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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

English - Let's Write

Writing Guides...
Complete writing guides on various topics, tackling everyday writing situations, and helping you to write better, more efficient, and in appropriate formats.

Let's Write
Meeting People (Y3)
Dear Priya,
Please bring some pencils, pens, rulers and erasers to school. 
Thank you.
Jin Mei 

Take note:
Priya - The person who gets the message.
Jin Mei - The person who writes the message.
The message - Please bring some pencils, pens, rulers and erasers to school. 

Let’s write.
Y2/People Around Me
To: ameer@email.com
Subject: My best friend

Dear Ameer,
I have a friend. His name is Chee Seng.
He is my best friend. He is eight years old.
He likes cheesecake. We like to play badminton.
We are classmates.

Reply Harith’s email.
To: harith@email.com
Subject: My best friend

Dear ___,
Thank you for your email. I have a ____ too. 
His/Her name is _____.  He/She is _____ years old. 
He/She likes ____. We like to play _____.
We are _____.
(Your name)

Let's  Write
You are planning to invite your friend out to a tea party.
In about 50 words, write an e-mail to your friend.
In your e-mail:
State the place of the event.
Give reasons to support your choice.
Add other relevant information to make your writing interesting.

Model Answer
To: katrina@email.com
From: amansingh@email.com
Subject: Tea Party Invitation

Hello Katrina,
I am writing to invite you to attend a tea party. The party will be held at Modern Cafe. It serves delicious bread and pastries. It is well-known for its various type of tea but there are also coffees. We shall have a great tea time while listerning to some live music. I hope you can join the party.
Your friend,
Aman Singh

Let's  Write
You have watched a movie recently.
In about 50 words, write an e-mail to your friend.
In your e-mail:
-Encourage him/her to join you.
-Give reasons to support your choice.
-Add other relevant information to make your writing interesting.

Model Answer
To: liona@email.com
From: ramona@email.com
Subject: Movie of 'The Legend of Lobo'

Dear Liona,
I watched a movie yesterday at the Sentosa Cinema  entitled 'The  Legend of Lobo". It is a story about a wolf named Lobo and how it helped its pack of wolves to survive despite the lingering threat of the cattlemen. It is a heart-wrenching movie as it portrays the will of a wolf that goes against all  odds just to ensure the survival of its packs.
It is a movie worth watching and I hope you do watch it as there are many values that we can learn from this animal such as unity, bravery and perseverance.
Your friend,

Let's Write
You plan to visit one of the places of interest (Pulau langkawi)
In about 50 words, write an e-mail to your friend.
In your e-mail:
Encourage him/her to join you.
Explain the major attractions in the place.
Give  reasons to support your choice.

Model Answer
To: kumar@email.com
From: omar@email.com
Subject: Vacation  at Pulau Langkawi

Dear Kumar,
I am going to Langkawi Island with some of our friends. We can visit this legendary island and learn lots of its legends. We will go to Pulau Dayang Bunting which is a  legendary island. Any childless maiden who bathes in this water will be blessed with a child. Sound interesting, isn't it? We will also visit the Pulau Payar Marine Park which is a haven for snorkelers like  us. We will spend two nights at Langkawi and we will be staying at Kuah Town which houses the Langkawi Crystal.
I hope you will join us on this trip and I am sure it will be a memorable one.
Your friend,


Let’s Write.
Y5/Family Day
Writing a Postcard
Jasleen sent a postcard to May Lee telling about her holidays in Penang.
A postcard is a card for sending a message by post without using an envelope. It normally has a picture on one side.

Examples of postcard writing:
Hi May Lee,
I am so excited! Guess what! My family and I are now in Penang island. We just went up the Penang Hill on a funicular railway. It was my first experience. From the top of the hill, one can have a bird’s eye view of the Penang Bridge, the KOMTAR building and the famous ferries. The view was truly breathtaking.
Wish you were here.
Bye for now.

May Lee’s Address:
Tan May Lee
36, Jalan Damai,
Taman Damai 1,
26400 Bandar Pusat Jengka,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

Writing a Holiday Postcard
One of the last things you hear from your friends or neighbours as you go away on holiday is "Send us a postcard!".
Holiday postcards have three main characteristics.
They're short, positive (even if it's raining) and predictable in their content.
Choose any one of the adjectives below (example) to complete your sentences.

Hi (name of friend / neighbour / colleague)
We're having a great / wonderful / fantastic / fabulous time here in ……
The weather is hot / sunny / perfect and we're spending our days on the beach / sightseeing / relaxing / exploring the local area / by the pool.
The food is interesting / spicy / pretty good and the other people here are (nationality), friendly / unfriendly / great.
See you on (day you get back)
(your name)

Example 2
Dear Mark,
Sorry for not writing earlier but I've been busy. I'm in New York now.
I arrived two days ago. New York is fantastic, it is too big for me so I lost my way the first day. I visited a lot of place and things like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.
The food is very good, I eat at restaurant every day. If one day you visited New York, I would suggest you to try hot dogs...they are very special.
Anyway, that's all for now.
Give my love to Monica.
Best wishes.
So, think about a holiday destination you have been to recently.
Write a postcard to your friend describing the holiday.
Where did you go?
Last year-end school holiday, I went to Langkawi Island.
Who did you go with?
I went there with my family.
What did you see?
We stayed at the hotel. The hotel was brill. I saw a lot of local and foreign tourists there. The scenery was very beautiful and the air also fresh.  The beach was clean and beautiful too. The taste of the foods was very delicious.
Closing remarks.
Anyway, that's all for now.
Bye for now.
Note: It's one of those great holiday traditions, almost as "British" as a bucket and a spade on a beach. They send postcards (often on the last day of the holiday) to tell our friends what a great time we're having.

Images of postcard

A Birthday Card
Write a postcard to your friend for his/her birthday.
What to write in a birthday card.
Example 1
Dear Marissa,
Happy Birthday!
Wishing you all the best on your special day.
I hope you will have a great day and a great year to come.
I also hope all your wishes come true.
All the best.
Thank you.

Example 2
Dear Alex,
Happy Birthday!!!
We hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
Thanks for inviting us all to come celebrate your birthday. 
Here's to the future and many more candles to come.
Hoping that you have the most wonderful birthday ever.
Best of luck. 
Thank you.
Suzan and Family.

Greeting-card massages...
More examples...

Let’s Write.
Y5/Family Day
Punctuation Marks:
Full stop (.), comma (,) and question mark (?)
The view was truly breathtaking.
Vijay’s mother bought milk, eggs, and bread at the grocery.
We had chicken chop, grilled lamb, and chips at the new restaurant.
Where are you going?
Rewrite the sentences. Put a full stop, comma or a question mark.
Where is the book you bought yesterday
They decorated the hall with blue green red and yellow balloons
I had a toast some cereal and orange juice for breakfast this morning

Rewrite the passage using the correct punctuation.
Exercise 1
my name is adam i am nine years old my school name is sjk(c) pei hwa i have a new hobby it is collecting postcards i have postcards from many places i like the pictures on the postcards they remind me of the beautiful places i have visited i will show you my postcards when you visit me
Exercise 2
jasleen and her family went to sentosa theme park for a holiday they enjoyed themselves playing games and doing other activities jasleen also visited her uncle mr gurmit he works at the theme park he gave her some gifts as souvenirs it was a memorable holiday for her she hopes to go to the theme park again

We use capital letters for names of people, places, festivals, days of the week and months of the year.

We use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.

Kavita and her friends went to a museum.
They read this information.
Parameswara (1344 - 1424)
Parameswara founded the Sultanate of Melaka in the year of 1400. He was a Srivijayan prince. He came from Palembang. He became a Muslim and changed his name to Megat Iskandar Shah.
Melaka was very busy part under Parameswara. Many merchants from China and India stopped in Melaka for trade. The Indian merchants brought in spices while the Chinese merchants brought in silk and potteries. Melaka became an important trading part in the 15th century. 

Punctuate the text.
Use capital letters, comma, full stop or a question mark.
Exercise 1
In bukit mertajam some parents were seen shedding tears in disappointment when they got the results as their children had done well in the trial exam
even a top school in george town which had more than 30 pupils with straight As in 2015, recorded fewer than 10 pupils with 6as this year
state education department deputy director mohd jamil mohamad said overall, the average grade had dropped due to a new format of answering and marking system this year and introduction of an extra paper english writing.
“This year, a total of 399 pupils, scored straight As from 278 schools in Penang,” he told a press confer­ence at SJK(C) Perempuan Cina.
schools with 100% passes were sk pulau aman smk permatang tok jaya in seberang prai sjk(c) chin hwa and sjk(t) ladang byram

Do you know? 
We refer to the 18th century  as the years between 1700 - 1799.

Miss Sharmila is explaining to her pupils about the benefits of having a bank account.
One of the important things to do with your money is to save it. By saving a little bit each week, you would have enough money to use for something meaningful in the future. You can open a savings account to save money. It is one of the safest ways to keep your money. You don’t have to worry about your money being lost or stolen. You will also get profit for keeping your money in a savings account.

Fill in the blank (below) with the benefits of keeping money in a savings account.
The benefits of keeping money in a savings account
(a) ______
(b) ______
(c) ______
(d) ______

Let’s do.
Imagine you are going to open a savings account.
List all the possible questions you may want to ask the officer in the bank.
Example: How do I open an account?

Let’s write
Y5/Saving, Spending and Sharing
Spelling Practices
Underline the misspelled word in each sentence.
Then, rewrite the sentence with the correct spelling.
Examples: care – caring, love – loving
The bank officer is leaveing the town for Kangar. (leave – leaving)
My mother is saveing her money to buy a house. (safe – saving)
Dinesh is makeing a money box for his younger sister. (make – making)
Father is takeing Siti to the bank to deposit some money. (take –taking)

Let’s Write
Y5/Saving, Spending and Sharing
A collective noun
Identify the collective noun. Write in a complete sentence.
(1) I can use the pocket money I saved to buy a bouquet of flowers for my mother on her birthday.
(2) A litter of kittens is sleeping in the basket.

There is ___ in the basket. (clue – grape)
A ___ is in the wooden box. (clue – cats)
___ is having a meeting now. (clue – people)
___ stomped through the jungle. (clue – several elephant)

A collective noun is used to describe a group of people or animals, or a collection of things.
PEOPLE: a troupe of dancers, an army of soldiers, a gang of thieves, a staff of teachers, a crew of soldiers, a choir of singer,…
ANIMALS; a flock of sheep, a litter of kittens, a school of fish, a broad of chicken, a herd of elephants, a stable of horse,…
THINGS: a bouquet of flowers, a bunch of grapes, a collection of old coins, a string of pearls, a clump of trees, a pile of books, a loaf of bread,…
Check your skills - exercises for you

Let’s Write
Captain Malaysia saves The Day
by Vijay Menon
MESRA TOWN - Captain Malaysia saved a group of children from drowning with the help of his best friend, Master Kiddo. A group of 10 children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Damai almost drowned in the sea due to a sudden big wave. Family members were grateful and thanked Captain Malaysia and Master Kiddo for their quick action.

Read the information given and complete the task.
Master Kiddo - sidekick - best friend - wears a blue costume - has extraordinary powers - swims and dives - breathes underwater - cleans and guards the sea - keeps it free from pollution - protects children - responsible - brave

Write a paragraph about Master Kiddo in neat cursive writing.
You may begin with...

Master Kiddo is Captain Malaysia’s sidekick and best friend. He wears…

Let’s Write
A reflexive pronoun
Read the sentences. 
Circle the doer and underline the reflexive pronouns.
The boy hurt himself while playing.
The girl looks at herself in the mirror.
The man made himself a raft to cross the river.
The mouse ran and hid itself under the cupboard.
The lady sewed herself a beautiful dress for the wedding.
The children found themselves a shady tree to sit and rest.

Choose the correct answer.
I completed the homework (ourselves/myself).
My father and I washed the car (myself/ourselves).
Irfan and Jasleen walked in the park by (themselves/ourselves).
Captain Malaysia saved the children (themselves/himself).
Mother (himself/herself) is going to the police station to make a report.

Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns.
___ opens the cage itself.
___ drives himself to work.
___ washed the dishes myself.
___ takes care of the baby herself.
___ played outside by themselves.

Make sentences using reflexive pronouns.
Vijay is reading a book all by himself.
He always reminds the children to take care of themselves.

The word in bold is a Reflexive Pronoun.
A reflexive pronoun is used to show that the action of the verb affects the person who performs the action.
More examples: myself, yourself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and themselves
If we use “by” before the reflexive pronoun, it means “alone”.
Example: The old man lives in the house by himself. He has no relatives.
A reflexive pronoun can also be used to emphasise someone or something we are referring to.
Example: They themselves should be blamed for being careless.

1st Person: I, me, we, us
2nd Person: You - you
3rd Person: She, her, he, him, it, they, them
Relative Pronouns:
That, which, who, whom, whose, whichever, whoever, whomever
Demonstrative Pronouns
This, these (refer to things that are nearby)
That, those (refer to things that are nearby)
Indefinite Pronouns
(These refer to something that is unspecified)
Singular: Anybody, anyone, anything, each, either, everybody, everyone, everything, neither, nobody, no one, nothing, one, somebody, someone, something
Plural: Both, few, many, several
Singular/plural:  All, any, most, none, some
Reflective Pronoun
1st Person: Myself, ourselves
2nd Person: Yourself, yourselves
3rd Person: Himself, herself, itself, themselves
Interrogative Pronouns
What, who, which, whom, which
(These are used to ask questions)
Possessive Pronoun
My, your, his, her, its, our, your, their  
(Used before nouns)
Mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs
(Used alone)
Subject and Object Pronoun
I, you, she, he, it, we, you, they
(Subjects tell us whom or what the sentence is about)
Me, you, her, him, it, us, you, them
(Object – direct objects, indirect objects, objects of preposition)

Y5/Malaysia Legends
One of the most famous lakes in Malaysia is Lake Chini in Pahang. Miss Sharmila tells the story of Lake Chini to her pupils.
Lake Chini, also known as ‘Tasik Chini’ is located in Pahang. It consists of twelve lakes which are not only famous for their natural beauty but also for the mysteries that surround them. The first legend is that an enormous snake was transformed into a dragon called NagaSeri Gumum. There is also a story of an ancient city that existed in the lake. It is believed that some remains of the old city can still be found at the bottom of the lake.

Rewrite these sentences in neat cursive writing.
Example: Lake Chini, also known as ‘Tasik Chini’ is located in Pahang.
Lake Chini, also known as ‘Tasik Chini’…

Its beautiful flora and fauna attracts many tourists every year.
The lake is full of lotus flowers from June to January.
Some people believe there is a dragon under the calm lake.
How far the legend is true, no one really knows.

Find the meaning of the words in bold using a dictionary. 
Make new sentences using the words.

Example: enormous
There was an enormous tree in the park measuring 50 metres high.

Let’s Read and Write.
Miss Sharmila and her pupils are talking about the legend of Bujang Senang. Use the information given to answer the questions.
Miss Sharmila and her pupils are talking about a huge crocodile skull displayed at Grand Museum.
A: This is the skull of Bujang Senang. There was a strong and brave Iban warrior named Simalungun. His enemies were jealous of his strength. They decided to kidnap his wife hoping that he would tell them the secret of his strength. Simalungun fought in a battle near the Senang River to free his wife. However, he lost the battle because he was outnumbered. His wife was also killed.
B: So what happened to him?

A: Simalungun vowed to take revenge on the people who hurt him and his wife. Magic spirits transformed him into Bujang Senang. It was easily recognised because it had unique white markings on its back.

The Legend of Bujang Senang
-magic spirits
-white markings on its back

Write your answers in complete sentences.
Where did this story happen?
This story happened in ...
What is the name of the warrior?
The name of the ...
Who killed him?
He was ...
What transformed the warrior into Bujang Senang?
What is Bujang Senang’s special feature?

Let’s do.
Surf the Internet to find out about the legend of Mahsuri and write answers to the questions below.
Where did this story happen?
Who punished her?
Why was she punished?
What happened to Pulau Langkawi after her death?

Let’s Write
Let’s Write/Learn
CY6/Knowing me, Knowing You

Let’s learn
At present, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid lives in Ipoh with his family. He continues to draw and display his drawings at exhibitions. His cartoons appear in comic books, magazines and newspapers. They show the friendships of people living in a multicultural country. They also reflect the unique culture of Malaysians.

He goes. (he = subject, goes = verb)
She runs. (she = subject, runs = verb)
Everybody does. (everybody = subject, does = verb)
At present, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid lives in Ipoh with his family.
He continues to draw and display his drawings at exhibitions.

I study. (I = subject, study = verb)
You run. (you = subject, run = verb)
We do. (we = subject, do = verb)
They are… (they = subject, are = verb)
They show the friendships of people living in a multicultural country.
They also reflect the unique culture of Malaysians.

Kamal wrote about his, aspirations and ambitions.
He made a few errors fat his report.
Correct hit errors.
I aspire to be a journalist like Asha Gill when I grows up. She work at a TV station. She are the host for a television documentary called Lonely Planet Six Degrees. She love travelling and has been to many cities in the world. She are also a writer,
producer, director and actress.
Journalists is very talented people. They write and safe English well. Sometimes, journalists travels to other countries. Asha Gill has been to Australia, India and China. I hopes to visit many countries when I becomes a journalist. I wants to photograph and write about the polar bears in Greenland and the tigers in India.

Complete the passage with the correct words.
A person who does stunts for a film is called a stuntman or stuntwoman. He or she ___ (take) the place of an actor during a dangerous scene.
A stunt person ___ (train) and ___ (practise) very hard. He ___ (plan) his stunts very carefully. Some stunt persons ___ (is) good in martial arts like kung fu and judo. They ___ (travel) and ___ (meet) many people. Jackie Chan is one of the most famous stuntmen in the world.
Marine biologists study sea creatures that ___ (live) in the ocean. They ___ (observe) these animals and ___ (collect) data about them.
Sometimes a marine biologist ___ (work) on a ship. He or she ___ (do) research on animals and plants that  ___  (live) in the oceans. Some marine biologists ___ (work) in aquariums, laboratories or at universities.

Su Ling and her friend are talking about their dreams and ambitions.
A: I want to be like Julia Snell. Julia Snell is a stuntwoman. She work for film companies. Her work is interesting. Sometimes, she travels overseas.
B: I want to be a marine biologist. I want to study the creatures in the ocean like the Blue Button shells. They have purple stripes and live among the coral reefs. They are beautiful.

We use the simple present tense to show habitual actions or universal truths. Examples:
She works for film companies.
They study the creatures in the ocean.
The sun rises in the east.

Do You Know?
A marine biologist is a scientist who studies sea creatures and plants in the sea.

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.
Dr Rahman is a marine biologist. He ___ (work) at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He ___ (do) research on animals like the dugong and sea horses which ___ (live) in the sea. He has a very busy schedule and he ___ (need) to plan his activities carefully. To do this, he ___ (use) a planner.
A planner ___ (be) like a notebook or a desk calendar. We ___ (write) the things we ___ (need) to do in it. We usually ___ (jot) down important dates like appointments, meetings and seminars in our planner.
It is also very useful because it ___ (help) us to plan our activities. Thus, we have time to do everything. Besides that, we also ___ (learn) to organize and manage our time better. We do not ___ (feel) stressed and have time to enjoy the things we ___ (like) to do.

Do you have a planner?
Start a planner for yourself.
Plan your daily and weekly activities.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs given.
finish – ask - stick
Finally, she ___  a man to lie down in a box. She ___ some knives into the box but he does not get hurt. She ___ her act with that magical performance.
try – rise - clap
A strong man ___ to lift a piano. He cannot do it. Then, she ___ her hands. The piano ___  into the air.
clap – flash - play
At the end, red lights ___ and the band ___ a tune. The audience ___ loudly.
chose – cover – turn - tell
Next, someone from the audience ___, a card. She ___ her back and David ___ her eyes. She ___ the person what the card is.
fly –begin - help
Madam Claire is a magician. Her son, David ___ her. She always ___ the act herself. Birds usually ___ out of her magic hat.
catch – disappear - throw
Claire and David ___ coloured balls to the audience. No one ___ them. They ___  in clouds of smoke.

Let’s Write/Learn
CY6/The World of Sport

A suffix is added to the end of a word to make another word.
We can add the suffix  ‘er’ to form a new word.
golf + er = golfer
train + er = trainer
Listen + er = listener

He added that young golfers mature a lot faster because golf teaches them to think critically.
His trainer is Tony Maloney, an Australian.
He is also a good listener and learns the golfing skills fast.
Mr Green feels that golf is a great game to teach children about discipline, honesty and integrity. So, being a golfer we can teach others to be a better person.

Use the, suffix ‘er' to form new words.
Then, make sentences with the words.
Teach – football – garden – sing – help – wait - paint

We use the simple past tense to describe an action which happened at a specific time in the past.
Words like ‘yesterday’, ‘last week’, ‘just now’ also show the use of the past tense.
Sunggip went to the library yesterday.
He borrowed some books.
We add ‘-d\ ‘-ed’ or ‘-ied’ to form the past tense.
(1) train - trained. Kendall trained hard for the tournament,
(2) try - tried. He tried hard and he finally won.
Some words do not follow this rule.
(1) is - was. Kendall was happy when he achieved his goal.
(2) are – were. His parents were extremely happy.
(3) win – won. He said that the game was tough but he aimed high and finally won.
Some words do not change their form.
(1) put - put. Su Ling put the flag in the cupboard yesterday.

Year 6 Inter-Class Badminton Tournament
SJK (C) Yoke Chee ___ (hold) an inter-class badminton tournament for all Year 6 pupils. The tournament ___ (take) place on Saturday, 10th June, at the school hall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each class ___ (send) representatives for the following categories: Singles (Boys/Girls) and Doubles (Boys/Girls).
The boys’ singles event was won by Munir Shazman of 6 Biru. The runner-up ___  (is) Tan Kim Huat of 6 Merah. Maheran Jaafar ___ (win) the girls’ singles event and the runner-up was Balwinder Kaur. The boys’ doubles was won by Spencer Tan and Samuel Lim. They ___ (defeat) Adrian Low and Alex Cheng. Low Kim Eng and Mary Tan ___ (overcome) the pair of Yuki Loo and Wong Quai Chin to win the girls’ doubles.
The school headmistress, Mrs Loke ____ (give) away the prizes. She was very happy with the organization of the event. She also ____ (encourage) the pupils to try harder and be active in extra-curricular activities.

Let’s Write/Learn
CY6/Bright Ideas

We form compound sentences by joining simple sentences using conjunctions such as and, or, but, because or so.

Join Sentences using ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘because’ or ‘so’.
The boy worked hard. They won the competition.
A computer is useful. It can store a lot of information.
The first car was powered by a steam engine. It was very heavy.
The first motor race took place in 1894. Nineteen vehicles took part in it.
Alexander Bain made a machine to send texts. It did not work so well,
Cars can be powered by petrol. Cars can also be powered by solar energy.

Identify the simple and compound sentences in the text,
Edison was a famous inventor. He did not go to school so his mother taught him at home. He loved to read scientific books. Edison also worked as a telegrapher. He became famous in l869. He invented the phonograph but the sound was not so clear. Edison also invented the light bulb and it is a useful invention.

Fill in the blanks with ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘because’ or ‘so’.
The Morse Code
Samuel Morse was an artist ___ he did not get much money from his paintings. Then, he began to experiment with electricity ___ he knew that it could be used to send information. He also needed to earn more money ___ he worked hard to invent something that could transmit messages using electricity. He made a code using dots ___ dashes for each letter. This code is known as Morse code ___ it is a system of sending messages using short and long sounds. Samuel wanted to try out his ideas ___ he did not have enough money. He asked the United States government for help ___ he was given $30,000. Samuel used the money to build the first telegraph line between New York ___ Washington. Telegraph companies used the Morse code to transmit telegrams.
Let’s Write
CY6/Long-long Ago

What is Proverb?
We can learn two proverbs from this story, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ and ‘One good turn deserves another’.
‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ means that friends should help each other.
‘One good turn deserves another’ means that when you do something good, you will get something good in return.

Fill in the blanks with the words given.    
Ran away - greedier - rivers – deepest – caught - man - free -  were - wisest – better -  another - best  - drink – drink - tree

One Good Turn Deserve Another
Once upon a time, a tortoise and a peacock lived in the same forest. They ___ better friends. The peacock lived on a tall ___ near a deep river. The tortoise lived in the ___. Every day, the peacock went to the river for a ___ drink. The peacock had the ___ tail feathers and it would display its tail feathers to make the tortoise happy.
One day, a greedy bird-catcher ___ the lovely peacock. The frightened peacock begged the ___ to let it see its best friend, the tortoise. The tortoise was the ___ friend the peacock could ever have. The tortoise quickly gave the man a pearl and asked him to ___ the peacock. The man agreed and let the peacock go. The peacock ___ into a nearby forest.      
Then, the greedy bird-catcher asked the tortoise for ___ big pearl. He said, “I want a ___ pearl than the first one. Otherwise, I will catch the peacock again.” The bird-catcher was getting ___. Then, the wise tortoise said, “Give me that pearl and I will go back and get you the ___ one.” The man returned the pearl to the tortoise. The tortoise took it and swam away to the __ end of the river. The greedy bird-catcher was left with nothing.

Let’s Write
CY6/Unsung Heroes
Talk about unsung heroes.
Read and understand texts.
Use personal and demonstrative pronouns.
Listen to and say words such as ‘good’ and ‘food’
Let’s Read/Write and Learn
A few minutes later, the bees flew away. All of us ran towards Eric and Encik Rushdi. Both of them were badly stung. Eric was in a lot of pain. Encik Rushdi carried him downhill to the ranger's office. The ranger called for an ambulance immediately. They were hospitalized for four days. The doctors said that Eric was lucky to have a teacher like Encik Rushdi. He risked his life to protect him. I was glad to have a teacher like him.

Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns.
Subject pronouns
These are used to replace nouns which are the subject of the sentence.
Object pronouns
We use the object form when the pronoun is not the subject.
I, you, he, she, it
we, you, they
I, you, he, she, it
we, you, they
me, you, him, her, it
us, you, them
I, you, he, she, it
we, you, they
It was a hot and humid day.
They were hospitalized for four days.
We reported to the ranger at the foot of the hill.
All of us ran towards Eric and Encik Rushdi.
Both of them were badly stung.

Replace the underlined; words with pronouns.
Dr Gurcharan works in the Muar Hospital. Dr Gurcharan is a surgeon. Every morning, Dr Gurcharan walks around the wards examining his patients. The patients like Dr Gurcharan because Dr Gurcharan always comforts his patients.
Matron Ramlah works there too. Matron Ramlah assists Dr Gurcharan on the morning rounds. Matron Ramlah also teaches the nurses in the ward. Matron Ramlah tells the nurses what to do. The nurses give medicine to the patients. The
nurses also make sure that the patients take the medicine on time.

Fill the blanks with the correct pronouns.
Mei Huag Siew
No. 3, Jalan Hijau, Taman Pantai 1,
84400 Muar.

23 September 2016
Dear Sir,
My family and I would like to thank ___ and the hospital staff for taking very good care of my mother, Madam Ong Cheng Teck. My mother, who is 90 years old, was admitted to the hospital on 7 September, 2016. ___ was warded in Room 3.
___ wish to thank the staff for the excellent care our mother received during ___ stay in the hospital. Now that ___ has recovered, my family and ___ would like to thank Matron Ramlah and the staff for the care and support ___ gave during this time. ___ looked after Madam Ong very well.        
___ will never forgenheir kindness. Excellent and caring doctors and nurses like Dr Gurcharan and Matron Ramlah are the ‘unsung heroes’ of this hospital.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,
Read the poem and write who the pronoun refer to.
Champion At Heart
A soldier is a brave man,
He looks after the peace of our nation,
He and his friends work at the borders of our country,
They protect us from the enemies.

The nurses at the camp work with the soldiers,
Giving them medicine for their injuries,
Their friends in the wards work tirelessly,
As they comfort the injured patiently.

These are the stories of our unsung heroes,
Working selflessly for our nation,
They keep peace and harmony,
In this multiracial country.

Answer the questions.
Stanza I: ‘He’ refers to ___, ‘They’ refers to ___
Stanza 2: ‘them’ refers to __, ‘they’ refers to ___
Stanza 3: ‘They’ refers to ___.

Let’s Read/Write
CY6/Unsung Heroes
Kamal and Su Ling are at an exhibition at the museum.
A: Who is man in this picture?
B: He is our first Prime Minister.
A: Who are these people in this photograph?
B: That is the Royal Regiment.
A: Aren’t those our military tanker?
B: Yes, they are. That plane in the background is our first air force plane.

We use ‘this/these’ for things, people and animals that are near.
Who is the man in this picture?
Who are these people in this photograph?
We use 'that/those’ for things, people and animals that are far.
That plane in the background is our first air force plane.
Aren’t those our military tankers?

Complete the dialogue with the correct word.
A: I have a project on Malaysian heroes to do? Which of (these/this) books should I borrow?
B: (This/These) book is interesting. It has pictures of Malaysians who fought during the war.
A: What about (that/those) blue book in the reference section?
B: (That/Those) one is about Everyday Heroes. Why don’t you use computer to search for the information? (That/This) computer near the door is available.
A: Great! How many books can I borrow?
B: Only one. You should borrow (this/these) book on Malaysian Heroes or (that/this) reference book on Everyday Heroes.

Let’s Read
KUALA PILAH, Tuesday: Schoolboy, Anthony David, who handed over to the police, a bag containing RM5000 which he had found at a bus stop, was given an award by the Principal of La Salle Primary School today.
Anthony, 12, received a bicycle and RM500 from the owner of the bag, Ramli Shah at the school hall. Datuk Lim Teck Seng, the President of the Parent-Teacher Association of the school praised Anthony for setting a good example. He also gave Anthony a reward of RM400.
Let’s Read/Write
Kamal read a newspaper report about a fire.
KAJANG, Saturday: A fireman, Razak Johari was badly injured during a fire at Cheng Seng Garment a factory in Semenyih yesterday.
Razak Johari, 33, is reported to be in a stable condition in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
He was battling a fire on the second floor when a beam collapsed on him.
Commander Krishnan of the Kajang Fire Station said that the fire was spotted at about 3.45 p.m. A loud explosion was heard) in the basement. Lim Chee Keong, a worker who was leaving the factory saw smoke coming out of the basement and alerted the manager. Three fire engines and thirty firemen raced to the factory. It took the firemen four hours to bring the blaze under control.
The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Let’s Write
A reporter, Daniel, interviewed Commander Krishnan about the fire.
Complete the dialogue with words and phrases from the newspaper report.
Daniel: Commander Krishnan, congratulations to you and your men for a job well done. Can you tell me something about the fire?
Krishnan: Well, the fire was at ___ . It was spotted ____. He tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but the flames were too big. He then alerted ____.
Daniel: How did the fire start?
Krishnan: We do not know but an ____.       
Daniel: How long did it take the firemen to bring the fire under control?
Krishnan: ____.
Daniel: We heard that one of your men was hurt in the fire. Can you tell me what happened?
Krishnan: ____.
Daniel: Where is he now?
Krishnan: He ____.
Daniel: Do you know what caused the fire?
Krishnan: I am not sure.
Daniel: Oh, I see. Thank you, Commander.
Krishnan: You are welcome.

Let’s Read
CY6/Take One! Action
Talk about films.
Read and understand texts.
Use Wh-questions.
Write a film review.

Listen to and say words such as ‘listen’ and ‘fasten’.

Let’s Practice…
Question 1
Write sentences about yourself.
Use these clues/questions to help you.
What is your name?
How old are you?
Are you tall or short? Do you have curly or straight hair?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
How old are your brothers and sisters?
What do your parents do?
Where do you study?
How do you go to school?
What is your best friend’s name?
Do you like going to school?
My name is Lee Siow Peng. I am nine years old. I am tall. I have long straight hair. I have two older brothers and one sister. My first brother is 14 years old while my second brother is 12 years old. My sister is younger than me. She is only 6 years old. My father works as a clerk in a lawyer’s office. My mother is a housewife. I study at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Jaya. My best friend’s name is Ann Kamala. I like going to school.

Question 2
Write sentences about your cousin.
Use these clues/questions to help you.
What is your cousin’s name?
How old is your cousin?
Where does your cousin live?
Is your cousin tall or short? Does he/she have curly or straight hair?
How many brothers and sisters does your cousin have?
What is your cousin’s hobby?
What games does your cousin like to play?
Where does your cousin study?
How does your cousin go to school?
What is your cousin’s ambition?
My cousin’s name is David. He is ten years old. David lives in Taman Permata. He is short. He has curly black hair. My cousin does not have brothers or sisters. He is the only child. David likes to read storybooks. He likes to read books written by Enid Blyton. He also likes to swim. Every Saturday and Sunday, he will go to the Swimming Club for swimming lessons. He studies at Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya. My uncle drives him to school. David wants to be a reporter when he grows up.

Question 3
Complete the passage with the correct phrases.
-like the card
-colour pencils, crayons or watercolours
-draw pictures of animals, plants and flowers
-art competitions which are held in school and shopping complexes
-to draw a picture
-in a paper file
-will make a Mother’s Day card for my v mother
My hobby is drawing. I like to draw pictures of animals, plants and flowers. Every evening, I will spend some time to draw a picture. I use colour pencils, crayons or watercolours to colour the pictures. I always take part in art competitions which are held in school and shopping complexes. Sometimes I win a prize. I collect all my drawings in a paper file. Tomorrow I will make a Mother’s Day card for my mother. I hope she will like the card.

Question 4
Complete the passage with the correct phrases.
-in many homes
-such as certain metals, paper bags and aluminium foil
-use very little electricity and are easy to use
-can start a fire
-a kitchen appliance invented by Percy LeBaron Spencer
-to heat food quickly and easily
-a lot of cooking time
A microwave oven is a kitchen appliance invented by Percy LeBaron Spencer. It can be found in many homes. It is used to heat food quickly and easily. Microwave ovens use very little electricity and are easy to use. You can save a lot of cooking time. However, there are certain things that you cannot cook such as certain metals, paper bags and aluminium foil. Putting these items inside the microwave oven can start a fire.

Write two sentences for each picture.
Then write out the story in one paragraph.

Picture I
Ronny Rabbit says he can run faster than Timmy Tortoise. Ronny Rabbit wants to have a race with Timmy Tortoise.
Picture 2
Timmy Tortoise and Ronny Rabbit are at the starting

line. Big Bear says, “Ready, Set, Go.”
Picture 3
Ronny Rabbit runs off quickly. Timmy Tortoise walks slowly.
Picture 3
Ronny Rabbit cannot see Timmy Tortoise anywhere. He waits for Timmy Tortoise under a tree but falls asleep.   
Picture 5
Timmy Tortoise sees Ronny Rabbit sleeping under the tree. He walks past Ronny Rabbit.
Picture 6
Timmy Tortoise reaches the finishing line. Ronny Rabbit loses the race. 

Ronny Rabbit says he can run faster than Timmy Tortoise. Ronny Rabbit wants to have a race with Timmy Tortoise. Timmy Tortoise and Ronny Rabbit are at the starting line. Big Bear says, “Ready, Set, Go.” Ronny Rabbit runs off quickly. Timmy Tortoise walks slowly. Ronny Rabbit cannot see Timmy Tortoise anywhere. He waits for Timmy Tortoise under a tree but falls asleep. Timmy Tortoise sees Ronny Rabbit sleeping under the tree. He walks past Ronny Rabbit. Timmy Tortoise reaches the finishing line. Ronny Rabbit losses the race.