I am hot.

Let’s Read
C3/Places Outside the Home
Last Sunday, Tina and her brother went to town to buy things tor their art lessons. On the way, Tina felt hungry. They saw a policeman. They asked him the way to a bakery.
“Walk down this road. Turn right into Jalan Nanas. The bakery is on your left. It is a purple building,” said the policeman.
They thanked the policeman and went to the bakery. After buying some buns, they went to the bookshop to buy their art materials. It was a new and big building.
On their way home, they passed a market. It was an old and dirty building. They bought some fruit. Then, they went home.

Fill in the table 
Name of place
Description      What the children bought




CY3/More Stories
There was a river in Kampung Sungai Linggi. To cross the river, the villagers had to use a very narrow bridge. 
One morning, two big goats wanted to cross the river. “Stop! Let me cross the bridge first,” the white goat shouted.
The brown replied, “No, I want to go first. I’m in a hurry.”
"No," said the white goat, “I want to go across first. You must wait.”
The brown goat went on the bridge an shouted, “Wait there. I will cross first.”
The white goat did not wait. He started to cross the bridge too.
The two goats met in the middle of the bridge.
“Go back and let me cross,” said the white goat angrily.
“I will not!” shouted the brown goat.
The two goats began to fight on the narrow bridge. The white goat pushed the brown goat.
The brown goat pushed the white goat and both goats fell into the river.
An elephant saw what happened.
He went to the, riverbank.

Lesson to be learned: 
Be co-operative.

Let’s Read and Answer
CY3/Following Instructions
Yasmin and her friends are getting ready to celebrate Children’s Day.
Wei Li: Yasmin, will you teach us to make some masks?
Yasmin: OK. We need some cardboard, coloured pencils, a pair of scissors, bldbe and rubber bands.
(Yasmin goes to take the things from her bedroom.)
Yasmin: Here are the things we need. Now, let’s make a mask of a cat. First, draw the face of a cat on the piece of cardboard and colour it.
Prema: Like this?
Yasmin: Yes. hat’s a beautiful cat. Now, cut out the face of the cat. Then, cut two holes for the eyes.
Wei Li: We’ve finished. What do we do next?
Yasmin: Now, tie two rubber bands at the ears.
Prema: Hurray! I’ve made a mask to wear]
Wei Li: (Wearing his mask) Look! I’ve one too.

Answer the questions
Where are the children?
A In a bookshop B In a school C In a house
Who is good at making masks?
A Yasmin B Prema C Wei Li
How many things do the children need to make a mask?
A Three B Four Five

Let’s read
Last week, Mr Lee and his family went shopping to get ready for Chinese New Year.
First, they went to the market. Mrs Lee bought some vegetables, meat, fish and oranges.
After that, they drove to the florist’s. Mrs Lee bought twenty live red roses and twenty eight purple orchids.
Jin Mei liked the pink lilies very much. So, Mrs Lee bought thirty pink lilies for her.
"I need a new oven to bake cakes for the New Year,” said Mrs Lee. So, the family went to a shop and Mr Lee bought his wife a new oven. He also bought her a now kettle.
"Grandfather’s hobby is listening to music. His birthday is next week. Shall we get him this round radio?” Jin Hao asked his parents. So, Mr Lee bought the radio and they went home.

Find the words in the story that mean:
very pretty -
must have -
a room where we sleep – 
something which we use to cut paper with –
something we wear to cover our faces -

Let’s Read and Learn
Write a description of a function or an event you have been to. 
Use the following guidelines to write your description.
Introduce the event
Name the event or function.
Say why, when and where it took place. 
Describe the place 
Say who were there.
How you felt about the event
Interesting experience
Which part of the event interests you? 
Did anything special happen during the event?
How it ended
Describe how and say when it ended
Did you enjoy the event?

Reading 1
Let’s read and answer
Sigat is reading the poster of his school’s Family Day.
The Parent-Teacher Association of Sekolah Kebangsaan Kencana cordially invites you and your family to our annual Family Day:
Date: 5 February 2016
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Venue: School hall and school field
Speech by Encik Danial Zaini
(Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association)
Indoor and outdoor games
Karaoke competition
Lucky draw
Be part of the exciting activities.
Enjoy the wide variety of food and beverages.
Answer the questions.
Where is the Family Day going to be held?
Who will give a speech at the event?
Who do you think can join this event?
The word ‘annual’ means ...
We can get many new friends during a Family Day. Why?
Useful references:
More videos...

Some activities held during a Family Day.
three-legged race
hula hoop contest
water balloon toss game
balloon twisting
sack race tug of war 
Talk about the activities above.
Which activity do you like the most? Why?

Reading 2
Let's read...
Vjjay and Irfan are preparing sandwiches for the Family Day. 
This is the recipe that they are using.
Egg Sandwish Recipe:
20 slices of bread
5 hard-boiled eggs
50g of butter
1 cucumber
Salt and pepper to taste
Mask the eggs in a mixing bowl.
Add a pinch of salt and pepper.
Spread some butter evenly on the bread.
Spread the egg mixture evenly on the bread.
Slice the cucumber on the bread.
Cut the sandwiches into triangles.
Pack the sandwiches. 
Useful references:
More videos...

Let's read
CY5/Lend A hand
Angie listens to the news.
Good afternoon. This is Channel Four and the time is 2.00 p.m. I'm Jenny Chong with the news update.
Earthquake in Aceh. An earthquake rocked Indonesia this morning. It started in Aceh and it was the most powerful earthquake In 40 years. People in Penang felt the earthquake at about 9.00 a.m. Buildings shook slightly and people rushed out of the buildings.
Many picnickers were enjoying their Sunday at Batu Ferringhi Beach.
Three hours later, the picnickers and the people passing by Batu Ferringhi saw a very big wave. In two minutes, a giant wave rolled towards the shore and flooded the roads and the village by the sea. The wave was around six metres high when it reached the shore.
People were terrified and tried to drive away. Some of the picnickers were washed away by the giant wave. It destroyed many buildings and cars. Many people lost their homes and family members. A fund has been set up to help the victims, you can donate by sending an SMS to 11228. The next news update will be at 5.00 p.m.
An earthquake is a quick shaking of the earth. It does not give any warning. It is caused by the breaking and moving of rocks under the earth.

Read the phrases
destroyed buildings and cars
flooded the roads
six-metre high giant wave
buildings shook slightly

Answer the questions
When was the earthquake?
A At 4 p.m. B At 5 p.m. C After 2 p.m. D Before 9 a.m.
The giant wave hit Batu Ferringhi at about _____
A three in the afternoon
B nine in the morning
C twelve noon
Where did the earthquake start?
A Aceh B Batu Ferringhi  C Penang
The word 'It' in line 24 refers to the ____
A wave B shore C flood D earthquake
What caused the giant wave?
How high was the giant wave?

Let’s Spell
-wave - flooded – terrified - village • powerful

Let’s find the words with the same meaning.
Example: began – started
Strongest -
Frightened –
Huge –
Damaged –

Say these sentences.
The wave was around six metres high.
It was the most powerful earthquake in 40 years.
People were terrified and tried to run away.
Many picnickers were enjoying their Sunday at Batu Ferringhi Beach.

We use 'was' with 'he', ’she', ‘it", T or a singular subject.
Example: The picnicker was enjoying his Sunday.
We use were' with 'they', 'we', 'you' or a plural subject.
Example: The picnickers were enjoying their Sunday.
We use 'was' and 'were' when we talk about the past.

Complete the text with ‘was’ or ‘were’
Kota Kuala Muda was destroyed by the giant wave on Sunday.
The wooden houses along the sea ___ washed away. Most of the villagers there ___ fishermen. Their boats ___ damaged and they lost their source of income.
A concert ___  held to raise funds for the victims. Dayang, a popular local singer ___ involved in the charity concert. She said that she ___ pleased to lend a hand to the victims through music.
Many people came for the concert. They wanted to lend a hand too. RM300,000 ___ collected for the fund. The concert ___ a success.

Let's read
This is what Siti wrote in her diary.
I was hanging my quilt. I saw something white coming from the sea. Suddenly, giant waves appeared. They hit my wooden house and it began to tilt. I felt terrified. I held onto the trunk of a tree. My wooden house that was built a year ago was gone in seconds. The giant waves did not seem to halt.

Let's Read and Answer
It was Monday. Mr Day gave everyone a letter. It was about Sports Day next Tuesday. The letter said there was going to be a race for a cup. The cup was in a box. Mr Day took the cup out of the box. He showed it to the class.
“You can all run in this race," he said. "The boy or girl who wins the race will get the cup."
Everyone was excited. They went out to train for Sports Day.
Ranjit wanted to have a go at the long jump.
"Good try!" shouted Nicky.
Ben Jones said, "Just you wait and see what I can do! I'm really good at sports." He ran and jumped.
"That was very good, Ben," said Mr Day. "What did I tell you?" Ben said to Nicky. Next, they did the high jump. Nicky hurt his while doing the high jump. He was out of the race.
Excerpt taken from ‘The Race for the Cup’ by Barbara Mitchelhill.  

Answer the questions
On what day was the Sports Day?
A Monday B Tuesday C Wednesday D Thursday
How many days did the children have to train for their Sports Day?
A Six B Eight C Ten D Twelve
Who was the first person to try the long jump?
A Nicky B Ben C Ranjit
'He showed it to the class.' What does the word 'it' refer to?
Why was Nicky out of the race?
What kind of a person is Ben? Why do you say so?

Choose the correct answer
Sad Raya for a Family of Six
TAIPING, Saturday: Hari Raya clothes and electrical objects (was/were) destroyed yesterday after the houses in Kampung Cempaka (was/were) burned down. One of the victims, Rosli Ahmad, 25, (was/were) at work. He received a call from his neighbour telling him that his house (was/were) on fire. He rushed home and saw everything had burned to ashes. He (was/were) very sad. His wife and children (was/were) also hurt in the fire. The fire (was/ were) put out within half an hour. The headman of Kampung Cempaka said a fund would be set up to help the victims.

There are eight misspelled words in the story.
Correct the spelling and rewrite the story.

The Clever Scientist

Long ago in a vilage in China, there livd a clever scientist. One day, it rained heavily in the vilage. It was high tide. The weve was high. It was also very powerfull. The vilage was floded. The villagers were terified. Quickly, the scientist went to his laboratory. He managed to make a machine. The machine could change the weve into usef ull energy. Everyone was very happy and gratefull to the scientist.

Reading 3
Let's read...
Space Exploration
Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space? He was looking for Pluto the dog.
Why did the sun go to school? He wanted to be brighter.
What are the noisiest things in space? Shooting stars.
I saw an alien with three eyes. What do I call him? Aliiien.
What can you see in the picture? 
Where do you think this place is?

Reading 4
Let’s read and answer.
Miss Sharmila is talking about the Solar System with the pupils of 5 Bestari.
A comet, Stars, Planet and Asteroid
A comet: A comet looks like a snowball but has a tail. It is made of rock and ice. The tail is made of dust and gas and it streams behind the comet as it nears the Sun.
Stars: Stars are gigantic balls of hot gas. They look small to us because they are actually very far away.
Planets: Planets are round-shaped objects that move around the star. They shine by reflecting the star’s light. They are larger than asteroids.
Asteroid: Irregular-shaped rocks that orbit the Sun are asteroids.

Answer True (T) or False (F).
The stars look so small from Earth because they are far away. (True/False)
A comet is made of ice and gas. (True/False)
Stars are made up of dust and rocks. (True/False)
Asteroids are smaller than planets. (True/False)

Reading 5
Let’s read and answer
Miss Sharmila and her pupils are at the national planetarium.
Irfan and Sigat are amazed to look at a huge astronaut suit displayed there.
Miss Sharmila explains about how astronauts live in space.
Food : They eat meals just like we do on Earth.
Clothes: They wear the same types of clothes that we wear on Earth.
Sickness: The one in charge of medical treatment will take care of them.
Leisure Time: They read books, listen to music, watch movies, and look at the Earth.
Bath: They wipe their body clean by using a wet towel and use waterless hair shampoo.

Answer the questions:
How do astronauts spend their free time?
They read books, listen to music, watch movies, and look at the Earth.
What do they do if they get sick in space?
They will get a medical treatment from the person in-charge.

Reading 6
Let’s read
May Lee, Amar, Susan
May Lee: A folktale is an old story passed down verbally from generation to generation.
Amar: Where do you think the folktale ‘Momotaro’ is from?
Susan: Looking at the way the people are dressed on the book cover, I think it is from Japan.
Amar: Let’s learn more about Japan.

About Japan and Japanese
Kimono, obi [sash], Hakama (worn over a kimono)
-sitting upright on a tatami mat
-bowing to greet one another
sashimi (a dish of thinly-sliced raw fish)
dango (a Japanese sweet dumpling)

Let’s read
Growing pains/To be or not to be
Piri went to the playground one evening.
He met some boys.
He started talking to them.
Piri: Hey! I’m Piri.
Arun: Hi!
Ashuk: Hello!
Irfan: Hey!
Piri: I have seen you having fun- playing football, rounders and kite flying. Can I join you?
Ashuk: Sure.
Irfan: We do other exciting things, too.
Ashuk: Other exciting things? Like what?
Arun: We sometimes steal fruits from Pak Man’s fruit stall.
Ashuk: We sometimes don’t go to school We go to the games arcade.
Piri: Oh! And you smoke, too?
Irfan: Want to join us?
Piri: Well..er...I…you…

What do you think Piri would have said and done? 
Give your reasons.

Let’s Read
Growing pain/Speaking Right From My Heart
Piri was in his room.
He switched on the radio and laid on his bed, thinking about his conversation with the boys at the playground.
Just then, a song over the radio caught his attention.
Read the lyrics of the song.

Oh, what fun to have many friends,
They say doing bad things together is the trend. All I want to do is have some fun,
Without doing things that others shun.
Games and sports are what I want.
Lying, cheating and stealing I just can’t.
Love my parents, I listen to them,
Can’t do anything that will bring them shame.
To have friends, these must I do?
Parents and teachers will frown, that’s true.
Can’t we be friends just as I am,
Spending time and having fun without any blame.
Thought this through for so long.
Now it’s time for me to choose right from wrong. If it’s friends with bad habits it has to be,
Would not want to be their friend, I leave them be.
Alphonz Jayaratnam

Talking point
Why did the song catch Piri’s attention?          
Which lines of the song support Piri’s decision not to make friends with the boys?
Read the lyrics again. List all the values mentioned in the song.
In pairs, tell each other which stanza in the song do you like best? Why?

Let’s Read and Answer
Growing pains/Motivation needed
Piri went to school and told his friends about the incident. Then, he showed them the lyrics of the song he downloaded from the Internet. Just then,
Mrs Lau came into the classroom and gave each of them a pamphlet. She said, “This is a one day motivational course for Year Six pupils. Discuss with your parents and let me know if you’re interested.” “Come on, let’s have a look at the pamphlet,” said Syazureen.

No. 6,  Block  10A, Persiaran Putra 8, Bandar Bam Putra, 31400 Ipoh, Perak,
Tel: 05-5383055
Fax: 05-538025
e-mail: caringmotcen@psn .com .my

- Special  motivational  sessions for  Year  Five/Six pupils
-Trained and experienced  motivators and facilitators
-Interesting sessions/workshops/exciting activities
-Affordable fees-. RM13 per session
-Choose any session you want

Date : Saturday,  14 September  2016
Time: 8:00 a .m. to  10:30 p .m.
Venue : Ipoh Town Hall, Ipoh, Perak.

Secondary School  Blues : 8.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.
How to Handle Bullies: 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
Am I Doing the Right Thing?: 2.30 p.m. to  4.00 p.m.
Honesty is the Best Policy: 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Handling Peer Pressure: 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
You and Your Parents: 8.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

For further nformation, please contact either Miss Kavita at 05-5556767 or Puan Hana at o5-55556868.
Refreshments for the children will be provided.
Registration: 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Answer the questions
Where is the motivational course going to be held?
Who are the organisers of the course?
Name two sessions that you think Piri will attend after his experience with the boys at the playground. Give reasons to support you answer.
Syazureen wants to attend the course. She has tuition from 8.30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Which sessions can she attend?
Amarjit, Yoke Phin and Eva are anxious about going to Form One.
Which sessions will be good for them? Why?
If you were given a chance to attend this motivational course, which session or sessions would you like to attend? Why?

Let’s Read
Environmental Issues
Malaysia is usually hit by heavy rain at the end of the year. Amarjit read about a flood incident that happened in Johor Bahru, Johor in the newspaper.
JOHOR BAHRU: Last Sunday, a flash flood hit Johor Bahru town after a heavy rain which lasted for a few days. It was reported that the flood was the worst that had happened in Johor. Many houses were damaged and people had to evacuate their homes. They were sent to relief centres for shelter. Many vehicles were submerged in the flood. Many animals died because they had nowhere to run. The town became smelly due to the carcasses of dead animals.

Let’s Read
Eva and her friends are talking about going for a trip after their final examination.
Eva shows a brochure to Izwin and Yoke Phin.
2 nights (dorm style)
Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Boat ride not included
2 nights (Deluxe Room)
Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Boat ride around islands

Enjoy Family Package at RM349 for 2 adults , and 2 children.
Enjoy Student Package at RM70 per person.

Jungle Tracking
Cultural show (Saturday night)
Additional Facilities
Swimming pool
Recreation centre

Answer the questions
Damai Chalet is located at... .
A. Kenyir Lake         B. Lake           C. Chini Lake
Eva, Izwin and Yoke Phin would like to join this tour.
How much do they need to pay?
A.RM35 B. RM70 C. RM2I0
The family package includes ....
A dorm style accommodation
B meals and land transfer
C accommodation and meals
From this poster, we know that....
A entertainment is not available at the resort.
B the cultural show is performed on Sunday night.
C a family with three children needs to pay extra for the family package.
Which of these statements is not true?
A Students need not pay for the boat ride.
B Guests can do different activities at the chalet.
C Damai Chalet offers different packages for different group of people.

Let’s Read
Growing Pain/Shorty
The story ‘Shorty’ is about Allison Leslie. Allison Leslie was very short. Nearly everyone called her Shorty. She was beginning to feel upset and sick of being short. People kept giving her advice on how to grow.
Read about what they told her.
How Come I’m Short?
Her friend, Susan: “Try to stretch yourself. It might work.”
He grandmother: “Eat heaps and heaps of vegetables. You will grow taller.”
Her mother: “Don’t worry. Like mother, like daughter. We are both shorties.”
Her father: I will make stilts for you and teach you to walk on them. You will feel taller.”
Do you think any of the advice given made Allison feel better? Give reasons to support your answer.
Who was also very short like Allison?
Who usually uses stilts?

Let’s Read
Read the extract below to find out what happened.
Susan and Anna pulled back the curtains. There, in the middle of the stage, was a smiling Shorty the Clown, who looked very tall as she did tricks on stilts. Everyone laughed and cheered and clapped. “More!” they all shouted.
How do you think Allison felt after the show?
Whose advice actually worked?
What do you think Allison would have said or done when she saw her father after the show?
Allison became a different person after the show. Why do you think so?
Have you ever felt like Allison? What did you do?
What can you learn from this story?

Let’s Read
Feelings, nothing more than feelings
There is one part of you that often changes - your feelings.
It is all part of growing up.
The children below show different feelings.
Look at the pictures and say how they feel.
Why do you think they feel that way?

Look at these smileys.
Match the smileys to the correct situation.
Then, name the feelings.
I had a stomach ache. I couldn’t stand the pain.
I did a lot of housework for mum. I needed to rest.
My father bought me a new bicycle. I jumped with joy.
It’s already 11.00 p.m. I am yawning. I need to go to bed.
When you surf the Internet, you will find a lot more smileys.
Draw 10 more different smileys and write a sentence for each.
Use the sentences in Activity B to help you.

Let’s Read
Wonderful made…/Everyone is special
The article is about three remarkable people. Let us read about them.
People who have parts of the body that do not work well are called physically challenged people.
The Special Artist. Siti Aishah is a foot artist. She is from Malaysia. She does not have arms but she can draw beautiful pictures with her foot. Her pictures are used in postcards. She is a determined woman.
The Special Composer. Ludwig Van Beethoven is a German composer who slowly became deaf. Beethoven worked very hard to overcome this problem. He went on to create exciting music even after he went deaf.
The Special Professor. Stephen Hawking is a professor from England.
He is in a wheelchair. He cannot use most parts of his body.
He did not lose hope. He has written a book about the universe. His condition did not stop him from being successful.

What can these people do that make them special?
What can you learn from these amazing people?

Read about the physically challenged people again.
Fill in the table with the correct information.
It is not the parts of the body that make them special.
It is what they can do.
Attitude Achievement
Siti Aishah Malaysia
foot artist
no arms
determined draws beautiful pictures
Choose one of the three special people above and write why you think he or she is special.
I think ... is special because ....
You can surf the Internet to read more about physically challenged people.

Let’s Read
You are special…
Wonderfully made…
So Everyone is special. We are loved just the way we are.
Read the poem Eva wrote about how special we are.

We are different coloured children.
Only due to pigmentation.
Red and yellow, black and white.
We are all precious in everyone’s sight.

My body was created wonderfully.
Yes, wonderfully made.
Because of that,
Of course, I am very special.
Does not matter how I look.
Yes! That’s because I am one of a kind

Your parents’ love for you is boundless
Their care for you is matchless
They love you just the way you are
No matter who or what you are

People are different yet the same.
Don’t ever call them names.
Talk to them, smile at them.
And always help them, too.

Everyone is a beautiful creation.
Wonderfully made with reason.
Be happy for who you are.
And be thankful for what you have.

Do you feel you are special? Why?        
How must you treat people who are different from you?           - -

The poem below is called an acrostic poem. Each line begins with letters in the chosen words. The letters are used to create phrases and sentences. For example, in the words MY BODY, M is used to create a sentence, Y is used to create another sentence and so on. Remember, it must be based on the topic. Read the example below.

M: My body was created wonderfully.
Y: Yes, wonderfully made.
B: Because of that.
O: Of course, I am very special.
D: Does not matter how I look.
Y: Yes! That’s because I am one of a kind.

Let’s Read
CY6/Knowing me, Knowing You
Kamal reads about Lat, a famous cartoonist.
Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid was born on 5th March 1951 in Perak. Since young, he was called Lat by his parent. Lat comes from the Malay word bulat which means round. Lat loves to draw and started drawing at the age of nine. He would lie on the floor and draw pictures of his surroundings, people and objects on pieces of paper given to him by his father. His teacher in school would praise and paste his work in class. His first comic book, Tiga Sekawan, a story of three friends who teamed up to catch robbers, was published in 1964.
In 1970, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid moved to Kuala Lumpur to work for the Berita Harian newspaper. He wanted to be an illustrator but became a crime reporter instead. However, he never gave up his ambition to become a cartoonist. Then, he was offered to draw cartoons for the New Straits Times newspaper. He continued drawing and his first book Kampung Bog was published in 1979. It was based on his childhood days. The book became popular in Malaysia. Now the book is available in Japanese, French, English, Portuguese and Korean. Lat’s other books include Town Bog, Mat Som, Kampung Boy: Yesterdag & Todag and many others.
In 2002, he was awarded the Arts and Culture Prize at the 13th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes 2002 in Japan. He was also given Darjah Paduka Mahkota which carries the title Datuk in 1994. At present, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid lives in Ipoh with his family.
He continues to draw and display his drawings at exhibitions. His cartoons appear in comic books, magazines and newspapers. They show the friendships of people living in a multicultural country. They also reflect the unique culture of Malaysians.

Answer the questions.
Lat began drawing sartoibns when he was in primary school. (True/Folse)
Lat's family and teachers did not encourage him (True/False];'
How old was Lat when his first comic book, Tiga Sekawan, was published?
When Lat came to Kuala Lumpur in I970, he worked as
A an illustrator B a cartoonist C a crime reporter
Which of these books were published in many languages?
A Kampung Boy B Town Boy C MatSom
What do these words refer to?
-him  =
-He =
-It =
-They =
Do you like reading comic books? Why?

Find words in the passage which have these meanings.
To say something is nice and well done.___
A strong desire to achieve something. (ambition)
A collection of things that are shown to the public.___
Something very special and unusual. ___
A person who draws cartoon. ___          

Let’s Read
Lat is a well-known cartoonist in Malaysia.
His teachers and parents supported and encouraged him to draw.
At the age of thirteen, his first comic book, Tiga Sekawan, was published.
When he was nineteen, he moved to Kuala Lumpur.
Lat began his career as a reporter at a newspaper company.
In 1979, Lat’s first book, Kampung Boy, was published.
Kampung Boy is a story based on his childhood days.

Let’s learn
At present, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid lives in Ipoh with his family. He continues to draw and display his drawings at exhibitions. His cartoons appear in comic books, magazines and newspapers. They show the friendships of people living in a multicultural country. They also reflect the unique culture of Malaysians.

He goes. (he = subject, goes = verb)
She runs. (she = subject, runs = verb)
Everybody does. (everybody = subject, does = verb)
At present, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid lives in Ipoh with his family.
He continues to draw and display his drawings at exhibitions.

I study. (I = subject, study = verb)
You run. (you = subject, run = verb)
We do. (we = subject, do = verb)
They are… (they = subject, are = verb)
They show the friendships of people living in a multicultural country.
They also reflect the unique culture of Malaysians.

Kamal wrote about his, aspirations and ambitions.
He made a few errors fat his report.
Correct hit errors.
I aspire to be a journalist like Asha Gill when I grows up. She work at a TV station. She are the host for a television documentary called Lonely Planet Six Degrees. She love travelling and has been to many cities in the world. She are also a writer,
producer, director and actress.
Journalists is very talented people. They write and safe English well. Sometimes, journalists travels to other countries. Asha Gill has been to Australia, India and China. I hopes to visit many countries when I becomes a journalist. I wants to photograph and write about the polar bears in Greenland and the tigers in India.

Complete the passage with the correct words.
A person who does stunts for a film is called a stuntman or stuntwoman. He or she ___ (take) the place of an actor during a dangerous scene.
A stunt person ___ (train) and ___ (practise) very hard. He ___ (plan) his stunts very carefully. Some stunt persons ___ (is) good in martial arts like kung fu and judo. They ___ (travel) and ___ (meet) many people. Jackie Chan is one of the most famous stuntmen in the world.
Marine biologists study sea creatures that ___ (live) in the ocean. They ___ (observe) these animals and ___ (collect) data about them.
Sometimes a marine biologist ___ (work) on a ship. He or she ___ (do) research on animals and plants that  ___  (live) in the oceans. Some marine biologists ___ (work) in aquariums, laboratories or at universities.

Su Ling and her friend are talking about their dreams and ambitions.
A: I want to be like Julia Snell. Julia Snell is a stuntwoman. She work for film companies. Her work is interesting. Sometimes, she travels overseas.
B: I want to be a marine biologist. I want to study the creatures in the ocean like the Blue Button shells. They have purple stripes and live among the coral reefs. They are beautiful.

We use the simple present tense to show habitual actions or universal truths. Examples:
She works for film companies.
They study the creatures in the ocean.
The sun rises in the east.

Do You Know?
A marine biologist is a scientist who studies sea creatures and plants in the sea.

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.
Dr Rahman is a marine biologist. He ___ (work) at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He ___ (do) research on animals like the dugong and sea horses which ___ (live) in the sea. He has a very busy schedule and he ___ (need) to plan his activities carefully. To do this, he ___ (use) a planner.
A planner ___ (be) like a notebook or a desk calendar. We ___ (write) the things we ___ (need) to do in it. We usually ___ (jot) down important dates like appointments, meetings and seminars in our planner.
It is also very useful because it ___ (help) us to plan our activities. Thus, we have time to do everything. Besides that, we also ___ (learn) to organize and manage our time better. We do not ___ (feel) stressed and have time to enjoy the things we ___ (like) to do.

Do you have a planner?
Start a planner for yourself.
Plan your daily and weekly activities.

Let’s Read
Anusha wrote about her Aunt Emily who works with special people for the English Corner of her class

Of all the people I know, I like my Aunt Emily the best. She is my mother's eldest sister. She has two children and lives in a small village near Bentong, Pahang. She is fifty years old and teaches in a school for special children.
She has thick brown hair and brown eyes. She is 163 centimetres tall and wears glasses. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
My Aunt Emily loves teaching children with special needs. She teaches reading, drawing and writing. Sometimes she cooks lunch for the children. She takes the children on field trips. She also organizes fund-raising campaigns.
I like her because she is very patient and kind. She is a very warm person and I can talk to her about all my problems. I am proud of my aunt. One day, I hope to be like her.
Written by,
Year 6 Mercury

Choose a person you admire.
Then, write about her or him.
Use the questions to help you.
Who is the person?
Where does the person live?
How old is the person?
What does the person look like?
What does the person do?
Why do you like or admire this person?

Surf the Internet or go to the library and find out about a well-known person you admire. Write a short description about him or her.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs given.
finish – ask - stick
Finally, she ___  a man to lie down in a box. She ___ some knives into the box but he does not get hurt. She ___ her act with that magical performance.
try – rise - clap
A strong man ___ to lift a piano. He cannot do it. Then, she ___ her hands. The piano ___  into the air.
clap – flash - play
At the end, red lights ___ and the band ___ a tune. The audience ___ loudly.
chose – cover – turn - tell
Next, someone from the audience ___, a card. She ___ her back and David ___ her eyes. She ___ the person what the card is.
fly –begin - help
Madam Claire is a magician. Her son, David ___ her. She always ___ the act herself. Birds usually ___ out of her magic hat.
catch – disappear - throw
Claire and David ___ coloured balls to the audience. No one ___ them. They ___  in clouds of smoke.
Let’s Read
CY6/The World of Sports
Some year 6 pupils visited an exhibition on traditional sports.
A: Are these tops?
B: Yes, there are. They are used in top spinning competitions.
A: Are the competitions usually held in Kelantan and Terengganu7
B: Yes.
A: Is this rope used for hanging the tap?
B: No. The rope is wound around the top. Then the player whips the rope and pulls back. This makes the top spin.
C: Do they scoop the top up with a wooden paddle?
D: Yes, they do. After scooping up the top, they place it on a wooden post. The player whose top spins the longest is the winner.

Let’s Role-play
A = Doria, B = Su Ling
A: Su Ling, do you know how to play congkak?
B: Yes, I do. What about you, Doria?
A: No, I don’t. I have never played the game before. Is it a difficult game to play?
B: No, it isn’t. In fact, it is very easy.
A: Does it take a long time to learn how to play the game?
B: No, it doesn't. Kamal and Adrian who are new to the game took part in an inter-school congkak competition.
A: Did they win?
B: Yes, they did. They won the first prize.

Let’s Read
Three Cheers!
The Titans from SMJK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh won the Cheer 2006, a national inter-school cheerleading competition. They were dazzling costumes and their opening act won the hearts of the judges. For all their hard work, they won the championship trophy, RM5000 and a trip to Thailand. When interviewed, the girls said that the a lot to become champions. According to one of the judges, cheerleading is not just about a group of pretty girls. She says that it is a talent-filled sport that requires great timing and teamwork. The teams also have to include challenging stunts like cartwheels, forward rolls and backhand springs. It may sound dangerous but the cheerleaders take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.
Attention everyone. Our school is organizing an inter-class cheerleading competition. Can I have some volunteers?

Let’s Role-play
A: Attention everyone. Our school is organizing an inter-class cheerleading competition. Can I have some volunteers?
B: I like cheerleading. It keeps me fit and healthy. I’ll volunteer.
A: Thank you very much, Doria. Any other volunteers?
C: Come on, Su Ling, cheerleading can be great fun. Join us.
D & E: We would like to volunteer too.
Let’s Say
Three cheers
We will try
You can do it
Keep going

Do You Know?
“Cheerleading” first started in the 1880s at Princeton University with the crowd chant, “Rah rah rah, tiger tiger tiger, sis sis sis, boom boom boom ahhhhhhh, Princeton Princeton Princeton!” as a way to encourage school spirit at football games.

Let’s Read
Adrian is reading an article with his friends.
A Malaysian Tiger Woods?
By Sue Abraham
At the age of six, Galven Kendall Green became the first Malaysian to win the Junior World Golf Championships in San Diego, California. Kendall from Damansara defeated 46 other young golfers from various countries in the Under-6 category of the competition. He said that the game was tough but he aimed high and finally won.
Kendall’s golf heroes are Tiger Woods and his elder brother, Galven Kyle. He trains 10 once a week. His trainer is Tony Maloney, an Australian. Maloney still remembers the day Kendall attended his first day of training. He said, “The little boy never stopped crying. I had to call Kendall’s mother, Vivienne Beh, to console him.”
Maloney went on to say that Kendall was training like any other kid after that day.
The coach knew that he had talent. He is also a good listener and learns the golfing skills fast. Kendall did well in the local junior competitions. Last year, he took part for the first time in the World Junior meet and finished eight in the Under-6 category. This year’s victory was a perfect birthday gift for Kendall, who will turn seven on 8th of August.
In addition, Kendall also won the Under-8 category of the SportsExcel Junior Circuit. When asked if Kendall will become a professional golfer, his father Gary Green replied, “It is too early to tell. What is important is that Kendall enjoys the game. He will definitely continue playing." Green feels that golf is a great game to teach children about discipline, honesty and integrity. He added that young golfers mature a lot faster because golf teaches them to think critically.

Answer these questions.
How old was Kendall when he won the Junior World Golf Championships?
Who are Kendall's heroes?
A Tiger Woods and Galven Kyle
B Gary Green and Tony Maloney
C Galven Kyle and Gary Green
What do the following words refer to?
-His =
-The little boy =
- them =
Who is Tony Maloney?
Why did the coach call Vivienne Beh?
When is Kendall’s birthday?

A suffix is added to the end of a word to make another word. We can add the suffix  ‘er’ to form a new word.
golf + er = golfer
train + er = trainer
speak + er = speaker

Use the, suffix ‘er' to form new words.
Then, make sentences with the words.
Teach – football – garden – sing – help – wait - paint
Let’s Read/Learn
The dictionary gives you the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of a word. It also teaches you how to use the word in a sentence.
football - noun 1. [u] a game played by two teams of eleven players, using a round ball which players kick up and down the playing field: The boys are playing football in the field. 2. [c];a large round or oval ball made of leather or plastic and filled with air: They kicked the football about.
Footballer - noun a person who plays football especially as a profession

Use your dictionary to find the meaning of the following words.
Then make sentences with the words.
Defender - shooter  - winner - organizer – bowler - player

Let’s Read/Learn
Kendall Green became the first Malaysian to win the Junior World Golf
Championships in California. Kendall defeated forty-six other young golfers from various countries. He said that the game was tough but he aimed high and finally won.

We use the simple past tense to describe an action which happened at a specific time in the past.
Words like ‘yesterday’, ‘last week’, ‘just now’ also show the use of the past tense.
Sunggip went to the library yesterday.
He borrowed some books.
We add ‘-d\ ‘-ed’ or ‘-ied’ to form the past tense.
(1) train - trained. Kendall trained hard for the tournament,
(2) try - tried. He tried hard and he finally won.
Some words do not follow this rule.
(1) is - was. Kendall was happy when he achieved his goal.
(2) are – were. His parents were extremely happy.
(3) win – won. He said that the game was tough but he aimed high and finally won.
Some words do not change their form.
(1) put - put. Su Ling put the flag in the cupboard yesterday.

Year 6 Inter-Class Badminton Tournament
SJK (C) Yoke Chee ___ (hold) an inter-class badminton tournament for all Year 6 pupils. The tournament ___ (take) place on Saturday, 10th June, at the school hall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each class ___ (send) representatives for the following categories: Singles (Boys/Girls) and Doubles (Boys/Girls).
The boys’ singles event was won by Munir Shazman of 6 Biru. The runner-up ___  (is) Tan Kim Huat of 6 Merah. Maheran Jaafar ___ (win) the girls’ singles event and the runner-up was Balwinder Kaur. The boys’ doubles was won by Spencer Tan and Samuel Lim. They ___ (defeat) Adrian Low and Alex Cheng. Low Kim Eng and Mary Tan ___ (overcome) the pair of Yuki Loo and Wong Quai Chin to win the girls’ doubles.
The school headmistress, Mrs Loke ____ (give) away the prizes. She was very happy with the organization of the event. She also ____ (encourage) the pupils to try harder and be active in extra-curricular activities.

Let’s Read
CY6/The World of Sports
Sarjit and Kamal are discussing how to prepare a poster for their school’s
inter-class badminton tournament.

Kamal: Mrs Loke wants us to prepare a poster for the inter-class badminton tournament.
Sarjit: What information should we include in the poster?
Kamal: We need to give details of the tournament like when and where it will be held.
Sarjit: Mrs Loke said that it will be held on Friday, 21st March from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the school hall.
Kamal: We should also write down who can take part.
Sarjit: The tournament is open to all Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. It is divided into three categories. They are Singles and Doubles for both boys and girls, and Mixed Doubles. Each class should send representatives for every category.
Kamal: Is there a deadline to submit the entry forms?
Sarjit: Yes. The entry forms should be submitted by 1st March to Mrs Loke.
Kamal: Did we miss out any important details?
Sarjit: Yes! What should we put as the title of the poster?
Kamal: How about Inter-Class Badminton Tournament?
Sarjit: Let’s start preparing the poster now.

Complete the details from using information from the dialogue.
All Year ____ pupils are invited to take part in this competition. Each class should have representatives in the following categories:
Singles (one boy, one girl):
Boy’s name: ___
Girl’s name: ___
Details of the tournament are as follows:
Date: ___     
Day: ___
Time: ___                
Venue: ___
Please submit your list of players by ___ to ___.
Let’s Read
A Lesson in Sounds
Have you ever heard of ’Spoonerism'?
That is knowing what you want to say,
But the words come out wrong,
Instead of stamp,, you say stamp,
And what about pump and dump?

Have you ever said, “I’ve got a cramp.”
When you mean “I’ve got a cramp.”
Or have you ever needed a lamp when out at camp?
But instead said, “I need a camp for a lamp?”

Odd as it may sound,
You need lessons in sounds,
Spoonerism makes people frown!
Say these words.
Stamp –stamp – pump – dump – jump – clamp – cramp – lamp – camp - ramp

Let’s Read
Read the story and answer the questions that follow.
Jason Miller was the fastest runner in the school. He looked down on Dan who was shorter. One day, Jason challenged Dan to a race.
Dan was sad. He told his parents about the race.

A: I challenge you to a 400-metre race. Do you accept?
B: Yes, I accept Jason.
One day, he met Jolene, a school athlete. She introduced him to Coach Piner, the school coach.
B: Mum, Dad, please help me. I do not think I can win this race.
C: Don’t worry, son. Of course we will help you.
D: Dan, I suggest you train hard.
One day, Dan saw the coach talking to Jason. Dan hid as he did not want Jason to know that he was practising hard. On the day of the race, Dan ran his best and became the winner.
B: Coach, can you help me?
E: Sure, Dan. Come to the gym tomorrow.
D: Congratulations, Dan! I am proud of your success. Your hard work has paid off.
B:Thank you, Jolene
A: Dan, you won the race fair and square. You may be short but you have a lot of courage and determination.
Adapted from ‘Dan’s Secret Weapon’ written by Therese Rea

Find sentences that show the following:

To ask for help -
To suggest -
To agree -
To show appreciation –
To congratulate -

Note: Success comes with hard work.
Fill in the blanks with the correct past tense.    
Finally, Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abd Kadir reached the North Pole 'v after eighteen months of hard work and preparation. Malaysia’s very own polar explorer ___ (have) to undergo ten days of bad weather and difficulties to reach her destination. Her toughest challenge was when her sled ___ (fall) into an ice crack. She was briefly ___ (separate) from her guide when the ice beneath her split and she ___  (drift) away. She also ___  (suffer) frostbite. Now, Sharifah Mazlina is the first Asian woman to conquer the North and South Poles.

Let’s Read
CY6/Bright Ideas
Aero Breakers team won a prize in the Formula 1 in Schools World Championship. They invented the fastest car. This team consisted of four boys from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. The team members are Chin Joe Yang, Shavinesh Sukesh, Leon Chin Kwong Yow and Gibson Goh Jong Heang.
The boys invented a tear-drop shaped car called X-Dynamic. They used computer technology. They used the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. The car weighs 55.5 grammes. The length of the car is 18 centimetres. The speed of the car along a 20-metre track is 1.083 seconds but the world record speed is only 1.13 seconds.
Eleven countries took part in this championship. Some of the countries were Great Britain, the United States, Singapore and Korea. The founder and chairman of the Malaysia Formula 1 in Schools Project said, “The Malaysian team beat the United States, Great Britain and other countries. Malaysia is proud of these boys.”
Joe Yang, the team leader said, “This is a lifetime opportunity so we are glad that we were able to make Malaysia proud. We thank our class teacher, Encik Amir Hesam, who assisted us in the project.”
Encik Amir was proud of the boys. He said, “The boys worked hard because they wanted to win. They worked very long hours for two months. It always pays to be hardworking.”
The Formula 1 in Schools Project first started in Great Britain in 2001. The participants use CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and VR (Virtual Reality) software to design their creations.

Choose the best word from the text to fill in the blanks.         .
The X-Dynamic is a car invented by the Aero Breakers. It is a ___ shaped car. The car is the fastest in the world. The car is designed using ___ technology.
The lenqth of the car is 18 centimetres and it weiqhts ____ . The car won the ____ prize in a competition held in Great Britain. Malaysia is proud of the boys because their car came in first beating ____ other countries. It took the boys two ____ to finish the project.
(tear-drop – computer – weight measurement – 1st – 11 – times)

Complete the table on X-Dynamic
Shape –
Weight –
Length –
Speed -

Answer the; questions
What competition did the boys take part in?
A The Aero Breakers’ Championship
B FI in Schools World Championship
C FI in Schools Fastest Car Championship
The word ‘assisted’means ___
A asked B helped C escorted D reported
“It always pays to be hardworking” means ___
A Hard work is a part of life.
B You will succeed if you put in a lot of effort.
C You will be given some money for your hard work.
From the article, we know that the boys were ___
A fast B proud C hardworking

Let’s Read
Sunggip learned about simple and compound sentences in class and needed more explanation.
A: Miss Lim, I don't understand what a simple sentence is. Can you tell me?
B: Yes, of course, Sunggip. A simple sentence has only one main idea. For example, The mobile phone is a useful electronic device.
A: Then, what is a compound sentence? How is it different from a simple sentence?
B: A compound sentence has two or more main ideas.  We form compound sentences by joining simple sentences using conjunctions such as ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘because’ or ‘so’. For example, The mobile phone is useful because it is portable.

We form compound sentences by joining simple sentences using conjunctions such as and, or, but, because or so.

Join Sentences using ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘because’ or ‘so’
The boy worked hard. They won the competition.
A computer is useful. It can store a lot of information.
The first car was powered by a steam engine. It was very heavy.
The first motor race took place in 1894. Nineteen vehicles took part in it.
Alexander Bain made a machine to send texts. It did not work so well,
Cars can be powered by petrol. Cars can also be powered by solar energy.

Identify the simple and compound sentences in the text,
Edison was a famous inventor. He did not go to school so his mother taught him at home. He loved to read scientific books. Edison also worked as a telegrapher. He became famous in l869. He invented the phonograph but the sound was not so clear. Edison also invented the light bulb and it is a useful invention.

Let’s Read
Anusha reads about two inventors and their inventions.
Otto Wichterle was born in Prostejov on the 27th of October 1913. He worked as a researcher and researched on hydrogels. He invented the first gel contact lenses in 1961. The modern contact lenses were invented by him.
Contact lenses are placed on the cornea of the eye. They help people to see well because they give a better vision. People also use contact lenses to look more attractive. Those who are active in sports use contact lenses because they are more suitable compared to spectacles)Contact lenses can also help to correct some vision problems)

Let’s Read
Amazing Discovery
The idea of electricity started more than two thousand years ago. It began with a thought by Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher. He discovered static electricity. He rubbed amber and picked up straws with it. Two thousand and two hundred years later, Sir William Gilbert did more thinking and called this force (electricity?)
Benjamin Franklin flew a kite with a metal tip during a thunderstorm and proved that lightning and electricity were the same thing. Edison wanted to light up the lives of thousands of people using electricity and that gave birth to the light bulb. He made the first light bulb using a thin thread of carbonized cotton.
Many wonderful inventions around us are actually the thorough thoughts of many inventors put together.

Say these words.
Third – thermometer – thread – thunderstorm – thank - thing – think – thousand - month – north – south - birth

Read the sentences quickly.
James the Third, thought through the theory of using trash to make things.
The three thirsty boys thought of drinking thirty cups of water.

Solve the riddles.
telescope – compact dish – IceVro –washing machine – mobile phone
What can hold hundreds of tunes and play them back perfectly each time?
You can detach and attach this invention i thousands of times before it wears out.
You can make a call and carry it around mobile phone with you. What is this invention?
This is something that you use to look at objects in the sky.
This machine uses detergent and water to clean laundry.

Fill in the blanks with ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘because’ or ‘so’.
The Morse Code
Samuel Morse was an artist ___ he did not get much money from his paintings. Then, he began to experiment with electricity ___ he knew that it could be used to send information. He also needed to earn more money ___ he worked hard to invent something that could transmit messages using electricity. He made a code using dots ___ dashes for each letter. This code is known as Morse code ___ it is a system of sending messages using short and long sounds. Samuel wanted to try out his ideas ___ he did not have enough money. He asked the United States government for help ___ he was given $30,000. Samuel used the money to build the first telegraph line between New York ___ Washington. Telegraph companies used the Morse code to transmit telegrams.

Let’s read
CY6/Long-long Ago

Let’s Read
This story began when Prince Qhurram met the most beautiful girl at a bazaar. It was love at first sight. They got married and lived in Agra.
Prince Qhurram was the fifth son of Emperor Jqhangir. Prince Qhurram was a brilliant man who loved art. He was braver than his brothers. In fact, he was the bravest warrior in the whole land. In honour of his numerous victories, Emperor Jahangir gave Prince Qhurram the title ‘Shah Jahan’ which means ‘The King of the World’.
Shah Jahan gave his wife a beautiful name, Mumtaz Mahal, which means ‘The Chosen One of the Palace’. She was beautiful and intelligent. She was prettier than any other girl in Agra. In fact, she was the prettiest of them all. Like her husband, she also loved art.
On the 17th of June 1631, Mumtaz died. Before she died, her husband promised to build her the greatest palace. He invited the best architects and engineers from all over the world to build the Taj Mahal. He wanted the Taj Mahal to be perfect.
The Taj Mahal is the finest example of Mughal architecture. The architects used white marble to build the palace. Precious stones were used to decorate the walls of the palace. It took twenty-two years to complete the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a symbol of love.

Let’s find out.
Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world.
Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ _ Taj.Mahal to find out more about the other wonders of the world.

Answer these questions.
Shah Jahan was also known as Prince Qhurram. (True/False)
Emperor Jahangir means ‘The King of the World'. (True/False)
Shah Jahan and his wife loved art. (True/False)
The name ‘Mumtaz Mahal" means the most beautiful person in the palace (True/False)
What does Shah Jahan mean?
A The Brilliant One
B The King of the World
C The Chosen One of the Palace
Why was Prince Qhurram given a special name by his father?
A He was the fifth son.
B He was an art lover.
C He won many wars.
What was Shah Jahan’s greatest gift to his wife?
A Beautiful paintings B Precious stones C A palace
When did Mumtaz Mahal pass away?
A 15th century B 16th century C 17th century D 18th century
“In fact, she was the prettiest of them all”. The word ‘them’ refers to___
The title of this story is ‘Never-ending Love’. Why? ___      

Fill in the blanks with words from the text.
The Taj Mahal is a beautiful palace. ShahJahan built the Taj Mahal to remember his ___ , Mumtaz Mahal. The best ___ and engineers were invited to design and build the palace. Shah Jahan wanted the Taj Mahal to be ___. The palace is made of white ___ . It took twenty-two years to build the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a symbol of ___.

How would you show care, to your loved ones.
Talk about it with your friends.

Let’s spell
Precious – brilliant – intelligent - greatest

Let’s Read
Dear Diary,
I love to draw. I give my dad a painting for his birthday every year. This year was no different. I drew a portrait of dad and mum said it was beautiful. I felt very happy.
Then, my sister, Molly came and spoiled everything. She snatched my painting and made fun of me. She said that I had no imagination because I was giving dad a painting every year. Molly also said dad probably threw away all my paintings. I was crushed! I was very angry. I scrunched the painting and threw it away?
I went for a walk and met my friends. They told me many useful things that they gave their fathers for their birthdays. I felt disappointed with myself. Anyway, I picked up the painting that I had thrown away. I finished it because mum said it was my best piece of art.
The next morning, I gave dad the painting for his birthday. Dad looked at it for quite a while. I was going to cry because I thought dad did not like my painting. Just then, dad said, ‘I love it! It looks so real.’ I was so happy to hear that.
Later, dad took me to his office and I saw all my paintings on the wall. Dad kept every piece of my artwork. I was glad I did not give up.
9.00 p.m.
Adapted from ‘The Perfect Present’ written by Marcia Vaughan and Kim Harley

Complete the sentences with phrases from the text.
Molly said that Sam had no imagination because …
Sam was angry so …
Sam decided to finish the painting because …
Dad took Sam to the office and …

Answer these questions.
Sam felt disappointed with himself. Why did he feel that way?
Sam’s father kept very quiet when he received Sam’s present.
How did Sam feel?
Sam’s father hung all of Sam’s paintings in his office.
Why do you think his father did that?
The most important lesson that Sam learned from this experience was...
Let’s Write
CY6/Unsung Heroes
Talk about unsung heroes.
Read and understand texts.
Use personal and demonstrative pronouns.
Listen to and say words such as ‘good’ and ‘food’

Let’s Read/Talk
SMART saves landslide victims
SIBU, Thursday: Five members of the SMART (earn rescued five villagers trapped under a landslide in Kampung Cahaya yesterday.
Policeman shot
KUCHING, Thursday: A policeman was shot during a robbery in Jalan Ria yesterday.
Fireman risks life to save child
TAIPING, Saturday: A fireman saved a child » from an early morning fire here today. Five-year-1 old Su Ming was sleeping in the bedroom when j the fire broke out.
Malaysian soldiers to Lebanon
KUALA LUMPUR, Friday: “Soldiers will be sent to Lebanon as peacekeepers,” said the Defence Minister last night.

Answer the questions.
There are unsung heroes in the above paragraphs. Can you name them?
Do you know of other ‘unsung heroes’? Tell the class.

Let’s Read
It was Saturday morning, Our scoutmaster, Encik Rushdi had made arrangements to take the scouts for a hike-up Bukit Larut. Eric, Sam and I were very excited as we had never been there. On the day of the hike, we gather in school to board the bus. Our destination was an hour’s drive away.
We reported to the ranqer at the foot of the hill. Then, we began our climb. We began to walk up the hill slowly because the trail was muddy. Along the way, we heard birds chirping and saw monkeys sitting on trees. Encik Rushdi told us that Bukit Larut is a nature reserve and that all the plants and animals are protected.
After walking for an hour, we decided to stop for a drink. Then, we continued our hike. Eric accidentally tripped over a root and fell onto a bush. A swarm of bees suddenly came flying out. “Use your raincoats to cover yourselves,” shouted Encik Rushdi. Unfortunately for Eric, it was too late. He was screaming in pain. Encik Rushdi quickly put his own raincoat over Eric and himself. They both huddled together under it.           
A few minutes later, the bees flew away. All of us ran to Eric and Encik Rushdi. Both of them were badly stung. Eric was in a lot of pain. Encik Rushdi carried him downhill to the ranger's office. The ranger called for an ambulance immediately. They were hospitalized for four days. The doctors said that Eric was lucky to have a teacher like Encik Rushdi who risked his life to protect him.

Answer all these questions.
The scouts boarded their bus at the bus station. (True/False)
The scouts reported to the ranger before they began their hike. (True/False)
How far was Bukit Larut from their school?      
What did the scouts see along the trail?   
Where did the bees come from?
A The bush B The food C The raincoat D The tree
Arrange the events in the correct sequence.
I The scoutmaster covered Eric with his raincoat.
II He carried Eric downhill.
III Eric screamed in pain.
IV The bees stung Eric.
What do the fallowing words refer to?
-us =
-He =
Do you think Encik Rushdi is a hero) Why?

Match these words to their meanings.
Choose the correct of the words as they are used in the text,
- trail
(1) a supply of something that is available to be used in the future.
(2) a piece of land that is a protected area for animals, plants, etc.
(3) ask for a seat, table, room, etc. to be available for you or somebody else at a future time.
– board
(1)  marks left by somebody or something.
(2) a track, sign or smell that is left behind and that can be followed.
(3) path that has been made by people walking there.
– reserve
(1) a long, thin, flat piece of wood used for building walls, rooms, etc.
(2) to get on a ship, train, plane, bus, etc.

Locate a word from the text for each of the following
(1) a person whose job is to take care of  a park or forest (paragraph 2) -ranger
(2) to gather closely together (paragraph 3) –gathered
(3) to be bitten by an insect (paragraph 4) - stung
(4) stung admitted to a hospital (paragraph 4) - hospital

Let’s Read/Write and Learn
A few minutes later, the bees flew away. All of us ran towards Eric and Encik Rushdi. Both of them were badly stung. Eric was in a lot of pain. Encik Rushdi carried him downhill to the ranger's office. The ranger called for an ambulance immediately. They were hospitalized for four days. The doctors said that Eric was lucky to have a teacher like Encik Rushdi. He risked his life to protect him. I was glad to have a teacher like him.

Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns.
Subject pronouns
These are used to replace nouns which are the subject of the sentence.
Object pronouns
We use the object form when the pronoun is not the subject.
I, you, he, she, it
we, you, they
I, you, he, she, it
we, you, they
me, you, him, her, it
us, you, them
I, you, he, she, it
we, you, they
It was a hot and humid day.
They were hospitalized for four days.
We reported to the ranger at the foot of the hill.
All of us ran towards Eric and Encik Rushdi.
Both of them were badly stung.

Replace the underlined; words with pronouns.
Dr Gurcharan works in the Muar Hospital. Dr Gurcharan is a surgeon. Every morning, Dr Gurcharan walks around the wards examining his patients. The patients like Dr Gurcharan because Dr Gurcharan always comforts his patients.
Matron Ramlah works there too. Matron Ramlah assists Dr Gurcharan on the morning rounds. Matron Ramlah also teaches the nurses in the ward. Matron Ramlah tells the nurses what to do. The nurses give medicine to the patients. The
nurses also make sure that the patients take the medicine on time.

Fill the blanks with the correct pronouns.
Mei Huag Siew
No. 3, Jalan Hijau, Taman Pantai 1,
84400 Muar.

23 September 2016
Dear Sir,
My family and I would like to thank __ and the hospital staff for taking very good care of my mother, Madam Ong Cheng Teck. My mother, who is 90 years old, was admitted to the hospital on 7 September, 2016. ___ was warded in Room 3.
___ wish to thank the staff for the excellent care our mother received during ___ stay in the hospital. Now that ___ has recovered, my family and ___ would like to thank Matron Ramlah and the staff for the care and support ___ gave during this time. ___ looked after Madam Ong very well.        
___  will never forget their kindness. Excellent and caring doctors and nurses like Dr Gurcharan and Matron Ramlah are the ‘unsung heroes’ of this hospital.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,

Read the poem and write who the pronouns refer to.
Champion at Heart
A soldier is a brave man,
He looks after the peace of our nation,
He and his friends work at the borders of our country,
They protect us from the enemies.

The nurses at the camp work with the soldiers,
Giving them medicine for their injuries,
Their friends it the wards work tirelessly,
As they comfort the injured patiently.

These are the stories of our unsung heroes,
Working selflessly for our nation,
They keep peace and harmony,
In this multiracial country.

Answer the questions.
Stanza I: ‘He’ refers ___, ‘They’ refers to ___.
Stanza 2: ‘them’ refers to ___, ’they’ refers to ___.
Stanza 3: ‘They’ refers to ___

Let’s Read/Say
The Unsung Heroes
They stood for the country's glory,
They marched into the deep woods,
They were unafraid of the lack of food,
With no roof over their heads,

Even when things looked bad,
And sometimes whole platoons were lost,
On long journeys on foot.
All discomfort, they withstood.

These were the good soldiers,
Who stood strong and without fear,
They protect our country and keep peace,
In the country we love so dear.

Complete the speech using pronouns
Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me share with you, my experience of looking after a very sick person, my sister, Melissa.
My family and ___ were shocked when we first heard that Melissa had cancer. The doctors told ___ that ___ had a few months to live. ____ said that Melissa was very sick. ___ surfed the Internet to get information but ___ was not very helpful. What ___ found was that chemotherapy was the only treatment.
My brothers and sisters sat with Melissa at the hospital every day. ___ encouraged ___. ___ cooked, cleaned and looked after ____ every day. ____ friends visited ___ at the hospital. ____ prayed and motivated ____.
Although I was unable to save my sister, ___ gained a lot of experience. I have now launched a website and I invite those who are caring for the very ill patients to contact ___. I know it is not easy to look after a very ill person and how important family support is.
Thank you.

Choose the correct answer.
Raymund Wee, a former flight steward, is the founder of Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS). (he/She) is from Singapore and he opened the sanctuary there. The sanctuary is now relocated in Pekan Nanas, Johor.
“People dump animals because (they/we) do not want or cannot look after them anymore. Some of the owners of  (these/those) animals have died or are in the hospital.  He take (this/these) neglected or unwanted animals and give (they/them) a home,” said Wee.  (This/That) animal sanctuary is now a home for animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats, turkeys, mynahs and even a parrot.
NANAS is funded by donations and run by Wee and some volunteers. (They/We) also give talks and teach people how to look after sick animals and pets.

Let’s Read
CY6/Take One! Action
Talk about films.
Read and understand texts.
Use Wh-questions.
Write a film review.
Listen to and say words such as ‘listen’ and ‘fasten’.

Let’s Read
What is Films?
Films can be classified according to various categories.
They are adventure, comedy, Science fiction, mystery, horror and many more.

Tell the class the best film/movie you have watched.
Find out more about the latest films in the Internet.
Kamal and his friends are at the cinema.
A: What film shall we watch this Saturday?
B: What about ‘Hunted Highway’?
A: Great! Which show shall we see?
B: the 3:30 show. Do you know who the actors are?
A: Rich Walter and Tim William,
B: What time is the movie, ‘Emperor Ching’ showing?
A: It is showing at 11:40 a.m.

Venue - Bukit Puteri Complex
Time - 3:30 and 7:00
In cinema – 5 April 2016
Adventures of Sinbad
Bruce Hawkins
Hillary Shank
An exciting and spectacular adventure.

Fill in the blank with question words.
Q: ___ is the name of the film?
A: Adventures of Sinbad.
Q: ___ are the actors?
A: Hillary Shank and Bruce Hawkins
Q: ___ time is the movie?
A: At 3.30 and 7.00 p.m.
Q: ___ is it showing?
A: Bukit Puteri Complex.
Q: ___ is the first day of the film?
A: 5th April 2016

Let’s Read
A Talented
Malaysian born, Dato’ Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng is an actress. As a child, she aspired to be a ballerina and took up ballet dancing. She went to the Royal Academy of Dance in London and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in dancing in 1980.
Michelle aspired to be a prima ballerina and wanted to perform professionally on stage. She took up contemporary dancing while in college. One day, while practising, she fell and injured her back. The doctor told her that she would not be able to continue dancing. Michelle did not give up.
In 1983, Michelle returned to Malaysia and won the Miss Malaysia pageant. The following year, she appeared in a television commercial with Jackie Chan which caught the attention of a Hong Kong film company, D&B Films. This was the beginning of her acting career.
In 1985, she began making action movies with D&B Films. Her first movie was 'Yes Madam'. Although she had no formal training in martial arts, Michelle is famous for her stunts. She is best known for the stunts in ‘Heroic Trio’, The Tai Chi Master' and ‘Wing Chun'.
Dato’ Michelle Yeoh has made many films and won many awards.
She has also worked with stars like Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fatt and Pierce Brosnan.
Today, she has her own production company called Mythical Films.
She produced her first English movie ‘The Touch’ in 2002.

Form questions and complete the dialogue.
Osman: Can you tell me about yourself?
Dato Michelle: Well I was born in Ipoh in 1962 and I studied at the Royal Academy of Dance.
Osman: _____?
Dato Michelle: I graduated in 1980.
Osman: You aspired to be a ballerina. _____?
Dato Michelle: I gave up dancing because I fell and hurt my back.
Osman: You started to work with D&B Films in 1984. ____?
Dato Michelle: My first movie was ‘Yes Madam’. It was released in 1985.
Osman: So far, you have worked with many actors. ____?
Dato Michelle:  Well, I have worked with Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fatt and Pierce Brosnan.
Osman: Wow! It must be interesting to work with them. I learned that you have your own production company. ____?
Dato Michelle: It is called Mythical Films and I hope to produce more films in the future.
Osman: I wish you the best of luck and hope to see more of your films.

Let’s Read
Anusha read about the people involved in film making.
It is not easy to make a film as it involves many people To make a film, we need a script or story. This is the job of the screenwriter. He creates a story that has characters who will play different roles in the film. Then, we need a producer. The producer is responsible for paying the cost of making the film. A film also needs a director. He decides how the film should be made and how the actors should act. He also chooses the actors and the actresses for the movie.
The(director)has a number of assistants like thefcameramen) make-up artists, wardrobe supervisors and stuntmen. Some famous directors are Steven Spielberg, Karan Johar and Ang Lee. Steven Spielberg directed movies like 'Star Wars' and ‘Monster House’. Karan Johar directed ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" and ‘Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gharri’. Ang Lee directed ’Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. One of the famous directors in Malaysia is Aziz M.Osman.          
In a film, the cameraman is responsible for the cameras and the filming of the movie. He controls what is being filmed, where to move and place the cameras and when to change the lenses of the camera.
The Stuntmen take the place of actors or actresses in difficult or dangerous scenes. Sometimes they are called substitutes, back-up men or stand-ins. The stuntman is highly trained and 20 plans his act very carefully. Among the .most famous stuntmen are Evel Knievel from America and Yuen Wah from Hong Kong.
Finally, we have the wardrobe supervisors and the make-up artists. The wardrobe supervisor decides what clothes the actors and actresses should wear. The make-up artist applies make-up on actors and actresses and makes them look good in the movies.

Answer the questions.
The stuntmen are the main actors in a film. (True/False]
The producer pays the cost of producing a movie. (True/False)
The cameraman decides on how the actors should look. (True/False)
What do the following people do?  
Script writer –
Wardrobe supervisor –
Cameraman –
Make–up artist -
Stuntmen are sometimes called?
The word ‘film' can be replaced with. ___
What is the opposite of ‘difficult’. ___
What do these words refer to?
He = director
He =
them =

Find a word or phrase from the passage to replace the underlined
The director selects the people who will act in the film. choose
Alan Tam is a well-known artist. ___
The cameraman is in charge of the camera. ___
The work of a stuntman is very risky.  ___

Answer these questions.
Let’s Spell
-stuntman – famous – chooses – cameraman - roles

Complete the sentences with the words above.
Khusboo is a ____ Indian actress.
A ___ performs dangerous acts in a movie.
The equipment used by ___  is very expensive.
One of the main ____ in the movie ‘Lassie’ is played by a dog.
The wardrobe supervisor ____ the clothes that the actors and actresses wear in a movie.

Let’s Read
Sunggip and Su Ling saw some interesting signs at the cinema.
A: What does this symbol mean?
B: it means the film is suitable for everyone to see.

There are also many other signs around you.
Do you know what they mean?
You are not allowed to take in food and drinks.
Do not smoke.
All mobile phones must be switched off.
Children below 12 years cannot watch this film.
Animals are not permitted into the cinema.

Let’s Read
Sarjit wrote a film review
Title: Adventure with Beeno
Cast: Albert Kyle, Calvin William, Sharon John, Charles Brad, George Alexander and Alice Bailey
Director: David Andrew
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Synopsis: This movie is about three good friends. Martin a deer, Bell a raccoon and Beeno an owl. One day, Beeno went to look for food and was caught by a hunter. When Beeno’s friends found out that he was captured, they travelled across mountains and jungles to save Beeno. Along their journey, they met eagles, hornbills, leopards, bears and monkeys.
Comments: It is an adventure movie. A good film to watch as it shows ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

Let’s Read
On Christmas Morning.
It is Chris mas on the set today. There are many drama students on the stage. In the hustle and bus le, the chef laid out the buffet. He put plenty of chestnuts and covered some with softened bread. He laid a bouquet of flowers on the centre of the stage. Suddenly he shouted, "Fetch me the watch Mr Notch and watch out for the torch!” Startled, Mr Notch, dropped the potpourri of flowers onto the actor's plate.
Then, the director stood up and hastened the dancers to practise their ballet for their debut acts at the chalet. “Listen,” he said to the dancers, “I hear bells from the castle not very far away.” An old lady with a crochet needle, looked up at the chef and uttered, “Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts before you leave the depot tonight.”
Shocked and startled, the chef looked up from his kitchen table at the old lady with the crochet needle, and shouted “Fetch me the script Mr Notch.  I am sure that is not what he should say.”

Say these words.
- fasten -  hasten fetch -  potpourri – chestnutssoften – crochet -  chalet  - buffet  - depot debut  - bouquet

Use these clues to find the words.
A small nut. chestnut
A wide spread of food. buffet
A place where buses are kept. depot
A celebration in the month of December. christmas
The house of the giant who had a hen which laid golden eggs. castle

Scene 1:
Let’s Role-play
Scene 1: A young boy visits a tree.
Tree: Come and play with me.
Boy: I do not want to play around trees anymore. I want money to buy toys.
Tree: Pick all my fruits. Sell them and you can have money to buy toys
Scene 2: The boy, now a young man visit the tree.
Man: I need a house for my family.
Tree: Chop my branches off and build your house.
Scene 3: The young man in his forties.
Man: I want to travel. I need a boat to go sailing.
Tree: Cut my trunk and build your boat.
Scene 4: The man is now old and weak.
Tree: I only have my roots. No fruits, no branches and no trunk.
Man: I just need a place to rest. I’m really tired after all these years.
Tree: Old tree roots are the best place to rest. Come, sit down and rest.
Adapted from ‘The Caring Tree’ written by Sheikh Hassan Seylan Abad

Match the sentence parts to form sentences.
Then, he needed a house and the tree gave him its branches.
The boy wanted to buy toys so he sold the fruits he got from the tree.
The man was old so he just wanted to rest.
He later decided to travel and asked for a boat.
The tree had nothing to give but the strong roots for the man to lean on

Fill in the blanks with words from the dialogue.
The tree was a big tree. When the boy was tired of playing with the tree, he asked for some ____ to buy toys. The tree told the boy to pick the ____and sell them for money. When he was a ____ man, the tree gave him its _____ build a ____. Then, the man asked for a so that he could travel. The tree gave the man its _____. Finally, the man grew old and ____.  He did not want anything except to rest and the tree offered the man its _____. The tree gave the man everything that it had.

Read the poster and complete the dialogue with questions and responses.
Telebooking: 10.00 a.m.—10.00 p.m.
(Ticket must be collected 45 minutes before showtime)
email: cservices@mc.com.my
Mega Cinema
All movies rated U unless stated
Movie: The Worrier
Starring: Robert Cruz, Joseph Patrick and Agnes Felix
Director: Chris Scott
Time: 2:00 p.m./6:00 p.m./10:00p.m./12 midnight.
Ticket: RM12, RM8:00 (Student Card), RM6 (Wednesday only).

Kamal: It’s our school holidays, what shall we do?
Sarjit: Let’s go to the cinema.
Kamal: _____ film would you like to watch?
Sarjit: The Warrior. It seems interesting.
Kamal: ___ is the story about?
Sarjit: I’m not very sure. I think it is about warriors.
Kamal: Warriors. Oh! ____ are the actors?
Sarjit: They are ____.
Kamal: ___ when are the shows?
Sarjit: _____.
Kamal: ___ do we get our tickets?
Sarjit: We can buy the tickets at the counter.
Kamal: How much is the ticket?
Sarjit: RM6.
Kamal: ___ are the ticket on discount?
Sarjit: Only on Wednesdays.
Kamal: That’s today. ___ many tickets shall I book?
Sarjit:Two. Just you and me.
Let’s Read
CY6/Waste Not
Talk about reusable and recyclable wate
Read and understand texts
Use ‘must’, ‘should’ and ‘could’
Differentiate homophones.
Write a composition
Listen to and say words such as ‘skin’ and ‘ask’

Let’s Talk
Why are there different colored bin?
Why should we recycle?

Let’s Read
Adrian surfed the Internet and found some interesting information on how some waste products can be recycled.
A: Did you know that we could recycle paddy husks?
B: Really! What can you make from paddy husks?
A: Paddy husks can be mixed with cement to make building materials which do not burn easily. It is also used to produce energy to run steam engines. This energy is used to power machines in rice mills. The ash of burnt paddy husk is rich in silica. It is used to make boards for the ceiling.
B: What about biogas? Isn’t it made from animal waste?
A: Yes. Biogas is fuel made from animal waste. Animal waste or droppings is collected and put into a tank. After some time, the animal waste turns into a liquid. This liquid starts to give off a gas called methane. This gas can be used as fuel for cooking.
B: Isn't biogas fuel used in Africa and China?
A: Yes, it is. It is used in countries where petrol is scarce.

How Methane is produced.
Su Ling watched a documentary on how biogas is produced.
Complete the process with the correct sentences.
Animal droppings or waste collected in a tank.
Waste begins to rot and turn into a liquid.
The liquid begins to give off a gas.
The gas, methane, is collected and stored in a tank.
Methane is used in homes as fuel for cooking.

Let’s read
Kamal finds out how plastic, aluminium cans and glass are recycled. Plastic bottles are categorized into three groups.
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) - These are transparent or ‘see through' bottles. They have a hard white spot in the middle of the base. They are mostly used to bottle mineral water, cooking oil, cordials and soft drinks.
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) - These bottles are opaque. They are used to bottle liquid detergents, fabric conditioners and fruit juices.
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - These are also transparent bottles but have a seam running around them. These types of bottles are often used to bottle toilet cleaners, cooking oil and shampoo.

All plastic bottles from recycling centres are sent to treatment plants where they are sorted, separated and cleaned. Then, they are turned into flakes and dried. Finally, these flakes are sent to plastic making factories. Recycled plastic is used to make many products such as carrier bags, bin liners, raincoats and compost bins.
Aluminium - Aluminium cans are taken from the recycling centres to treatment plants. Here, the aluminium cans are washed and cleaned. Then, they are melted into liquid aluminium. This process removes the ink. After that, the liquid aluminium is made into large blocks called ingots. These ingots are sent to mills where they are pressed into thin sheets. Finally, new products such as cans and chocolate wrappings are made.
Glass - Glass bottles from the recycle bins are taken to a glass treatment plant. First, the glass is sorted by colour and washed. Then, it is crushed and melted. After that, it is moulded into new products like bottles and jars.

Answer these questions.
Complete the table based on the information given.
Symbol: ____
What is it used for?: ___
Symbol: HDPE
What is it used for?: Used to bottle liquid detergents and fruit juices.
Symbol: ___
What is it used for?: ____
Characteristics: It is transparent. There is a hard white spot at the base.

What do the words below refer to?
-they (line 2)
-they (line 8)
-they (line 10)
-it (line 15)

Match these words to their meanings.
-sort – plant – flakes – melt
- a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes place.
- to become liquid or make something become liquid as a result of heating.
- small, very thin layer or piece of something.
- to arrange things in groups or in a particular order according to their type

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