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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Primary English

Let’s Learn (1)
‘Some’, ‘Any’ with countable nouns
(Affirmative & Negative Uses)
Look at the table.   
There are some books.
There are some books on the table.
Look at the glass.
There are some flowers in the glass.
There aren't any flowers in the cup.
Look under the chair.
There are some shoes under the chair.
There aren't any shoes on the chair.
Look at the wall.     
There are some pictures on the wall.
There aren't any clocks on the wall.

"are some and "aren't any"
Read these 16 sentences in the table 1.
There are some eggs in the basket.
There aren’t any eggs on the plate.
There are some cakes on the plate.
There aren't any cakes on the plate. 

Table 1
There are some...
There aren’t any...
eggs in the basket.
cakes on the plate.
pencils in the box.
shoes on the floor.
trees in the garden.
flowers at the window.
chairs in the room.
rats in my house.

Exercise 1
Finish these sentences orally.
Finish them in as many ways as you can.
There are some books _____.     
There aren't any spoons _____.
I can see some _____.      
I can't see any _____.
I have some  _____.
I haven't got any _____.   
I want some _____.          
I don't want any _____.   
I am buying some    _____.
I am not buying any _____.        

Exercise 2
Write out each sentence as shown.
There are some (books, pencils).
Example: There are some pencils.
There aren't any (books, pencils).
Example: There aren't any books.
There are some (cats, rats).
There aren't any (cats, rats).
There are some (spoons, knives).
There aren't any (spoons, knives).
There are some (cars, buses).
There aren't any (cars, buses).

Let’s Learn (2)
‘Some’, ‘Any’ with mass nouns
(Affirmative & Negative Uses)
Look at the glass.
There is some water.
There is some water in the glass.
Look at the bottle.
There is some ink in the bottle.
There isn't any water in the bottle.
Look at the bag.
There is some rice in the bag.
There isn't any water in the bag.
Look at the tin.
There is some bread in the tin.
There isn't any rice in the tin.

“is some” and “ isn’t any”
Read these 16 sentences in the table.
There is some rice in the bag.
There isn’t any rice in the bag.

There is some
There isn't any
rice in the bag.
oil in the tin.
tea in the cup
milk in the bottle
chalk in the box.
bread on the table.
water on the floor.
sand at the door.

Exercise 1
Finish these sentences orally.
Finish them in as many ways as you can.
There is some water_____.         
There isn't any oil   ______.
There is some sand _____.
There isn't any rice _____.
I can see some _____.      
I can't see any _____.       
I want some ______.        
I don't want any _____.
I am buying some _____.
I am not buying any _____.

Exercise 2
Write out each sentence as shown.
There is some (rice, milk).
Example: There is some milk.
There isn't any (rice, milk).
Example: There isn't any rice.
There is some (chalk, sand).
There isn't any (chalk, sand).
There is some (water, bread).
There isn't any (water, bread).
There is some (ice, ink).
There isn't any (ice, ink).

Friday, 2 December 2016

Read A Story

Reading Guides
The Beginning
When did the story take place?
(a) a long time a go
(b) many years ago
(c) last Hari Raya
Where did the story take place?
(a) a busy city
(b) The Swiss Alps
(c) Planet Mars
Who were the main characters?
(a) an orphan - witty
(b) miser - stingy
(c) young girl – brave
(d) aunt - hardworking
(e) grandfather – quiet and loving
(f) aliens – strange but helpful
The Body
What Happen?
orphan - helped - miser change - better person - miser - donated - wealth – charity.
young girl - left - grandfather - follow - aunt - city - missed - grandfather - life - alps - returned home.
two aliens - Mars - visited - Earth - helped - poor people - grow food - make spaceships.
The Ending
What does the story teach you?
(a) Love can change people.
(b) We must appreciate and love people who love us.
(c) Kindness brings hope.

Example of A Book Report
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
About eight hundred years ago, there were many rats in Hamelin, a town in Germany. There were rats eating food in the kitchen. There were rats playing on the roofs. There were rats eating cheese near the market. There were rats running down the drains. There were rats running out of the barns. There were rats running up the chimneys. There were rats everywhere!
The rats brought much misery to the people of Hamelin. They asked their mayor to do something to get rid of the rats. The mayor did not know what to do. A man called Pied Piper came to the town. He said he could get rid of the rats. He asked for a thousand guilders. The mayor agreed and promised to pay Pied Piper if he got rid of the rats.
Pied Piper began to blow his pipe. The tune was so melodious. Out came all the rats. They ran up the streets to follow Pied Piper. Pied Piper blew his pipe as he marched towards the Weser River. All the rats, fell into the river and died.
The people of Hamelin were very happy. They began to clean their town. Pied Piper came back and asked for his thousand guilders. The mayor paid him only fifty guilders! He did not keep his promise.
Pied Piper was disappointed over the mayor's behaviour. He went to the street and blew his pipe. The tune was so melodious. All the children of Hamelin followed him. Pied Piper brought the children to a land where people were honest and kept their promises.
Answer these questions
In which country is the town of Hamelin?
What did the people of Hamelin ask the mayor to do?
What did the mayor promise Pied Piper?
How did Pied Piper get rid of the rats?
Why was Pied Piper disappointed?
Where did Pied Piper bring the children of Hamelin?
Do you think what Pied Piper did was right?
What did you learn from this story?

Let's read Angie writes a book report.
Name: Angie Francis         
Date: 23 September 2016
Title: The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Number of pages: 12          
Category: Fiction (/) Non-fiction (  )

The story took place in the town of Hamelin where there were many rats. Pied Piper offered to help the people get rid of the rats. In return, he asked for one thousand guilders. The mayor agreed to pay Pier Piper if he got rid of the rats. The mayor agreed to pay Pied Piper if he got rid of the rats. The mayor later broke his promise. Pied Piper was disappointed. He did not want the children of Hamelin to live with people who broke their promises. He blew his pipe and the children fallowed him to a better place.         
What I learned from this story:
It is important to keep our promises.     

This book is: (/) interesting (  ) not interesting
Checked by: ______
Name: ______
Date: _____

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Let's Read
A Cacao Tree
I am a cacao tree. My trunk is hard and brown. I have many big leaves on my branches. They are green.
I have many fruit. They are called pods. They are oval. They grow on my trunk and branches. They are green. They turn brown when they are ripe.
There are many seeds in my pods. You can make these seeds into powder. The powder is called cocoa. You can use this powder to make chocolate.
Do you think I am a useful tree?

Let's Read
Ivan and his sisters are at home. It is raining hard outside.
“Oh dear! We can’t go out to play badminton,” says Ivy.
“I know what we can do,” says Ivan. He goes to his room and takes out his stamp albums. He shows his sisters his stamps from Malaysia, China, India and many other countries. He tells Ivy and Irene about the people and the places in those countries.
There are also pictures of flowers, birds and insects on the stamps. Ivy likes those with flowers but Irene likes those with birds. They do not like the ones with insects.
“This is so much fun. We have learnt many things. Please teach us how to collect stamps,” say Ivy and Irene.

Answer the questions.
What does Ivan like to do?
A Collect stamps B Play badminton C Collect stamp albums
How many sisters has Ivan?
A One B Two C Three
Ivan takes good care of his stamps. (True/False)
Ivy and Irene enjoyed looking at the stamps. (True/False)
Is stamp collecting a good hobby? Why?           

Use your time wisely.
Do you collect things? What do you collect?

Let’s Read
Jin Hao’s old friend from Ipoh sends him an e-mail abouf his hobby.
From: Adam
Subiect: New hobby

Dear Jin Hao,
I have a new hobby. If is collecting postcards. I have postcards from many places. I like the pictures on the postcards. They remind me of the beautiful places I have visited. I will show you my postcards when you visit me.
Your friend,

Let’s Read
Long ago, there was a Sultan in Sriputra. He loved his people very much.
One day, some robbers wanted to steal the tood in Sriputra. So, the people of Sriputra went  to see the Sultan. They said, “Your Majesty, we will fight them.”
The Sultan had a plan. He told his people to cut the rice plants and hide the rice.
When the robbers came, they found no food. So, they left.

Love your country.
Do you like the story?

Let’s Read
A Hot Day
It is a hot day. Mr Li, a hat seller, is asleep under a tree. Then, he wakes up. He sees two monkeys wearing his hats. He shouts at the monkeys.
He throws his hat up in the air. Then, he catches it. The monkeys do the same thing.
He throws his hat to the ground and the monkeys do that too. Mr Li Lau laughs. He takes the hats and goes home.

Is  - was
Do - did
Shouts – shouted
Laugh – laughed
Throw – threw
Wake – woke
See – saw
Catch – caught

Let’s Read
I am a clock/white oven/blue kettle
I am a clock. I am new and I am made of plastic. I am yellow. My body is square.
I have two hands but no legs. I have small numbers on my face. You can find me in your room. I tell you the time.
I am a white oven. I am rectangular.
I am made of metal. You can find me in the kitchen. You use me to cook food and bake cakes.
I am a blue kettle. My body is round. I have a handle and a cover. I am made of metal.
You often find me on the stove in the kitchen. You use me to boil water. Do not stand near me when I am hot.

Let’s Read
Yapin’s Room
This is Yapin’s room. He has a new computer, a round table, an orange radio and a big bed in his room.
The new computer is on the round table. The orange radio is near the computer. The big bed is near the table.

Let’s Read
Tina and Her Brother
Last Sunday, Tina and her brother went to town to buy things for their art lessons. On the way, Tina felt hungry. They saw a policeman. They asked him the way to a bakery.
“Walk down this road. Turn right into Jalan Nanas. The bakery is on your left. It is a purple building,” said the policeman.
They thanked the policeman and went to the bakery. After buying some buns, they went to the bookshop to buy their art materials. It was a new and big building.
On their way home, they passed a market.
It was an old and dirty building. They bought some fruit. Then, they went home.         

Let’s Read
There was a river in Kampung Sungai Linggi. To cross the river, the villagers had to use a very narrow bridge. One morning, two big goats wanted to cross the river. “Stop! Let me cross the bridge first,” the white goat shouted.
The brown goat replied, “No, I want to go first. I’m in a hurry.”
“No,” said the white goat, “I want to go across first. You must wait.
The brown goat went on the bridge and shouted, “Wait there. I will cross first.
The white goat did not wait. He started to cross the bridge too.
The two goats met in the middle of the bridge.
“Go back and let me cross,” said the white goat angrily.
“I will not!” shouted the brown goat.
The two goats began to fight on the narrow bridge. The white goat pushed the brown goat.
The brown goat pushed the white goat and both goats fell into the river.
An elephant saw what happened.
He went to the riverbank.
Be co-operative. ’

Let’s Read
A crow picks a rambutan a tree. It sits on a branch. A mousedeer walks to the tree. It asks the crow to sing. The crow opens its mouth and the rambutan falls to the ground. The mousedeer run away with the rambutan.

Let’s Read
One hot afternoon, Hasrul and Wei Li went walking in the forest.
Hasrul quickly ran to a tree and climbed it.
If Wei Li ran but he tripped and fell.
Suddenly, they saw a bear walking towards them.
Wei Li did not move. Then, the bear walked away.
The bear walked towards Wei Li. The bear looked at Wei Li.
One hot afternoon, Hasrul and Wei Li went walking in the forest.

Let’s Have Fun
Koo jumped into a pool.
“It’s so cool in this pool.
Don’t be afraid. It’s not deep,” 
said Koo to Kuldeep.
“No! No!” said Kuldeep.
“I shall not wet my feet.
You cpn stay in the pool.
I’ll just sit on this stool.”

Let’s Chant
Hurray! Hurray! It’s our day!      
Coming soon is Children’s Day.
Blow the balloons, hang them up.
Wear your masks and learn your dance.
Arrange the chairs, bring in the plants.
Hurray! Hurray!
It’s out day!

Let's read
Last week, Mr Lee and his family went shopping to get ready for Chinese New Year.
First, they went to the market. Mrs Lee bought some vegetables, meat, fish and oranges.
After that, they drove to the florist’s. Mrs Lee bought twenty-five red roses and twenty-eight purple orchids.
Jin Mei liked the pink lilies very much. So, Mrs Lee bought thirty pink lilies for her.
“I need a new oven to bake cakes for the New Year,” said Mrs Lee. So, the family went to a shop and Mr Lee bought his wife a new oven. He also bought her a new kettle.
“Grandfather’s hobby is listening to music. His birthday is next week. Shall we get him this round radio?” Jin Hao asked his parents. So, Mr Lee bought the radio and they went home.

Let's sing
Tune: “If You Are Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands”
We are at the end of Year 3. (2 times)
Say “Goodbye”. (2 times)  
We are at the end of Year 3.
We are going to go to Year 4.
We are at the end of Year 3.
Say “Goodbye”.
We are going to go to Year 4. (2 times)
Say “Hurray”. (2 times)
We are sure to learn much more.
We are going to go to Year 4.
Say “Hurray”.
Hip Hip Hurray!

Read aloud
Hi, hello. I am Sui Lan.
Hi, hello. I am Kumar.
Hi, hello. I am Anita.

Hello, my name is Sui Lan.
Hello, my name is Alex.
Hello, my name is Ahmad.

A: Please help me arrange the story books.
B: Sure

A: Kumar, could you please arrange the chairs.
B: Okay, Safia.

A: Francis, please help me carry the desk.
B: All right. That is no problem.

We use ‘Could you please...’ or ‘Please help me…’
when we want someone to help us.

Let’s Read
I have a big family.
I love every one.
We have lots of laughter.
And lots of fun.

Let’s Read
My New Neighbour
Philip is my new neighbour. His parents are Tony and Mary Sta Maria. They have three sons and a daughter. Philip is the eldest. Philip's father is 40 years old. He likes cooking. Philip's mother is 38 years old. She likes watching the sports channels.
Philip's twin brothers are 8 years old. Both like eating chocolates. They dislike eating sweets. Philip's sister likes playing with dolls. She dislikes playing with toy cars. As for Philip, he likes playing badminton but dislikes playing basketball.
Philip's grandfather and grandmother live with them. His uncle and aunt live next door. They have a daughter, Julia, and a son, Peter. Julia and Peter are Philip's parents' niece and nephew. Philip likes his cousins very much. They are a big and happy family.

Answer the questions.
Who is Ngadan's new neighbour?
A Philip         
B Mary
C Peter
How many children do Philip's parents have?
A Two
B Three         
C Four
What does Philip like to do? He likes to
A play badminton.
B play basketball.
C play with toys.

We add 's' to the verb when we use the words 'he', 'she' and 'it'.
We do not add 's' to the verb when we use the words 'they', 'both', 'we', 'you' and 'I'.
Tony Sta Maria likes cooking.
He likes playing badminton too.
Philip's sister likes playing with dolls.
She likes playing with computer games too.
Philip's twin brothers like eating chocolates.
They like eating cakes too.
Uncle and aunt like watching the sports channel.
They like watching dramas too.

My Neighbours – Sarah, Peter and Michael
Sarah, the hawker,
Sells syrup and soup.
Drives her silver van,
Around the neighbourhood.

Peter, the postman,
Does his work without fail.
On his red motorcycle,
He carries and delivers mail.

Michael, the plumber,
Repairs toilets and taps.
Drives his small lorry,
And wears a yellow cap.

Read the sentence aloud.
The sail swirls and twirls and flaps and snaps.

Let’s Read
Philip's family go to Portuguese Square. Let's read and find out what they wear.
Today is my parents' wedding anniversary. My family and I go for dinner at Portuguese Square. We are in our best clothes. My father wears his green trousers and white shirt. My mother puts on her batik dress. She is beautiful. My twin brothers look smart in their new clothes. They wear their red shorts and white T-shirts. My sister wears her blue dress. I put on new jeans and a white shirt.
We enjoy our meal very much. Everyone is happy.

We use 'my', 'his', 'her', 'our' and 'their' to show what someone has.

Practise with a friend.
My father looks handsome.
He wears his trousers. His trousers are green.
My mother looks nice.
She wears a batik dress. Her batik dress is beautiful
We wear new clothes. Our new clothes are red.
They wear T-shirts. Their T-shirts are white.

Let’s Read
Dr Ranjit, Mrs Lee, Mr Kumar and Puan Amirah live in Sofia's neighbourhood. Let's find out what they do.
Dr Ranjit is a dentist. He checks and treats our teeth. He has a dental clinic in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. He has many patients because he is gentle and kind.
Sofia sees Dr Ranjit two times a year.
Mrs Lee is an optician. She tests people's eyesight. Sofia's father checks his eyesight at the shop.
Mrs Lee sells glasses and contact lenses. She has an optical shop. She opens her shop every day.
Mr Kumar and Puan Amirah are engineers. They design and build buildings, roads and bridges. Sometimes they work at construction sites. Sometimes they work in their office. They design a building near Sofia's school.

Choose the correct answer.
I (know/knows) Pn Rohani very well. She is a farmer. She (grow/grows) vegetables and rear rears chickens on her farm. Her son (help/helps) her on the farm. Every week, they (sell/sells) the vegetables and the chickens at the Sunday market.
Mr Lau is a fishmonger. He (sell/sells) many types of fish. He (open/opens) his stall early in the morning. They (like/likes) to buy fish from him.
We (buy/buys) fish from him too. Mr Lau is a kind man. Every day, he (bring/brings) home a fish for his cat. It likes to eat fish.

Let’s Read
I wear a uniform.
I move from place to place.
I deliver and collect letters and parcels.
What's my line?

I work in the market.
I have a stall.
I m 'II fruits and vegetables.
What am I?

I design and build roads and buildings. I also build bridges.
Sometimes, I am at the construction sites.
What's my line?

Write about your parents' occupation.
My father is an optician.
He checks people's ...
He sells ....
He works in ....      

A dentist – test people’s eyesight and sells glasses.
An option – design and build houses and roads.
Engineers – checks and treats our teeth.
Librarian –
Fireman –
Butcher –
Doctor –
Tailor -
Police -

Let’s Read
Missy Mouse's Birthday
Missy Mouse's birthday.  Mrs Mouse baked a big cheese cake. Kind Kitty and beautiful Betty helped her.
In party began at 12 noon, friends wished her happy birthday.
White Rabbit gave Missy a carrot cake. Yellow Chicken gave her a packet of sunflower; seeds. Cheeky Monkey gave her a magic whistle.
Missy was happy. Her friends were happy. They helped Missy to blow the candles. Missy made a wish. They ate the cheese cake. It was the most delicious cake they had ever eaten.
White Rabbit gave Missy a carrot cake. Yellow Chicken gave her a packet of sunflower; seeds. Cheeky Monkey gave her a magic whistle.
They played musical chairs. White Rabbit won the game. Then, they played hide-and-seek. They enjoyed themselves.
Soon, it was-time to go home. They thanked Missy. Missy thanked them for coming. They said goodbye.

Answer the questions.
Mrs Mouse baked a cheese cake for Missy. (True/False)
The party started in the morning. (True/False)
What did White Rabbit give Missy for her birthday present?
A Some sunflower seeds
B A whistle  
C A carrot cake
How many games did Missy and her friends play?
A Two
B Three         
C Four
Name the characters in the story.

We add ‘d’ or ‘ed’ to the end of regular verbs when we use past action verbs. 
Examples: bake – baked, help – helped, return - returned.

Practise the dialogue.
Francis celebrates his tenth birthday today.
His friends come for the party
A: Happy Birthday Francis.
B: Thank you

A: Many Happy Returns
B: Thanks, Pei Ling

Francise and Safia
Francise: Welcome, Safia. Thanks for coming.
Safia: Happy Birthday, Francis. Here's a gift for you.
Francise: Thank you, Safia.
Safia: You're welcome

Take note:
We say 'Many Happy Returns' or Happy Birthday' to someone on his birthday

Let’s Say
Amin’s birthday is on the 1st of January. It is also New Year’s Day.
Mala’s birthday falls on the 20th of March.
Sofia’s birthday is on the 3rd of April.
Philip’s birthday is on the 22nd of May.

Do you know?
Our first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj, was born on the 8th February 1903.

Let’s Read
Francis and his classmates visited the orphanage, the old folks' home and the SPCA.
Let's read about their visit.
Francis and his classmates went to the orphanage. Twelve boys and ten girls lived there. Many people visited the orphanage on that day. They brought food, toys and storybooks for the orphans.
They also visited the old folks' home. Twenty-seven people lived there. There were fifteen men and twelve women. Many people visited the old folk’ home on that day. They brought food, clothing and books for the old people.
Later, they went to the SPCA. Thirty-two animals lived there. There were ten dogs, thirteen cats and nine rabbits. Many people visited the animals’ home too. They brought animal food for the animals.

SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
 Go to www.spca.org.com to find out more about SPCA.

Let’s Read
111, Jalan Tamarind,
75400 Malacca.
20 October 2016

Dear Kim Sheng,
How are you and your family in Kuala Lumpur? I hope you are all well. Everyone's fine here.
Yesterday, I went with my teachers and friends to an old folks' home.
The old folks knew that we were coming to visit them. When they saw our bus, they came out to welcome us. We sang to them and read them stories. We also gave them food and clothing. Next, we helped them clean their rooms. They were very happy.
It was a meaningful trip for me. What about your school trip to the orphanage? Tell me more about it.
Till I hear from you again. Bye.
Your friend,
Answer the questions.
Where does Francis live?
When did he go to the old folks’ home?
How did Francis and his friends go there?
What did Francis give to the old folks?
Who is Kim Sheng to Francis?
A Friend
B Teacher
C Classmate
“When they saw our bus, they came to welcome us.”
The word ‘they’ refers to the ___
A orphans
B teachers
C old folks

Let’s Read
Everyone has friends,
Friends care and share,
Friends like to give,
Friends are here, there and everywhere.
Friends find ways to be kind,
Friends help one another,
Friends are like sisters and brothers,
Friends are everything.

Enemies' is the opposite of friends.
Let's find the opposites of these words.
You will find the answers in the poem.
Take –
Cruel -
Dislike –
Here -

Let’s Read
A Grateful Friend
Choose the correct answer.
In a village, there lived a poor but kind man called Kadir.  One day, he (decides /decided) to leave for
another village. While walking in the jungle, he (hears/heard) someone calling for help. He (sees/saw) a mousedeer in a pit. Kadir (pulls/pulled) the mousedeer out of the pit. The mousedeer (thanks/thanked ) him. He (promises/promised) to help Kadir back and (run/ran ) into the jungle.
It was getting dark in the jungle. Kadir was tired and hungry. He (sits/sat) under a tree to rest. While he was resting, he (hears/heard) a sound. He was afraid.
"Do not be afraid. It's me, my friend.
How can I help you?" asked the mousedeer. "I'm hungry," said Kadir.
The mousedeer (gives/gave) him a magic ring.  "You are a kind man. Rub on the ring if you wish to have anything," said the mousedeer.
Kadir (rubs/rubbed) the ring and found with plenty of food.

This story teaches us to be grateful to people who have helped us.

Let’s say
Vegetables – meat - fruits - drinks
Bananas – coffee – carrots – grapes – orange juice – tomatoes – watermelons – brinjals – apples – tea – mineral water – cabbages - milk – akra – oranges
I like milk but I dislike bananas.
I like apples but I disliked coffee.
Tell your friends which foot you like or dislike.

Let’s Read
Breakfast is ready. There are (much/a few) slices of bread on a plate and (much/some) butter on the butter dish. There is (many/some) orange juice in the jug. There are (a little/a few) slices of watermelon on the plate. There are (many/much) boiled eggs. There is (some/a few) porridge in the big bowl. Enjoy your breakfast!

Giant Gabriel
Giant Gabriel was a friendly and helpful giant. He usually ate ii lot. One day, his friend asked him to help her build a house. Before Giant Gabriel left for work, he had a huge breakfast. He ate 10 eggs and 20 sausages. For lunch break, he ate 26 burgers and 35 apples.
Soon, it was time for Giant Gabriel to go home. After a long day's work, Giant Gabriel was tired. He ate 22 pieces of fried chicken and 28 plates of rice for dinner. He gained 30 kilograms that day!

Answer the questions.
Giant Gabriel's friend asked him to build a bridge. (True/False)
Giant Gabriel was a ... giant.
A fat and unfriendly
B big and unhelpful
C friendly and helpful
How many meals did Giant Gabriel eat on that day?
He ate…
What did Giant Gabriel eat for that day?
He ate ..

Let’s Read
My favourite Sport
My favourite sport is football. I play football for my school. I have a pair of football boots and colourful jerseys. On the field, I run, dribble and try to shoot a goal. I am a striker.
I like playing badminton. Every Sunday, I play badminton with my friends. I have two rackets. My favourite badminton player is Mohd Hafiz Hashim.

Answer the questions.
What game does Rajesh play?
What is Rajesh's position?
What game does Pei Ling like to play?
Who is Pei Ling's favourite badminton player?

Say what sports do these people play?
-Nicol David
-Ho Ro Bin
-Bryan Nickson Lomas
-Shalin Zulkifli

Let’s write
Write about your favourite sport.

Let’s Read
In front of the food stall, he saw a fat man hitting a poor old man. People crowded around them. Nobody tried to stop the fat man.
The wise man walked quickly to the stall. He caught hold of the fat man's hands. "Hey! Why are you hitting the old man?" he asked.
"I'm the owner of the stall," the fat man said angrily. "This old man tried to go away without paying me. So I hit him."
"What did he eat? How much must he pay you?" the wise man asked.
"I didn't eat anything. Why should I pay him?" the old man said at once.
"This old man took a piece of cake out of his pocket when he came into my stall," said the fat man, pointing at the old man.
"He sat there for a long time before he ate his cake," said the fat man.
"Whether he eats or not is none of your business," the wise man interrupted him.
Excerpt taken from 'A Wise Man' Answer the questions, j

Answer all questions.
What did the fat man do to the old man?
A He hit the old man.
B He paid the old man.
C He held the old man's hand.
Who owned the stall?
A The fat man
B The old man
C The wise man
What did the wise man do to the fat man?
A He hit the fat man.
B He tapped his shoulders.
C He caught hold of the fat man's hand.
Which words have the same meaning?

Let’s Read
Teacher's Day
Last Tuesday, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Taman Harmoni celebrated Teacher's Day. It was a grand celebration.
There was a special assembly for the teachers. The headmaster gave a speech. The head prefect also gave a speech and thanked the teachers for teaching them well. Then, each class monitor gave a present to the teachers. At the end of the assembly, the teachers sang the Teacher's Day song.
After the assembly, the pupils put on a concert for the teachers. The Year One and Two pupils recited a poem. Year Three and Four pupils performed the zapin dance. Year Five and Six pupils put on a sketch.
After the concert, there was a telematch between the teachers and the pupils in the school field. They played very interesting games such as tug-of-war, sack race and three-legged race. They enjoyed themselves very much.

Answer the questions.
When did the school celebrate Teacher's Day?
The school celebrated Teacher's Day ___
Why did the head prefect thank the teachers?
The head prefect thanked the teachers _____.
What did the Year One pupils do at the concert?
A Performed zapin dance B Put on a sketch C Recited a poem
Where did the teachers and pupils hold the telematch?
A School hall           
B School field
C School canteen
Find the meaning of the words in the dictionary.
monitor – telematch – celebration - assembly

Let’s Read
This is the story which Francis told on Teacher's Day.
Good morning everyone. Now I am going to tell you a story.
Once there was a farmer who had three sons. He gave each son a gift. He gave the first son, Raju, some money. He gave the second son, Dinesh, some soil. He gave the third son, Suren, some water. Raju said, "We shall buy some seeds with the money' Dinesh said, "We shall plant the seeds in the soil." Suren salid, "We shall water the seeds." The seeds grew. The three brothers were happy. They harvested the fruit.
So, my dear friends, we must always remember that if we work ’ together, we can do our best.

Let’s Read
My Teacher
My teacher's name is Miss Vasanthi. She is 28 years old. She is a tall woman with long black hair. She lives with her parents and her two brothers in a nearby town.
Miss Vasanthi teaches English in my school. She is a kind and hardworking teacher.
I like Miss Vasanthi's English class because her lessons are very interesting. I never feel bored when I am in her class.
Miss Vasanthi also teaches us Art. Once a week, she comes to our class to teach us how to draw and paint.
She is a very talented teacher. She draws and paints very well.
Miss Vasanthi is a wonderful teacher. One day, I want to be a teacher like her.

Write a new story about Miss Vasanthi.
Replace the words in bold with new words.
My teacher's name is Miss Vasanthi. She is 28 years old. She is a ....

Let's say
Awesome Sight
I can see the orang-utan hanging from a tree.
What an awfully awesome sight!
I can see the pink orchids.
They look so pretty.
What an awfully awesome sight!
I can see the electric organ.
So new and shiny.
What an awfully awesome sight!
I can see them all.
What an awfully awesome sight, everything looks all right!
The pretty pink orchids and the shiny electric organ made them a more awfullly awesome sight.
Let’s Read
My friends and I
My friends and I have fun together,
We cycle, swim and skate,
On sunny days, in fine weather,
It is football with my classmates!

On rainy days, we stay indoors,
We never ever grumble,
Instead we read, paint and draw
or play congkak and Scrabble!

Our Hobbies
Ubin likes gardening. He also enjoys collecting badges. He has badges from countries all around the world. Ubin keeps his collection of badges in two boxes.
Aiman likes to be outdoors. He often goes camping with his cousins on the beach. They bring tents, ropes, matches and torchlights. They set up their tents and light a campfire. Then, they sing songs around the campfire. Aiman enjoys skateboarding too. Before he skateboards, he wears a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads.
Sunil likes playing football and badminton with his neighbours. Sunil also enjoys reading adventure stories. Reading helps him to write and spell better. When he does not understand a word, he checks its meaning in a dictionary. He often plays Scrabble with his sister.

Fill in the blanks.
Use the plural form of the given words.
box – country - match – cousin – story – dictionary – tomato – word – dish - beach
Ubin collects badges from different _____.
He keeps his badges in two _____ .
The boys use _____ to start the campfire.
My mother knows how to cook many types of _____.
Ubin plants _____, in his garden.
Sunil likes to read _____ on adventure.
Aiman and his _____ have camped on many ______.
He uses a few _____ to check the meanings of difficult _____.

We add 's' or 'es' to nouns to show more than one.
We add ‘es' to nouns ending in ’o', 'x', 'sh' or ‘ch’
Examples: tomatoes, boxes, bushes, matches
We drop ‘y' and add 'ies' for some nouns ending in ‘y'.
Examples: lilies, ferries, dictionaries

Let’s Read
The children worked hard to raise funds for Kim.
Hui Peng's mother helped her to bake some cupcakes. Hui Peng used some flour, eggs, sugar and butter to make the cupcakes. She baked them in an oven. Hui Peng baked fifty cupcakes.
Angie made some beautiful bookmarks. She used her computer to design the bookmarks. She decorated them with stickers, beads and ribbons. Angie made forty-two bookmarks altogether.

Let’s Read
16 March 2016
Today we had our charity sale. We set up the stalls half an hour before recess. When recess began at 10 a.m., many pupils quickly lined up to buy the cupcakes. We said all fifty of them. Almost every teacher bought the mangoes and tomatoes.                   
The forty-two bookmarks which I made were all sold. I felt proud of myself. I bought some second-hand storybooks and they cost me RM8. After the sale, we cleared the canteen. We threw all the rubbish into the bins and soon the place was clean again. I felt so tired. 
We collected RM345 from the fair and Mr Chan was very happy. He thanked
everyone for working very hard.
Kim was very grateful to receive the money. She thanked all of us for our contributions. She also said that she was happy to have friends who cared for her.
I enjoyed myself today. It was fun working with my classmates as we worked as a team.                                              

Let's read
The cactus is an unusual plant that is found in the desert. There are many types of cactuses or cacti. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are short and round while others are tall and cylindrical.
The cactuses stay alive in the desert because they have long roots. They spread out and grow close to the surface of the sandy rocky soil. These roots can quickly absorb rainwater from the ground. The cactus keeps water in its thick stems. When there is no rain, it uses this water. As a result, the stem will grow thin. The stem also has sharp thorns. That is why animals do not eat the cactus.
Cactuses have yellow, white, red or purple flowers. Most of the flowers bloom at night. They turn into fruits with many seeds in them. The Saguaro cactus plant has about 2,000 tiny black seeds. In other countries, the fruits and stems of some cactuses are eaten. Some parts of it are also used as medicine.
Today, cactuses can be found everywhere. In Malaysia, many types of cactuses can be found in "Cactus Valley". It is situated in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

Do you know?
The tallest cactus is the Saguaro.
It can grow up to 18 metres tall, about the height of a six-storey building.

Let’s Read
Cactus plants for sales
We have the most interesting collection of cactuses in Malaysia.
They come in many sizes. Some have flowers too. We have them all.
Get a small cactus plant to keep in a pot or a big one for your garden. Pick one up now!           
Visit us today to see our fascinating collection. Drop by at night if you wish to see the cactus flowers in full bloom.
Contact details:
Thorny Nursery, Lot 42, Jalan Kolam, 68100 Gombak, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-6198 2583 Fax: 03-6198 2588 Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Let’s Read
Dog save drowning boy
By Mabel Lim
KUANTAN, Friday - A three-year-old dog, Sheba belongs to Nathan Lingam. Yesterday, this dog saved Nathan from drowning at Teluk Chempedak.
Nathan said, “When my dog heard me yelling for help, it quickly jumped in to save me. I’m thankful that Sheba was with me.”
Sheba takes good care of Nathan. When he takes a walk, it makes sure that he does not trip over anything. Sheba is a very special dog. It is a guide dog that looks after Nathan.
“Sheba is like a helpful friend. I really love my dog,” said Nathan with a big smile.

Let’s Read
Hui Peng watches a documentary
Tonight we are in the jungle to look at some nocturnal animals.
Look up this tree. This is a tarsier. It has a long tail and a big head. Can you see its eyes? It has very large eyes and can see well at night. It cannot roll its eyes about. Instead, a tarsier has to move its head all around to see what is going oh.
Tarsiers have special pads on their fingers and toes. These pads help them to hold on to trees. They also have strong legs that help them to jump from tree to tree.
When a tarsier is hungry, it will catch insects, lizards, worms or other small animals.
Let's see what other animals we can find here tonight.

"We use 'is' or 'has' with singular words such as she', ‘he’ and 'it'.
We use are’ or ‘have’ with plural words such as you’, we' and 'they'.

Choose the correct answer.
Oh! Look at this. It (is/are) a beautiful owl with a hooked beak. This bird (is/are) I like the tarsier because it too (has/have) I big eyes and can see well at night. It also (has/have) I to turn its head to see around it.
Owls (has/have) thick soft feathers. These feathers help it to fly silently.
Rats, insects and frogs (is/are) I afraid of the owl because it likes to eat them. The owl (has/have) sharp claws on its feet that it uses to catch these animals.

Let’s Read
From: Ubin
Date: 20 April 2016
To: Kavita
Subject: Trekking in the Jungle

Dear Kavita,
Hope you are doing well. Aiman and I went jungle trekking last week. Let me tell you about our trip in the jungle.
During our trip, I thought I heard a witch laughing! Itwas only a hornbill. A hornbill has a long tail and a big beak. It uses its beak to collect fruits and crack nuts.
Later, we walked quietly by a river. We saw a big crocodile. The crocodile was gliding through the river, using its long tail. Crocodiles have flaps over its ears to stop water from entering its ears. We quickly walked away from the river.
During lunch, Aiman started laughing when he saw a proboscis monkey. It had reddish fur, a huge nose and a large pot belly. When it is angry, its nose gets bigger and redder! I started laughing too.
At night, we saw a pangolin. It has a long thin snout but it does not have teeth. It used its long claws to break open an ants' nest. After that, it licked the ants with its long tongue, yuck! Unfortunately, the pangolin rolled up into a ball to protect itself when it heard us.
I will tell you more when we meet. See you then!

Answer all questions.
What does a hornbill sound like?
What does a hornbill use to crack nuts?
Ubin had to walk quietly because the crocodile
A was gliding through the river
B has sharp ears
C can see at night
D has a flap over its ears
The word 'huge' means SHHR.
A big B funny C small D long
Why do you think Ubin said ‘Yuck!' when he saw the pangolin eating the ants?
What will a pangolin do if another animal tries to attack it?

Let’s Read
The Quick Thinking Quails
The skipper walked out of his house. He looked up at the clear blue sky. "Let's go for a walk," he told his skinny daughters in skirts. So the girls skipped off to put away their skateboards.
That is when he heard the quails quarrelling behind the house. The skipper grabbed his new net. He quietly walked to the back and threw it over the noisy quails.
The queen quail was shocked. “Quit it! Quit quarrelling! We have to escape,' she yelled.
"Quick! Put your heads through the holes in the net. We can then fly off together,' she said.
The astonished skipper watched as the quails suddenly flew off with his new net!

Let’s Read
We are sad to hear you're leaving.
We will miss your laughter, and sweet smile,
For they say you're taking the sunshine,
That brightens our lives in the class.

Come and sit beside us, our dear-friend,
Very soon we will bid you goodbye,
Please remember your school and your teachers,
All your friends whom you'll soon leave behind.

When you go to your school on the island,
Don't forget you are still dear to us,
Keep in touch through e-mails or letters
So, our friendship will always remain.

Describe your feelings when your friend leaves for another school.

Let’s Read
Angie listens to the news.
Good afternoon. This is Channel Four and the time is 2.00 p.m. I'm Jenny Chong with the news update.
Earthquake in Aceh. An earthquake rocked Indonesia this morning. It started in Aceh and it was the most powerful earthquake In 40 years. People in Penang felt the earthquake at about 9.00 a.m.
Buildings shook slightly and people rushed out of the buildings.
Many picnickers were enjoying their Sunday at Batu Ferringhi Beach.
Three hours later, the picnickers and the people passing by Batu Ferringhi saw a very big wave. In two minutes, a giant wave rolled towards the shore and flooded the roads and the village by the sea. The wave was around six metres high when it reached the shore.
People were terrified and tried to drive away. Some of the picnickers were washed away by the giant wave. It destroyed many buildings and cars. Many people lost their homes and family members. A fund has been set up to help the victims. You can donate by sending an SMS to 11228. The next news update will be at 5.00 p.m.

Answer all questions.
When was the earthquake?
A At 4 p.m. B At 5 p.m. C After 2 p.m.
The giant wave hit Batu Ferringhi at about ____ .
A three in the afternoon
B nine in the morning
C twelve noon
Where did the earthquake start?
A Aceh B Batu Ferringhi . C Penang
The word 'It' in line 24 refers to the Ml.
A wave B shore C flood D earthquake
What caused the giant wave?
How high was the giant wave?

Do you know?
An earthquake is a quick shaking of the earth.
It does not give any warning.
It is caused by the breaking and moving of rocks under the earth.

Say these sentences.
The wave was around six metres high.
It was the most powerful earthquake in 40 years.
People were terrified and tried to run away.
Many picnickers were enjoying their Sunday at Batu Ferringhi Beach.

We use 'was' with 'he', 'she', 'it, ‘I’ or a singular subject.
Example: The picnicker was enjoying his Sunday.
We use 'were' with 'they', 'we’, you or a plural subject.
Example: The picnickers were enjoying their Sunday.
We use 'was' and ’were' when we talk about the past.

Complete the text with ‘was’ or ‘were’
Charity begins at home.
Kota Kuala Muda was destroyed by the giant wave on Sunday. The wooden houses along the sea ____ washed away. Most of the villages there ____  fishermen. Their boats ____ damaged and they lost their source of income.
A concert ___ held to raise funds for the victims. Dayang, a popular local singer _____ involved in the charity concert. She said that she _____ pleased to lend a hand to the victims through music.
Many people came for the concert. They wanted to lend a hand too. RM300,000 collected for the fund. The concert ___ was a success.

Let’s Read
It was Monday. Mr Day gave everyone a letter. It was about Sports Day next Tuesday. The letter said there was going to be a race for a cup. The cup was in a box. Mr Day took the cup out of the box. He showed it to the class.
Tou can all run in this race," he said. "The boy or girl who wins the race will get the cup."
Everyone was excited. They went out to train for Sports Day.
Ranjit wanted to have a go at the long jump.
"Good try!" shouted Nicky.
Ben Jones said, "Just you wait and see what I can do! I'm really good at sports." He ran and jumped.
"That was very good, Ben," said Mr Day. "What did I tell you?" Ben said to Nicky. Next, they did the high jump. Nicky hurt his leg while doing the high jump. He was out of the race.
Excerpt taken from ’The Race for the Cup’ by Barbara Mitchelhill'

Answer all questions.
On what day was the Sports Day?
A Monday B Tuesday C Wednesday D Thursday
How many days did the children have to train for their Sports Day?
A Six B Eight C Ten D Twelve _
Who was the first person to try the long jump?
A Nicky B Ben C Ranjit
'He showed it to the class.' What does the word 'it' refer to?
Why was Nicky out of the race?
What kind of a person is Ben? Why do you say so?

Choose the correct answer.
Sad Raya for a Family of Six
AIPING, Saturday: Hari Raya clothes and electrical objects (was/were) destroyed yesterday after the houses in Kampung Cempaka  (was/were) burned down. One of the victims, Rosli Ahmad, 25,  (was/were) at work. He received a call from his neighbour telling him that his house (was/were) on fire. He rushed home and saw everything had burned to ashes. He (was/were) very sad. His wife and children (was/were) also hurt in the fire. The fire (was/were) put out within half an hour. The headman of Kampung Cempaka said a fund would be set up to help the victims.

There are eight misspelled words in the story.
Correct the spelling and rewrite the story.
The Clever Scientist
Long ago in a vilage in China, there livd a clever scientist. One day, it rained heavily in the vilage. It was high tide. The weve was high. It was also very powerfull. The vilage was floded. The villagers were terified. Quickly, the scientist went to his laboratory. He managed to make a machine. The machine could change the weve into usef ull energy. Everyone was very happy and gratefull to the scientist.

Let’s Read
Dengue and the Aedes Mosquito
What is dengue fever?
Dengue fever is a flu-like illness. It usually starts with a high fever. The person may also experience a headache, vomiting, body aches and rashes.The illness can last between 10 and 30 days.
What causes dengue fever?
Dengue fever is caused by a virus that is carried by the Aedes mosquito. The mosquito bites a person and passes the virus onto the person. The Aedes mosquito feeds on human blood, usually in the early morning or late afternoon. It lays its eggs in clear, still water.
How to prevent dengue fever?
Destroy all places where the Aedes mosquitoes breed. Do not allow water to collect in tins, cans, old tyres, flowerpots and pails. Do not let fallen leaves block the drains. Change water in flower vases every two days. Do not use pot plates for your potted plants if they are not needed. Sleep under mosquito netting or in a room with mosquito screens the windows.

Answer the questions
Name the disease which the Aedes mosquito causes.
What happens when a person gets dengue fever?
When does the Aedes mosquito feed on human blood?

Where does the Aedes mosquito lay its eggs? 

Let’s Read
The Lonely Tree
The lonely old tree stands in a corner. All it can see is a castle. Often it is empty. The wind blows through the tree and the leaves rustle. Only the cats catch the rats in the empty kitchen.
The young tree near the new chalet laughs. "I can see so many things from here," it boasts.
"Look! Young pupils eagerly watch the ballet. Over in that dining room I can see a buffet spread out on the table," says the young tree excitedly.
"Listen! A man whistles happily on his way home," says the cheerful young tree.
The tired old tree falls asleep.

Let’s Read
A Caterpillar Named Ben
One day, Sammy, the snail sat under a marigold plant. When he looked up he saw a long, fat animal with ' many legs. "Who are you?" asked Sammy.
The animal let go of the leaf it was eating. "I'm Ben, the caterpillar. Two weeks ago, I was an egg," he explained.     
"It's nice to meet you," said Sammy. "I see you like to eat a lot of leaves. I like them too!" They soon became good friends.
Two weeks later, Sammy went near the marigold plant again. He looked for Ben but could not find him. There was only a strange looking pod hanging from a leaf.
An ant saw Sammy staring at the pod. It said, "That's your friend Ben. He's turned into a pupa. He will remain that way for about fourteen days." Sammy sadly went away.
Many days later, Sammy was back near the marigold plant. He wished his friend Ben was there.
Suddenly, a colourful butterfly flew close to him. "Hello, Sammy!' it said. "It's me, Ben. I'm now a butterfly!" Sammy was very surprised. His old friend looked very different but he was still pleased to see Ben.

Let’s Read
I felt very happy when I found butterfly eggs. The butterfly laid its eggs on a leaf Every day, I looked at the eggs. After two weeks, the eggs hatched into caterpillars.
These caterpillars ate most of the leaves on the plant, so they became big and fat. Two weeks later, they turned into pupae I was eager to find out what would happen next
After about fourteen days, the pupae turned into butterflies. It was amazing to watch the little white eggs slowly turn into graceful butterflies.

Let’s Read
A gymnast
Durah Jasmin is a gymnast. She admires Nadia Comaneci and wants to be as successful as she is.
Durah works very hard. Every afternoon, she practises for three hours. She practises at the Kampung Pandan Sports Complex. She goes there after school.
Durah enjoys rhythmic gymnastics. She likes the hoop event the most. However, she performs well in the other events too. Her coach helps her to improve her skills.
Durah takes part in many school level and national level gymnastics competitions. She has won many medals. Her best achievement is winning six gold medals in a national competition. Her friends, teachers and family are proud of her.

A Happy Family
The Happy Family
In a busy city, lived Papa Feline, Mama Feline and their two children, Fiona and Frank. One day, Mama Feline was admitted into the hospital. Fiona and Frank felt very excited because they were going to get a baby brother or sister. Fiona wanted a baby sister. Frank wanted a baby brother.
That afternoon, Fiona and Frank followed Papa Feline to the hospital. Fiona brought a gift. It was a sweater. Frank also brought a gift. It was a blanket. They waited patiently at the lobby. (r (j
Half an hour passed. Then, another hour passed. Papa Feline walked up and down the corridor. Fiona, Frank and Papa Feline were getting worried. Fiona and Frank prayed for their mother.
An hour later, the doctor invited them in. Mama Feline had given birth to a set of twins. Fiona and'Frank had a new baby brother and sister. Their wishes had come true. They were very happy. They thanked their mother for Fay and Freddie. They also thanked the doctor for helping their mother.

Let’s read
The Golden Touch
King Midas was a rich king. He loved gold more than anything else in the world. One day, , while he was counting his gold coins, a fairy suddenly appeared before him.
"King Midas, I am here to give you a wish.
What do you wish for?" asked the fairy.
"More gold, of course," replied the king. "I want everything that I touch to turn into gold."
"All right, your wish will be granted," said the fairy.
"From tomorrow, everything that you touch will turn into gold. However, I warn you that your wish will not make you happy."
"Nonsense! I will be very happy," said the king.
The next day, King Midas woke up early. He quickly touched his bed and at once it turned into gold.
"Oh! My wish has come true! The bed has turned into gold!"
Then, King Midas touched many other things in his room and they all turned into gold.
"Gold! Gold! Everything is now gold!" he said excitedly.
Just then, the king's daughter entered the room.
"Hello, Father,' said Princess Stefanie.
"Hello, my little princess,' said King Midas and he gave her a pat on the shoulder. At once, the princess turned into gold.
King Midas was very sad. He cried out to the fairy for help.
"Oh, fairy," begged the king. "Take away this horrible gift. I no longer think that gold is the greatest thing in the world."
"I am glad you have learned your lesson," said the fairy. Then, the kind fairy changed everything back to the way it was.

Answer the questions.
What did King Midas like the most?
What was King Midas doing when the fairy appeared?
The fairy came to ____.
A give King Midas a warning
B grant King Midas a wish
C help King Midas
What was the first thing that King Midas did the next morning?
A He cried out to the fairy.
B He turned his bed into gold.
C He called out for his daughter.
When did Princess Stefanie turn into gold?
In the end, what lesson did the king learn?

Let’s read
The Boy and His Axe
Long ago, there was a very poor boy. He lived alone with his father who was very sick. The boy chopped wood to earn a living.
To his surprise, an old man
One day, he saw a big tree beside a lake. He climbed up the tree to chop some branches. Suddenly, his axe slipped and fell into the lake and he started crying.
appeared from the lake.
"Why are you crying?" he asked.
"My axe dropped into the water. I need it to chop wood," replied the boy.
"Let me help you search for it," said the old man. Then, he disappeared into the water. After awhile, he came back with a shiny golden axe.
"Is this your axe?" he asked.
"This axe is beautiful but it is not mine," said the boy.
"Well, let me look once more," said the old man before he disappeared into the water again.
A few minutes later, he came back with a silver axe.
"Is this your axe?" he asked.
"No, mine is just an ordinary axe. It is not made of silver or gold," replied the boy.
The old man disappeared into the water for the third time. Later, he came back with the boy's axe.
Yes, yes, that is mine!" shouted the boy excitedly.
"I am glad that you are such an honest boy. Take these golden and silver axes too," said the old man before he disappeared.

Let’s Read
How Taiping Got Its Name
Many years ago, in Larut, there lived a wealthy man called Long Jaafar. One day, while he was bathing in a stream, he found tin ore. He was very happy.
The next day, he went to Penang to look for workers. He brought Chinese miners to work for him at the mines in Klian Pauh. Long Jaafar paid them well because they were diligent workers. Later, he also found tin in Klian Baru and opened new mines there. The town became rich. Long Jaafar became a successful businessman.
When he died, his son, Ngah Ibrahim, took over his business. Ngah Ibrahim was known as the Mantri of Larut. In 1861, the miners of Klian Pauh and Klian Baru had a fight. Ngah Ibrahim hired Captain Speedy to settle the fight between the two groups of miners. Captain Speedy was a former police chief in Penang. He set up two towns for them. He named one town 'Taiping' and the other 'Kamunting'.
'Taiping' means 'peace’ in Chinese. He chose the name because he hoped that the miners would live peacefully together. As he had hoped, there was less fighting. Since then, many miners and shopkeepers came to Taiping. Taiping became a rich town.

Answer all questions.
Where did Long Jaafar go to look for workers?
A Kamunting
B Penang
C Taiping
Who helped to settle the fight between the miners?
A Long Jaafar
B Ngah Ibrahim
C Captain Speedy
The word 'there' incline 8 refers to
A Klian Pauh
B Klian Baru
C Larut
Why were the Chinese workers brought to Klian Pauh?
How was the fight settled?
Why did Captain Speedy name one of the towns 'Taiping'?
What do you think would happen if the fight was not settled?

The Skunk
"Who stole the king's pink dragon fruit in the sink?'' shouted the king's cook. The helpers in their uniforms looked blank and shook their heads. "We don't know," they answered. "Go and find it before dinner time," demanded the royal cook.
The helpers started to look for the pink dragon fruit. Then, someone shouted,
"Look over there!".
"Where?" everyone asked.
"Beside the trunk of the tree," he pointed. It was the prince's pet skunk with a kink in its tail. The pink dragon fruit was beside it. The skunk stank and everyone held their breath. "Shoo!
Shoo!" everyone shouted at the skunk.
It ran away to the riverbank and disappeared.
The pink dragon fruit was saved from the skunk.

Let’s Read
Sadako Sasaki and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Sadako Sasaki was born on the 7th of January, 1943, in Hiroshima. She liked to go on outings with her family. They would go to the Peace Park on the 6th of August every year. They went there to remember those who died when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on that day in 1945.
Sadako was a school runner. She practised running every day. One cold winter day on the 10th of February, 1955, she fell down while running. Her father took her to the hospital. The doctors said she had leukaemia. She was another victim of the atomic bomb. Sadako was very sad.
The next day, her best friend, Chizuko visited her. She folded a paper crane and gave it to Sadako.
"This can help you get well,' she said. "How can a paper crane help me get well?" asked Sadako.
“According to a story, the crane is supposed to live a thousand years. Some people believe that if you fold one thousand cranes, you can make a wish," said Chizuko.
Although it was not easy, Sadako hoped to fold the thousand cranes as quickly as she could. She wanted to go home. By June 1955, she had folded more than five hundred paper cranes. Although she grew weaker, she never lost the will to live. She kept on folding the paper cranes. She passed away on the 25th of October, 1955.
Sadako's friends collected the letters she wrote and turned them into a book. Soon, many people around Japan read about Sadako and the thousand cranes. Many people were touched by the courage she had although she was so ill. In 1958, a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane was unveiled in the Hiroshima Peace Park. Sadako became a symbol for the peace movement.

Answer all questions.
When was Sadako born?
Hiroshima was bombed on the
A 7th of January, 1943
B 6th of August, 1945
C IOth of February, 1953
D 25th of October, 1955
Why did Chizuko give Sadako a paper crane?
Why did Sadako keep folding the paper cranes?
How did people come to know about Sadako?
What is Sadako best known for?

Let’s read
A Caring Son
In a vast sandy desert in Africa lived a young man named Musa. He lived with his mother. One day, his mother fell ill. A wise Bedouin said that the only cure was a fragrant leaf which grew in an oasis faraway. Musa told his mother about the fragrant leaf. He asked for her blessings to go and look for the leaf. He promised to find the leaf for her. His mother wished him well.
Musa hurried to look for the leaf. On the way, he met an old lady. The old lady said that many people came to look for the fragrant leaf but none could find it. Musa felt sad but he did not give up.
After travelling for two days in the hot desert sun, he met Shah Hakim, a wealthy mircfiant. Shah Hakim owned many camels and sold many different things. Shah Hakim liked Musa. He offered Musa a job as his assistant. “I thank you kind merchant for the offer but I have to be on my way. I have promised to find the cure for my mother who is ill," said Musa.
Soon, Musa reached a big oasis. He met the tribal chief who ruled the oasis. The chief liked Musa and offered him a job. "I am deeply honoured but I have to be on my way. I have promised to find the fragrant leaf which can cure my mother," said Musa.
The chief said, "Musa, you have reached your destination. The fragrant leaf grows on a tree in my garden. Only a person who keeps his promise can pick the leaf off the tree! Please take the leaf for your mother." Musa took the leaf to his mother. His mother was cured.

Let’s Say
Hooray! Hooray!
It's a holiday,
Year 5 is at its end,
Year 6 is on its way!
We made new friends,
We read stories from other lands,
We learned of animals and plants.
We had a lot of fun.
Goodbye for now my friends,
Until we meet again,
Next year we make new plans,
To do our best again.
Hooray! Hooray!
It's a holiday.
Year 5 is at its end,
Year 6 is on its way!  

Let’s read
During the last school holiday, Irfan and his family went to a beach in Perak for a Family Day. They had a picnic by the beach. Irfan’s father rented a beautiful chalet for them to stay. Irfan’s mother brought sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and sausages in a big basket. They enjoyed sitting on the sandy beach under the tall coconut trees. They had a good time together as a family.

Let’s Practice
Read the sentences and circle the common nouns.
(Common nouns: people, place, things and animal)
He kicks the ball out of the park.
The boys are swimming in the pool.
Susan buys a kitten for her sister, Maria.
The children are going to the canteen to have some snacks.
Pak Halim rears cows, sheep, and goats at his farm in Kelantan.
Mrs. Rajes went to the grocery shop to buy some brushes and matches.

Let’s read
Captain Malaysia
This is a story about a special man and his mission to protect all the children in Malaysia. He only wants to be known as ‘Captain Malaysia’. No one knows who he is and where he lives. Only he himself has the answers to the questions.
Many people admire him for his strength and willingness to help those in need. His mission is to protect all the children around him from any evil or danger. Whenever they need help, he will know through his supersensitive hearing and bionic vision. He will be there to make sure every child is safe and sound.
Captain Malaysia can run and fly as fast as lightning.
He uses a titanium shield to protect himself from enemy attacks. Some people say he acquired his powers from the enemies he fought but no one really knows for sure. It will remain a secret forever.
The children love Captain Malaysia as he is a kind and unselfish hero. He is willing to help any child without expecting any reward in return. He always reminds the children to take care of themselves. Despite being famous, he is never boastful. His best friend is Master Kiddo who helps him whenever needed.

Find the word from the passage which has the same meaning as the phrase given below.
-to get, to have or to gain - ______
-an important task or work someone is given to do - _____
-too much pride in something you have or have done - _____
-able to do things that are not possible by normal people using parts of the body that are electronic - _____

Answer the questions.
State True or False.
Captain Malaysia’s mission is to protect children. (True/ False)
Master Kiddo is Captain Malaysia’s enemy. (True/ False)
 Many people admire him for his titanium shield. (True/ False)
Captain Malaysia can fly very fast from one place to another. (True/ False)
Captain Malaysia knows someone is in trouble through his ...
A superpowered car and bionic vision.
B supersensitive hearing and bionic vision.
C superpowered car and supersensitive hearing.
Why do children like Captain Malaysia?
A He is strong and can fly.
B He is kind and unselfish.
C He wants to be rewarded.
Captain Malaysia is described as a strong man who can run and fly as fast as lightning. What do you think he can do with these superpowers? Present your views to the class.

Let’s Read
Cik Siti Wan Kembang
Once upon a time, the state of Kelantan was ruled by a female ruler. Her name was Cik Siti Wan Kembang. Her father passed away when she was only four years old. At the age of 30, she became the ruler of Kelantan.
Cik Siti Wan Kembang is a legendary figure for her beauty, courage, and wisdom. She made sure the land under her control was always safe from v enemies. She was respected as a warrior princess.' o She was brave to enter battles on a horseback with an army of female horse riders. Though admired by many for her beauty, she never got married.

State True or False.
Cik Siti Wan Kembang ruled Kelantan at the age of four.(True/False)
She was a brave and wise leader. (True/False)
She rode on elephants when she entered battles. (True/False)
She was only known for her beauty. (True/False)
She got married at the age of thirty. (True/False)

Let’s read and answer.
Cik Siti Wan Kembang’s favourite animal was the deer. She was presented with a deer which later became a symbol of the state emblem. At that time, the gold coins were stamped with the image of a deer too.
According to the legend, Cik Siti Wan Kembang never died but ‘disappeared’ into the mystical world. This is because no one has found her tomb till today. However, she will alwa be remembered for being the only female who ruled a state in our country.

Answer the questions.
What was Cik Siti Wan Kembang’s favourite animal?
Why is the deer used as a symbol in the Kelantan state emblem?
Do you think Cik Siti Wan Kembang is still al

Let’s Read
Lake Chini
One of the most famous lakes in Malaysia is Lake Chini in Pahang. Miss Sharmila tells the story of Lake Chini to her pupils.
Lake Chini, also known as ‘Tasik Chini’ is located in Pahang. It consists of twelve lakes which are not only famous for their natural beauty but also for the mysteries that surround them. The first legend is that an enormous snake was transformed into a dragon called NagaSeri Gumum. There is also a story of an ancient city that existed in the lake. It is believed that some remains of the old city can still be found at the bottom of the lake.

Let’s Read/Learn/Practice
Last week, Jasleen and her family went on a holiday to Lake Chini. They stayed at her grandfather’s home by the lake. They went hiking and visited the Orang Asli settlement. They also went on a boat ride to see beautiful lake. There were many boats at the lake, some with motors and some without. Jasleen and her family took the motorboat
Jasleen took many photographs of the lotus and the beautiful scenery. She loved the visit to the Orang Asli settlement the most because she learned a lot about their culture.

Based on the text, form questions using interrogative pronouns.
Then, answer the questions.
_____ did they see?
_____ went on a holiday?
_____ did they do at Lake Chini?
_____ house did they stay at?
_____ did Jasleen go with to Lake Chini?
_____ boat did they take to see the beautiful lake?

Let’s Read
Mr. Chong is May Lee’s uncle. He is a zookeeper.
One day, he checked all the animal cages as usual. He was shocked to see that one of the cages was opened. It was the tapir’s cage.
He saw the footsteps of the tapir outside the cage.
Mr. Chong reported the tapir’s disappearance to the security officers. He suspected the tapir had gone into the bushes near the cage. The best way to find the tapir now is to do a rescue search as soon as possible.

Let’s Read
A computer is a device that can be programmed to perform many tasks. It is also programmed to carry out instructions. These instructions can be as simple as adding numbers together, transferring data from one place to another or searching for information.

Railway stations and airports
-booking tickets
-giving information on the arrival or departure of trains and aeroplanes
-teaching and learning
-doing calculation
Office Administration
-typing and printing documents.
-sending and receiving emails.
-storing information for different account holders.
-keeping records on cash and cheques.

Ask and answer questions based on the information above.
A: How do you use computers at railway stations or airports?
B: We can use them to book tickets. Computers are also used to give information on the arrival and departure times.
A: How do you use computers _____?
We use them to _____. Computers are also used to _____.
Can you think of other places where computers are used?

Electronic books or e-books
Electronic books or e-books are electronic versions of printed books. They can be viewed on a computer screen or on an electronic book reader.
E-books can be purchased on the Internet from publishers or e-bookstores.
We can only pay for these books using credit or debit cards. Purchasing an e-book is faster compared to purchasing a book from a bookstore.
Nowadays, more people are choosing to read e-books. This is because the materials can be downloaded and accessed anywhere. E-books are also environmentally friendly because they reduce the number of trees being cut.
The future of e-books is bright. It allows us to bring the whole library with us wherever we go. They are slowly gaining popularity because of its convenience.

Answer the questions.
What is an electronic book?
Where can we purchase an e-book?
What is an electronic book reader?
Why are more people choosing to read e-books?

Let’s Read
A Carnival On Child Safety
Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Damai is organising a carnival on child safety and protection on 25 May from 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.
The organising committee is inviting all the pupils and parents to join hands to raise awareness and educate everyone on the importance of child safety and protection. The carnival will be held at the school hall. Activities include a talk on staying safe, a poster competition, self-defence demonstrations, and parenting advice. Admission is free.

Charlie Bucket’s Family
This is Charlie’s family. The whole family live together in a small wooden house. The house is old and really small. Life is extremely uncomfortable for them all. There are only two rooms in the house and there is only one bed. It is given to the four grandparents because they are so old and tired. They are so tired that they never get out of it.
Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine are the father and mother of Mr. Bucket while Mrs. Bucket’s parents are Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina. Mr. and Mrs. Bucket have a son whose name is Charlie. Charlie is a well-mannered boy with a big heart. He loves his parents and grandparents very much. They look out for each other all the time.
(Adapted from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl)

Let’s Read
The Kin’s Decision
Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom called Artistic. It was full of happy and talented people. They were ruled by a wonderful king named King Sam.
Although everyone in the kingdom loved King Sam, he was not happy. He and Queen Sara did not have children. He was old and needed an heir to his throne.
King Sam loved art very much.
One day, he had a brilliant idea.
“I shall use art to find my heir.”
A message went out saying whoever wished to be the next king should come to the palace. Since John loved painting, he decided to give it a try. He was the first to arrive at the palace.
King Sam announced in his red royal cloak, “Whoever wants to be the next king must draw the most beautiful portrait of me.” Months went by and everyone worked so hard to paint the best picture of the king.
The day finally came to choose the new king. All the people put their best foot forward, hoping to be chosen. When John saw the other villagers holding beautiful portraits of the king, he had butterflies in his stomach. He was afraid King Sam would be angry because he came with just a mirror.
The King finally arrived. His red royal cloak was bright and he kept a straight face. King Sam walked around slowly looking at all the portraits, one by one. All of them had a big picture of him in his red royal cloak.
King Sam came to John and saw him holding a mirror. John said, “I was sure I could draw the most beautiful portrait, Your Majesty but nothing that I drew was perfect. So today, I brought you a golden mirror.”
King Sam looked into the mirror and saw an image of himself.
He was delighted with the clever idea. The King declared, “Look at me. The reflection in the mirror is perfect.” On that day, King Sam proclaimed John as the next King.

Answer the questions.
Why did King Sam need to find an heir to his throne?
What was King Sam’s passion?
Why was John the first to arrive at the palace?
Find the idiom in the passage that has the same meaning as:
a) was nervous        
b) wanted to make a good impression
c) looked serious
Do you think it is fair for the king to proclaim John as the next king? Why?

The Contest
Mr. Willy Wonka, the confectionery genius whom nobody has seen for the last ten years sent out the following notice.
Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children to visit my factory this year. These lucky five will be shown around the factory personally by me. They will be allowed to see all the secrets and the magic of my factory. Then, at the end of the tour, as a special present, all of them will be given enough chocolates and sweets to last a lifetime.
So watch out for the Golden Tickets! Five Golden Tickets have been printed on golden paper. They have been hidden underneath the wrapping paper of five bars of chocolate. These five chocolate bars may be anywhere at any counter where Wonka’s Sweets are sold. Only the lucky finders and their companion are the ones who will be allowed to visit my factory and see what it is like inside!
Good luck to you and happy hunting!
Willy Wonka.

Let’s read and answer.
May Lee receives an email from her cousin who lives in Sarawak.
Dear May Lee,
How are you? I hope you are well. Everyone here is fine.
In your email, you wanted to know the best way to see the beautiful city of Kuching. Well, one of the best ways is to go on a cruise along the Sarawak River. The Sarawak River Cruise provides a unique and different experience. Along your journey on the river, you will pass small house-like boats called perahu tambang which are used to ferry locals across the river. You will also see Malay kampung houses built on stilts and fishing villages.
Besides that, you will pass the Astana, which used to be Rajah Brooke’s residence. Located next to the Astana is Fort Margherita which is now a police museum.
Before returning to Kuching city, you will cruise by the Satok Bridge. Make sure you don’t miss the new State Legislative Building. It is as grand as a palace and resembles the Melanau tribal hat.
That’s all for now. Bye.

State True or False.
The river cruise is one of the best ways to see Kuching. (True/False)
A perahu tambang is used to bring passengers across the river. (True/False)
Most of the houses in a Malay kampung are made of bricks. (True/False)
Fort Margherita has been turned into a restaurant. (True/False)
The Satok Bridge resembles the Melanau tribal hat. (True/False)

Let’s read and answer.
Neil Armstrong
Many people think Neil Armstrong went to space first, but it was actually a Soviet pilot named Yuri Gagarin. He was launched into space on 12 April 196I on board Vostok.
Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon. He was also an American aerospace engineer. He was launched into space on Apollo II. He set foot on the moon on 21 July 1969 and said the famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Both Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong are remembered for their achievements and contributions to space travel.
Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is a Malaysian orthopaedic surgeon and was the first Malaysian to go into space. He was launched to the International Space Station Board (ISS) on 10 October 2007. He went in a Russian spacecraft called Soyuz TMA - 11. He spent II days in space and performed several experiments about cancer and leukemia cells. Sheikh Muszaphar has inspired many young children to aim high and reach for the stars.

Answer the question.
Find the meaning of the words in bold from the dictionary.

A Visit to the Chocolate Factory
Mr. Wonka was standing all alone just inside the open gates of the factory.
He invited the five winners and their companions into his factory. He took them to a very special room.
“This is an important room - the Chocolate Room!” exclaimed Mr. Wonka. “It is the nerve centre of the whole factory. I insist on my rooms being beautiful.
I can’t stand ugliness in the factories. But do be careful, my dear children! Don’t wander off by yourselves. I wouldn’t want to lose any of you at this stage.”
Mr. Wonka opened the door and what an amazing sight the room had.
A great brown river flowed in the middle of the room. Enormous glass pipes were dangling down into the river somewhere high up in the ceiling. There were green meadows and trees along the riverbank. What was more beautiful was the liquid chocolate waterfall flowing into the chocolate river. Everyone was mesmerised by the beauty of the Chocolate Room.

Willy Wonka warned the children not to get lost when they first entered the Chocolate Room. Imagine one of them wandering off to the other rooms. What might happen to the child? What might the child discover?
Everything is made of chocolate in the Chocolate Room. What if your classroom is made of chocolate? Draw, describe, and present it to the class.

Let’s read and answer.
Momotaro – The Peach Boy
One evening, an evil ogre stole the villagers’ belongings and destroyed most houses in the village. Nobody dared to stop the ogre. After it left, Momotaro asked for permission from his parents to fight the ogre.
A long time ago, in a small village in Japan, there lived an elderly childless couple.
One day, while the old woman was washing clothes, a giant peach floated down the river. She took the peach home.
They decided to name him ‘Momotaro’ which meant ‘Peach Boy’. Momotaro grew up to be a very strong and brave boy.
The old woman showed the peach to her husband and placed it against the wall. Suddenly, the peach started moving. They were surprised to see a baby coming out
Momotaro’s mother was worried for him, but she knew she had to let him go. For the long journey, she prepared him dango to give him strength.
Momotaro made his way towards the ogre’s island with his dango. He was determined to defeat the ogre. On the way, Momotaro met a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. They told him that they wanted to help him fight the ogre.
So Momotaro gave them a dango each.
They got on a boat and sailed towards the island. When they landed, Momotaro and his friends saw the ogre sleeping. They fought the ogre.
(Adapted from The Peach Boy)

Sequence the story in the correct order.
They were shocked to discover a baby in the peach. They named him Momotaro.
Momotaro asked permission from his mother to fight the ogre.
Together they went on a journey to defeat the ogre.
Once upon a time, there lived an elderly couple.
One day, an evil ogre attacked the village.
On his way, Momotaro made friends with a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant.
The old woman found a peach floating in the river and showed it to her husband.
Predict the ending of the story.

Penfriend in Japan
Sigat received an email from his penfriend in Japan.
Dear Sigat,
How are you? It is the school holiday here in Japan and I have been visiting a few interesting places.
My family and I went to see cherry blossoms. These flowers are also known as sakura. They bloom all over Japan from the end of March to early May. We had a picnic along the riverbank to enjoy the flower most loved by the Japanese.
Apart from that, I also went to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. It is one of the world’s largest cities. My mother went shopping in several big malls. She bought me two dresses and a pair of earrings.
You should visit me one day. I will take you to the best local restaurant and interesting places. It will be a trip that you will never forget. Can you tell me more about your country in your next email?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Let’s read
An earthquake
What is an earthquake?
An earthquake is the result of violent shaking and movements of the Earth’s surface. It causes great destruction.
How does an earthquake happen?
An earthquake happens when the Earth’s crust moves in different directions. These create an energy called seismic w'-ves.
What happens in an earthquake?
When there is an earthquake, the ground shakes or vibrates. Deep inside the Earth, there are big movements that cause upheavals. When the movements are strong, they crack open the ground.
How do we measure an earthquake?
An earthquake is measured using an instrument called seismometer. It measures and records details of the earthquake such as the force and duration.
What can we do about it?
During an earthquake, seek a clear space and drop to the ground. Be aware of things that can fall or hurt you. Always remember to protect your neck.

Answer the questions.
Why does an earthquake cause massive destruction?
Do you think it is possible to prevent an earthquake? Why?
Why do you need to drop to the ground during an earthquake?
How can you help the victims?

Kota Bharu, 12 January-Floods caused by the monsoon rain have forced over 40,000 people to evacuate their homes. News reported at least 10 people had died while a mother and a daughter are missing.
More than 20,000 people have been placed in evacuation centers in Kelantan. The rairi also affects Terengganu, Pahang, and Johor. Almost every year these states are affected and they usually last from late November to February.
Volunteers are helping people to move their belongings and food supplies on small boats. One of the volunteers informed, “These victims have been placed in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Mentari and Sungai Jenuh Mosque for safety and refuge.”
All flood victims have been advised to stay at these centers until the situation is safe.
Based on the news report above, imagine that you are one of the victims of the flood. Using the information provided, write a letter to a friend describing your unforgettable experience.

Floods In Kota Belud Worsen

KOTA KINABALU: Flash floods hit Kota Belud town following a two-hour downpour, bringing traffic to a standstill yesterday afternoon.
The water level rose to about 0.3m in the town that sits on an elevated area in the Crocker Range about 80km from here.
Northern Kudat and Kota Marudu were cut off during the two-hour long downpour, said Sabah Civil Defence Department director Col Mulliadi Al Hamid Ladin.
He said a 100m stretch of road along the Kota Belud bypass that links to Kudat and Kota Marudu was only passable to heavy vehicles while many small vehicles were also stranded in the area forcing traffic to a crawl.
Flood waters at Kampung Sembirai were at danger level while residents of Kampung Piasau have asked to be on alert as flood waters were rising, he added.
“The floods might have been triggered by blocked drains. The water slowly receded following the 2.30pm downpour,” he said.
As of 5pm, vehicles could drive through the floods, he said, adding that they were monitoring the situation closely.
Civil Defence personnel were on standby to ensure public safety.
Meanwhile, a meteorologist tracking Typhoon Nock-Ten said the typhoon was unlikely to have any severe impact on Sabah as it heads towards South China Sea after hitting the Philippines on Christmas Day.
The meteorologist believes it was weakening and heading on a westerly-north direction that may see coastal areas of Sabah getting more rain over the next 48 to 72 hours.
The Meteorological Department here said there would be more rainfall than the normal experienced during the northwest monsoon.
The effects of Typhoon Nock-Ten would be strong winds and waves up to 3.5m over the state’s coastal areas in South China Sea and there may also be strong winds on land.
Typhoon Nock-Ten slammed into the Philippines on Sunday killing at least six people and triggered flooding in some areas.
Sabah is seeing the tail effects of the typhoon which could still cause severe flooding and damages.

Peter Pan
Three children from the Darling family lived in London. They are Wendy, John, and Michael.
While they were sleeping, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell flew into the house. The children woke up and saw Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in their bedroom. Peter told them that they lived in Neverland. It was a beautiful and magical place.
Tinker Bell sprinkled pixie dust over the children so they could fly to Neverland.
The Lost Boys were eagerly waiting for Wendy to tell them stories.
However, Captain Hook, an evil pirate wanted to take revenge on Peter Pan because he caused the loss of Hook’s left hand. This led the pirates to kidnap all the children.
In the end, Peter Pan tried to save all the children...

Answer the questions.
Do you think this story is interesting? Why?
Based on the pictures describe Captain Hook and Peter Pan.           
Predict what happened in the end.

Let’s read
Adventure sports
Adventure sports is also known as extreme sports. It is a popular term for a sport or activity that is dangerous. These activities often involve speed, height, physical fitness, and specialised gear.
There are more than forty types of extreme sports.
Some of them are rock climbing, white water rafting, kiteboarding, and bungee jumping.
Most young people enjoy doing adventure sports.
They like the thrill and excitement of these sports.
Although extreme activities are dangerous, proper safety gear would reduce the risks.
Adventure sports are becoming more popular.
They challenge people to challenge themselves as these sports require discipline and concentration.
There are always new skills and tricks to learn. By overcoming the fear related to high-risk sports, a person’s self-confidence will grow.

Answer True or False. Explain your answers.
A person needs to be physically fit to do adventure activities.
Fewer people are taking up adventure sports than in the past.
There is no danger in doing adventure sports.
These sports make people becoming more skillful because there are new tricks to be learned.
Adventure sports do not improve a person’s self-confidence.

Let's Read
Real-life Heroes
Heroes must be willing to give their all,
They rush when they receive an emergency call, Heroes do not work for money or power,
They work tirelessly no matter the hour.
Heroes must be willing to sacrifice,
Their integrity they won’t compromise,
Ready to complete the most difficult tasks, Without the need to even ask.
There are heroes among us,
Who empower and inspire us,
Their selfless acts are admirable,
Their sacrifices unbelievable.
Heroes do not need to be famous,
They just need to be courageous,
They put their lives before others,
To make the world a better place for us.

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
My name is Azmin and I am a firefighter. My day starts at 8:00 a.m. Each morning, our supervisor briefs us on the work we will be carrying out for the day. We check the tools and equipment to make sure that they are in good condition.
A quick response is needed every time we receive an emergency call. It could be a house on fire, a kitten trapped on a tree or a snake found in a house. In any of these cases, I am ready to help. However, there are cases of prank calls from people who report false emergencies. These put real lives in danger because it is a waste of time and resources. Sometimes I give fire safety talks and monitor fire drills in schools. It is important to know these safety tips. Each building must have an escape route where people can run to safety in case of a fire. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can help save lives.
I love my work very much because I feel satisfied being able to help and serve my community.

Answer the questions.
Why do Encik Azmin and his colleagues check the tools and equipment?
What kind of emergencies require Encik Azmin’s quick response?
Why is it wrong to make prank calls?
Name two fire safety tips.
Do you think Encik Azmin is happy with his work? Why?

The Life of Sybil Kathigasu
1899 - Sybil Daly better known as Sybil Kathigasu was a Eurasian nurse who served during World War II in Malaya. She was born on 3 September 1899 in Medan, Indonesia.
1926 - She married a doctor. Together, they operated a clinic which quietly supplied medicines and information to the anti-Japanese army.
1943 - Sybil made a lot of sacrifices for the people of Malaya. When the Japanese knew that she was helping the people who were against them, she was arrested. Despite being tortured for three years, she did not reveal any information.
1945 - Sybil was a courageous woman. After the Japanese surrendered in N45, she was flown to England for medical treatment.
1948 - In N48, she became the only Malayan woman to receive the George Medal for her courage and bravery. She died several months later due to her injuries. Sybil will always be remembered as a brave freedom fighter who sacrificed her life for the people.

Answer the questions.
What was Sybil trained as?
How did Sybil and her husband help the anti-Japanese army?
Why was she awarded the George Medal?
How old was Sybil when she passed away?
Why is she remembered as a real life hero?
List three adjectives that best describe Sybil Kathigasu.

Recite the poem
Ordinary people have proven themselves to be successful.
Their stories serve as inspirations to many.
So be your own hero and let your life shine for others to see.

Live your dreams,
And dream them big,
Overcome every limitation,
To be an inspiration.

Set your dreams,
As high as the sky,
Be true to your soul,
Work hard for the scroll.

As you aim your dreams,
Towards your goals,
Be driven by good motives,
Be intelligent and creative.

For dreams don’t work,
Unless you do,
Be all that you can be,
To set all your struggles free.

Let's read
The Shepherd Boy
Long ago, there was a shepherd boy named Abdullah. He liked to play tricks on the villagers. One day, he took his flock of sheep to the field as usual. He I got bored watching the animals eating grass in the field.
"I'm going to play a trick on the villagers. It will be fun," he thought. "Lions! I Lions! Help!" he shouted.
The villagers heard his cries for help. They rushed to the field with hoes in their hands. The shepherd boy looked at the villagers and laughed.
"There aren't any lions here," he said.
The villagers were angry with him. They went away. A week later, Abdullah played the same trick again. This time he shouted, “Help! Tiger! Tiger! They are attacking my flock of sheep."
The villagers took their hoes and ran to the field. They were tricked again. They were very angry. The next morning, Abdullah took his sheep to the field. Suddenly, he heard the howl of the wolves. He was terrified and he climbed up a tree.
"Help! Help! There's a pack of wolves. The wolves are killing my sheep. Please come and help me," he cried.
The villagers heard his cries but they did not believe him this time. They continued to work on their farms. The boy lost his flock of sheep. He learned
not to tell a lie again.

Let's learn (punctuation)
"Lions! I Lions! Help!" he shouted.
"There aren't any lions here," he said.
"I'm going to play a trick on the villagers. It will be fun," he thought.
This time he shouted, “Help! Tiger! Tiger! They are attacking my flock of sheep."
"Help! Help! There's a pack of wolves. The wolves are killing my sheep. Please come and help me," he cried.

Let’s Read
The Story of Durian Tunggal
Long ago, there lived a poor farmer, Pak Seman. (He/Him) had a wife, Mak Munah and two children.
Pak Seman planted many fruit trees in his orchard. For many years, the trees did not bear any fruits. (Him/He) had a strange durian tree in his orchard. During the durian season, (it/its) had a lot of flowers. However, (they/them) would fall until there was none left on the tree. This durian tree did not bear any fruits. Still, Pak Seman did not chop it down.
One day, Mak Munah went to the orchard. (Her/She) saw a huge durian
hanging from the branch of the tree. (She/Her) called Pak Seman. (They/ Them) were surprised because it was not the durian season. Suddenly, (them/they) heard a young girl's voice coming from the durian.
"(I/me) am in this durian. Please, help (I/me)!" said the voice.
Pak Seman chopped off the durian and opened the fruit slowly. A beautiful girl came out.      
"Thank you for setting (I/me) free," (her/she) said.
"Who are you?" asked Pak Seman.
“(Me/I) am Fairy Durian Tunggal. Name this place Durian Tunggal and you will have a good life." After saying that, (her/she) disappeared.
From that day onwards, the fruit trees in Pak Seman's orchard had many fruits. Pak Seman and his family lived happily ever after.

Punctuate the text below
datin paduka seri endon mahmood was the daughter of datuk mahmood ambak and datin mariam abdullah she was born on the 24th of december 1940 she was the fifth first lady of malaysia
she spent most of her time and energy doing community and charity work she lent a hand in many projects for example raising funds for cancer patients and promoting the batik industry sadly she passed away on the 20th of october 2005 because of cancer in honour of her support for the batik industry the piala seri endon batik design competition is held every year. 

Story Time
Mrs Lau told the class a story about a handsome boy who was changed into a .... 
Read on and find out.
A long time ago, there lived a cobbler, his wife and his son in a small village. His wife sold herbs, fruit and vegetables at the market place. His son, Jem, was twelve years old. He was very handsome.
One day, an old woman came to their stall. She had a small, sharp and wrinkled face. Her eyes were red. She had a thin, hooked nose.
She limped slowly to their stall. She put her hands into the herb basket. She held some packets to her nose to sniff. Jem’s mother was upset when she saw her doing that but she kept quiet. The old woman said, “Bad stuff, this is all bad stuff! All inedible!”
Jem became very angry. He said to the old woman, “You’re an awful woman. If you keep doing that, no one will buy our herbs. Go away, if you’re dissatisfied with our herbs, you thoughtless old woman!”
The old woman looked at him and laughed unpleasantly as she said, “It’s inadvisable and unwise to talk to me like that, young man. Anyway, I want six cabbages and two packets of herbs. You will carry them home for me. I will surely pay you for your trouble.” She went off laughing.
Jem was unwilling to help her because he did not like her. His mother told him that he should help the poor old woman. As soon as they reached the old woman’s house, she said to Jem,
“Thank you, my dear boy. I shall repay you. This is for your trouble.”
She threw some strong smelling bluish herbs on his face. Jem screamed loudly and fainted. When he woke up, the house was empty. He went back to the market place.
As he neared the village, he saw people laughing at him. He went to his mother’s stall. He could see deep sadness on her face. He said, “Mother, why are you so sad?”
Jem’s mother looked at him like she has never seen him before.
“I’m not your mother. What do you want, hideous dwarf? My son disappeared a few weeks ago. He was stolen from us,” she said and started crying.    
The people in the market chased Jem away. He felt so unwanted. He hung his head low and went to the river. He looked at his ref lection in the water. He stared in disbelief. He looked exactly like the old woman. His eyes were tiny. His nose was huge and hung over his mouth and chin. His chest had become broader and grown into lumps. His legs were small and his arms were large with huge brown hands and long skinny fingers. He was very sad.
Just then, he heard a voice…

Answer the questions.
Jem’s mother....
A. repaired shoes
B. sold vegetables
C. bought herbs
Why was Jem angry with the old woman?
A. She was sniffing the herbs.      
B. She was buying the herbs.
C. She was laughing at Jem.         
D. She was scolding Jem’s mother.
Hideous also means ....
A. beautiful  
B. bad
C. ugly
Which sentence in the story tells you that the old woman warned Jem not to be unkind to her?
Which character/picture best describes Jem after he was turned into a dwarf?
What do you think happen to Jem?
Give the story a title.

The Caring Tree
Read the excerpt from the story entitled “The Caring Tree” written by Sheikh Hassan Seylan Abad.
One day, the boy, who was now a young man, returned.
The tree was very excited to see him again.
“Come and play with me,” said the tree.
“I do not have time to play. I have to work for my family.
I need a house for shelter. Can you help me?” asked the young man “Sorry, but I do not have a house. You can chop my branches off and build your house,” answered the tree.
“Oh, thank you,” said the man.
So, the man cut all the branches of the tree and left happily. The tree was left lonely again and sad for a long time.
One fine day, the man returned and the tree was delighted. “Come and play with me!” the tree said.
“I am getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself.
Can you give me a boat?” asked the man.
“Use my trunk to build your boat. You can sail far away and be happy,” answered the tree.
So the man cut the tree trunk to make a boat.
He went sailing and again he never showed up for a long time.

Answer the questions.
Look at the title.
What do you think the story is about?
-a tree that cares
-care for a tree
-a tree that needs to be cared
Describe the relationship between the boy and the tree
How would you describe the two characters?
The boy: selfish, _____, ______
The tree: caring, _____, _____
If you were in the story, which character would you like to be?
Share your reasons with your friends.
What does the story “The Caring Tree” teach you about friendship?

Read the two poem below.
Poem 1
By Nas Azura
Two plump rabbits exercise near the swamp.
They jump and jump,
They jump over the hump,           
And suddenly they slump,
And fall down with a bump.

Poem 2
By Nas Azura
I am an adventurer,
Travelling with my sledge.
Day and night,
I feed on porridge,
Going everywhere,
Crossing from bridge to bridge.

Read the words and say them aloud.
Stump – dodge – scamp – edge – limp – ridge - lump – trudge – pump – nudge
Look at the sentences. Identify words that sounds like jump and sledge.
-They jump over the ramp and bump into the lamp.
-The girl lost her stamp and cried near the damp camp.
-The hedgehog rolls itself towards the hedged hedgerow.
- They decided to lodge a report after losing the silver badge in the hedge.
Come up with words that end with mp and dg.
Create a tongue twister with these words. Share it with the class.

Animal On The Move
Izwin read a book on animals that move on land, in the air and in water. 
He wrote about them in his journal.
I am always fascinated by the way animals move.
They swim, fly, crawl and do many other amazing movements.
Animals move to find food and protection. It is the basic instinct in animal behaviour in response to hunger and danger. Animals move in different ways on land, in water or in the air.
Most animals that live on land use their legs to move. Kangaroos hop and frogs leap with their two powerful hind legs. Dogs, horses, tortoises and lizards get around on their four legs. Animals like monkeys and orang utans have long arms and tails that they use to climb and swing from tree to tree. Squirrels, possums, and raccoons on the other hand use sharp claws to cling to the bark of trees and branches. Snakes slither on their bellies to move around. Snails and slugs use thick mucus to help them move around. Earthworms dig through the soil using tiny hairs on their bodies.
There are animals that live and move in the water. Fish use their fins and tails to swim. Mammals like whales and dolphins swim and dive using their flippers and tails. Seals and sea lions move gracefully in the water but are awkward and slow on land.
Ducks, geese, and pelicans are waterbirds. They can fly in the air and walk on land. They are also good swimmers.
They use special webbed feet to paddle in the water.
Penguins are waterbirds too but they cannot fly. However, they are excellent swimmers because they have flippers to push them through the water.
Birds fly by flapping their wings up and down. Some birds glide through the air with their outstretched wings. Bats are flying mammals that have wings covered with leathery skin. The way animals move are magical.

Answer the questions.
Animals move for the following reasons except to ....
A. search for food B. protect themselves C. balance their bodies
Which of these animals leap when they move?
A. frogs B. snakes C. bats
How do water birds move?
A. fly, walk, paddle
B. fly, swing, paddle
C. swim, paddle, slither
Refer to the passage and find the meanings of the words in bold.
Snakes and snails have no legs. Describe how they move from one place to another.
Each animal has its unique way of moving. Complete the table below to show how they move.
Animals - Movements
Monkeys, orang utans  - swing
_______ - ________
_______ - ________
If you could, which of these movements would you do? Why?
Make a scrap book showing pictures of animals in motion. Write a caption for each picture in clear, legible cursive writing.
A panda uses its hands and legs to move…

It’s Time to move
Eva read a passage on animal migration.
Animal migration is the movement of animals from one place to another. Animals migrate because of seasonal changes, looking for food and suitable places to breed.
The Canadian geese migrate to the northern regions of Canada for the summer months. The warm summer days in the northern parts of the world provide a large food supply. When the cold winter approaches, these geese would fly south as far as Mexico and then return to Canada the next summer.
Some animals migrate to reproduce. Sea animals like the humpback whale of the Pacific Ocean swim to the tropical waters during winter to give birth to their young. The Malaysian leatherback turtles come back to the same beaches where they were hatched to lay their eggs.
Migrating animals very often use the same routes year after year and from generation to generation. Sea animals usually swim half way across the world. The land animals would cross mountains, rivers and large open plains. The migratory birds, insects and bats often fly long distances, sometimes crossing the oceans and entire continents.
This animal migration is a wonder of nature and has captured the interest of humans for centuries.

Answer the questions.
Help Eva to use the information from the passage to complete the mind map.
Animal Migration
WHAT – Animal migration is the movement of animals from one place to another.
Find out more information on animal migration from an encyclopedia, magazines and the Internet.

The History Of The National Anthem
The children are getting ready to celebrate Speech Day.
The school has planned many activities for the celebration.
In one of the activities, Izwin had to talk about the history of the National Anthem, ‘Negaraku’.
Read the text that Izwin had prepared.
Every state had a state anthem by the year 1956 but a national anthem was yet to be composed. At that time, Malaya was ready for independence and it was felt that it needed a national anthem. Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Chief Minister and the Minister of Interior Affairs of Malaya, decided that a national anthem had to be composed before independence. Hence, he formed a committee to select a song.
A competition was held for local and foreign composers. The committee analysed and examined all the 514 songs they received. They were very careful in their selection. Unfortunately, they could not find any song suitable to be the national anthem.  
Then, they decided to invite famous and reputable international composers and songwriters to compose the national anthem. They were Benjamin Britten, Sir William Walton, Carlo Manetti and Zubir Said. These composers and songwriters composed a number of songs. A special panel of judges went through all the songs. They reported that the songs were not suitable at all as our national anthem.
The country was still without a national anthem. Then, the committee decided to consider the existing state anthems. They were hoping to come up with a suitable tune. Finally, they decided to use the tune of the Perak State Anthem. The lyrics for the tune were written by a specially selected panel in which Tunku Abdul Rahman playing a signif icant role. That was how the song “Negaraku” came about. Do you know that there is an version of the song? This is how it goes:
Oh, my motherland
The land where my life began
Where people live in harmony and prosperity
With Sod-given blessings of happiness
Our King reign in peace
With God-given blessings of happiness
Our King reign in peace

Answer the following questions
The following composers were asked to write the National Anthem for Malaya except....
A. Carlo Manetti B. Zubir Said C. Tunku Abdul Rahman
The ... of the Perak State Anthem was found to be most suitable for the National Anthem.
Find a word in the text which has the same meaning as the word renowned.
Find a sentence in the text that says why there was a need to have a national anthem.
The word they in the text refers to the ____.
Say TRUE or FALSE. If the statement is false, explain why.
-The Perak State Anthem was chosen as the National Anthem.
-Tunku Abdul Rahman started the whole process of selecting a national anthem.
-The National Anthem was chosen from the 514 compositions the committee received.
Fill in the blanks with words from the text.
Malaya was going to get her independence but there was no national anthem. All the other (1) had their own state anthem. So, Tunku Abdul Rahman decided to form a (2) to select an appropriate song to be the national anthem. They held a (3) and they received 514 songs.
All the songs were not (4). Then, they invited all the internationally famous songwriters and composers to (5) the national anthem.
The songs were of very high (6). The panel felt that none was (7) to be the national anthem. Then, they looked into all the (8) anthems. The committee decided to choose the (9) of the Perak State Anthem. The (10) were written by a panel of judges headed by Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Finally the song, ‘Negaraku’ became the National Anthem of Malaysia.

Wonderful, Colourful and Beautiful World
Colours are also related to feelings, moods and emotions.
Read the poem below.

I see the trees of green and brown
Red roses and yellow carnations, too.
When I look at the world
And I say to myself
What a wonderful world!

I see the seas and skies of blue
White clouds and the bright shining sun, too
When I look at the world
And I say to myself
What a colourful world!

I can see people passing by
I see them in different colours.
When I look at these people
And I say to myself
What a beautiful world!

The beautiful colours of the amazing rainbow
That brings hope, happiness and cheer.
And when I see the rainbow
I say to myself
What a wonderful, colourful and beautiful world!
And I say to myself
What a wonderful, colourful and beautiful world!
Kayla Jade David

Answer the questions.
The writer of this poem sees the world as wonderful, colourful and beautiful. Do you agree with the writer? Why?
Identify the colours in the poem and relate them to how you feel.
Example: Blue refers to calmness.
List other colours that are related to feelings.
In pairs, discuss what you think the world would be like if there were no colours.

Clever Katya
Read the synopsis of the story Clever Katya by Julia Donaldson.
There was once a farmer who had a beautiful and clever daughter named Katya. One day, the farmer met the Czar of Russia who asked him for some bread. The Czar loved the tasty bread and wanted to know who had made it.
The farmer then told the Czar about his wonderful daughter. The Czar always thought that he was the cleverest person in Russia.
The Czar gave Katya three difficult tests to prove that she was clever. Katya cleverly solved all of them. The Czar fell in love with Katya and married her. Katya made the Czar promise her one thing. If he gets unhappy with her and asks her to leave the palace, she should be allowed to take the one thing she loves the most in the palace.
He agreed.
One day, the Czar was angry. He asked Katya to leave the palace and return to her father’s house. When the Czar was sleeping, Katya put him in a chest. She took the chest to her father’s house. Her father was shocked when he saw the Czar inside the chest. When the Czar woke up, he was angry but Katya reminded him of his promise. She said she loved him the most in the palace. That made the Czar very happy indeed because he knew that Katya really loved him very much and not his riches.

Answer the following questions
What do you think of the Czar and Katya?
Katya is clever and loving. Do you agree with this statement?
Give reasons for your answer.
Read the sentences below. Who do you think said these statements?
To whom did they say it?
Former – Katya – The Czar
a. Open the lid and see.
b. Oh, she’s a wonderful girl.
c. I will if you promise one thing.
d. I thought I could trick you but you were too clever for me.
e. You win again.
f. I am very happy.

Magnificent Wilderness
During the school holidays, Eva went to Kuala Tembeling National Park with her family.
This is what she wrote in her diary.
25th May
I had the best birthday present ever when Dad announced that we were going to Kuala Tembeling National Park for the school holidays. My heart leaped with joy. I have never been to such natural surroundings before. Dad chose this place as it is Malaysia’s largest national park and one of the oldest tropical rainforest in the world.
26th May
We left Ipoh very early in the morning and reached Kuala Tembeling at two in the afternoon. While waiting for the boat, I enjoyed a wonderful lunch under the trees. After lunch, the boat took us to our resort. The boat ride from the jetty to the resort was about four hours. The resort was fantastic. There were many facilities at the resort even though it was in the jungle.
We took a rest and enjoyed the scenery around the resort.
Early in the morning, we took a boat to the Orang Asli settlement.
I had a worthwhile experience looking at their unique lifestyles. There were six Orang Asli families who live together in a house. Their life was very simple with no electrical items or furniture in the house. At the settlement,
I watched the men making rapid, a traditional weapon used in shooting birds and monkeys. In the evening, we went exploring into the rainforest.
It was indeed a thrilling experience.
We went to the longest canopy walkway. It is a 400 metre man-made bridge hanging about 30 metres above the ground. While crossing the bridge, we got to view rich, diverse flora from the top. The sound of the insects in the forest was captivating. The experience was exhilarating. In the late afternoon, we took a dip in the pool below the waterfalls.
It was really a refreshing feeling after bathing in the clear, cool water.
29th May
We left Kuala Tembeling National Park at nine in the morning and reached home late in the evening. The experience in the wilderness was truly enjoyable. Thank you Dad for taking me closer to nature. I will never forget this wonderful trip.

Answer the following questions.
What was the present that Eva received from her father?
A. A book B. A diary C. A holiday
When Eva wrote “My heart leaped with joy”, she meant....
A. her father was happy
B. she was happy
C. she enjoyed jumping
The following describe Kuala Tembeling National Park in Malaysia, except....
A. largest national park
B. latest theme park
C. oldest tropical rainforest
If you take a boat from Kuala Tembeling at two in the afternoon, at what time will you reach the resort in the park?
In your opinion, why did Eva say she had a worthwhile experience at the Orang Asli settlement?
Replaced the words in bold in the passage with the most appropriate word from the list below.
various -
energising -
meaningful -
exciting -  
fascinating -
Sequence the pictures to the journey that Eva took from day one to day three at National Park.
Do you know any other natural forest reserve? Make a scrapbook about one natural forest reserve that you would like to go to. Include pictures and the following information:
• Location • Flora and fauna • Activities and facilities

The Ecosystem
The children were given a passage by their teacher. 
Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.
Plants and animals are living things. Air, soil and water are non-living things. Together they help produce food and support life on earth. This is what we refer as the ecosystem.
In the ecosystem, the sun is the natural source of energy. Plants absorb sunlight to grow roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Herbivorous animals eat the plants and the carnivorous animals in turn eat them. This food chain is known as “web of life”. It is part of the balance of nature.
When there are too many animals but less food for them to eat, it upsets the balance of nature. This affects the web of life and changes the ecosystem.
Natural disasters and human actions could also change the balance of nature. Earthquakes, floods, and fires started by lightning are natural disasters Human actions include air and water pollution and excessive cutting of trees. When these happen, they affect the web of life because there will be less food and many living things may die.
We cannot prevent the natural disasters but we can curb human actions. The excessive cutting of trees must be stopped. New trees should be replanted where forests have been cleared before. Rivers are to be looked after to avoid pollution. It is our responsibility to safeguard the ecosystem and maintain its balance.
Source: World Book, Inc., USA

Answer the questions
Using dictionary, find the meaning of words in bold.
What is the natural source of energy in the ecosystem?
A. The air B. The soil C. The plants D. The sun
A absorb energy
B eat animals for food
C eat plants and shrubs
D eat animals and plants
All these can be controlled to maintain the balance of nature except
A air pollution
B water pollution
C excessive deforestation
D fires started by lightning
What do you understand by the word “ecosystem”?
How would you describe the “web of life”? Illustrate your answer using the diagram below.
 _______   ________ ________
What happens if the ecosystem is upset? Discuss.
Read the passage again and complete the table below to show some causes which can upset the ecosystem.
Imbalance of Nature:
Natural  Disasters
1. ______
2. ______
3. ______
Human  Actions
1. ______
2. ______

Dan’s Secret Weapon
Read the excerpt from the story entitled ‘Dan’s Secret Weapon’ by Theresa Rae and answer the questions that follow.
On the first Wednesday afternoon of the new term, Jason and Dan lined up for their race. Dan's parents, Coach Piner, Jolene, and several other athletes were there to support him. When Jason saw the E.M.A.s, he took it as a sign that after the race Coach Piner would invite him to become one. He was cocky.
“You’ll soon be a speck of dust on the track, Dumpty,” he sneered, stepping on Dan’s foot when he thought no one was looking.
It hurt but Dan thought, I won’t let him get to me. He doesn’t know I have my secret weapon.
Dan held out his hand. “Good luck, Jason,” he said quietly.
Jason ignored the outstretched hand. But he couldn’t ignore the fact that Dumpty Dan was no longer dumpty! Probably been on a diet, thought Jason. Dan’s parents looked nervous. Jolene gave Dan a smile.
There were cheers from the crowd. Almost half the school had gathered for the event.
The two runners lined up.
“On your marks ... set... go!”
Jason deliberately bumped Dan. Dan stumbled, recovered, but lost ground. Jason extended his lead.
Dan recalled Coach’s advice. “Don’t panic ... let him run himself out. You’ll have the speed that counts at the end.”
The gap narrowed. His friends began to cheer. “Come on, Dan. You can do it, Dan.”
Then, the crowd joined in. Jason looked back, and that was his downfall. That look cost him the race.
With a burst of speed, Dan hit the tape. He’d won with a second to spare.

Answer the following questions
Has anyone ever dismissed you as unimportant?
How did you feel? What did you do?
Discuss the two main characters in the story. How are they different?
What did Jason do to Dan? How did Dan respond?
What advice would you give to Jason and Dan?
What moral values can you learn from this story?
If you were Dan, how would you feel being treated in such a manner? Write your reflection and save it into the e-journal.

Dancing With The Bees
Read the passage below.
The dance movement of the honey bees is a unique example of how they communicate.
Bees dance when they have found flowers with nectar. The bees will return to the hive and do dance movements and make buzzing sound. These will accurately describe to the other bees in the hive the location, quality, and quantity of the nectar.
The bees will dance in small circle to indicate that the nectar supply is near. This is called the “round dance”. They will waggle while dancing in small circles to indicate the nectar supply is further away. This is the “waggle dance”. The buzzing sound also indicates the distance, the longer the buzzing the further the nectar. Turning to the left and right while dancing in circles indicate the quantity of the nectar supply.
The longer and more vigorous the dance, the richer the nectar supply.
For direction, the bees will dance straight up the hive if the food supply is in the direction to the sun. They will dance straight down the hive if it is in the opposite direction of the sun. The bees will dance to the left or right to direct to the location accordingly.

Answer the questions.
Do you know why bees buzz?
Why do bees dance?
Name the two different ways of bees’ dance.
How do bees tell the other bees that there is plenty of nectar?
Why do bees dance straight to the hive and sometimes down the hive?
Find the meanings of words in bold from the dictionary.

Dolphins, like most underwater animals, communicate through sounds. Search in books, encyclopedias and Internet for more information on the way dolphins communicate.
Then, share your findings with your class and discuss the following points.
Why is sound important to dolphins?
How do marine animals like fish and shrimps communicate using sound?

Against All Odds
After watching the movie “Gandhi”, Izwin decided to look for information on Gandhi.
He found a text on Gandhi.
Read the text below.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a well-known leader of India. The title “Mahatma” which means “Great Soul” was accorded to him by his followers.
Gandhi was born on the 2nd of October 1869. He studied law in London and became a lawyer. In 1893, he went to work in South Africa. At that time, South Africa was ruled by the British. He was saddened looking at the racial inequality by the British.
In 1915, Gandhi returned to India. During that time, India was ruled by the British. Here, he again witnessed the same discrimination by the British against his own people. He was determined to fight for the freedom of India.
Gandhi then led non-violent campaigns for Indian independence from Britain.
Gandhi led a nationwide campaign to remove hardship.
Gandhi started a protest among poor farmers and labourers.
They protested against inequality especially between the rich and the poor. Besides this, he fought for unity amongst people of different religions. He spent his years working for peace and harmony amongst the Hindus and the Muslims. He also fought for the freedom of India from British. Gandhi’s influence on his people was so great that the British government dared not interfere with him.
Gandhi led a very simple life. He was a vegetarian and wore simple clothing, which were the traditional dhoti and shawl.
Gandhi is remembered for his peaceful movement of marches and hunger strikes that gained worldwide attention. The British finally gave in to Gandhi’s requests and gave India her independence in 1945.

Answer the questions.
Where did Gandhi study law?
A London B. South Africa C. India
How old was Gandhi when he went to South Africa?
A. 24     B. 25      C. 26
Gandhi returned to India in 1915 because he wanted to...
A further his studies
B fight for India’s freedom
C introduce law studies to his people
Why did Gandhi start a protest in India?
What were the methods of non-violence that Gandhi used to achieve his goals? Unscramble the letters to find the answers.
A – A H M C R
B – R N E H G U  S R K T I E
C –M I A C A P N G
D – R T S P E O T
Match the words in Column A with their opposite meanings in Column B.
Column A                        Column B
1. started                          a. uncertain
2. protested                    b. forgotten
3. determined              c. ended
4. remembered           d. approved
In which paragraphs can you find a description about the following?
Gandhi’s simple life
Gandhi’s commitment
Gandhi’s protest
Gandhi’s peaceful way
Gandhi’s life in South Africa
The title “Mahatma”
Gandhi’s return to India

Sibling Rivalry
Read the story about a man and his two sons.
There was once a man named Bahman. He had two sons. The elder son was named Jalulai and the younger son was called Jalulat. Bahman was a famous man in his village as he was a great and skilled canoe builder. He was also very good at sailing. Bahman decided it was time to teach his sons the skills of canoe building and sailing because he was getting old.
Jalulai and Jalulat did not get along very well. Jalulat was more interested in learning the skills from his father. Jalulai preferred to swim, collect sea shells and spend his time loitering with his friends in the village. He was not keen in learning the skills of canoe building and sailing. He felt it was a waste of time. He always thought his father loved Jalulat more than him.
One day, after building a beautiful canoe, Jalulat asked his father’s permission to visit the island called “Sands of Mandalei” on his own to test his skills. Bahman warned him that the people who lived there were dangerous. They do not like outsiders to come to their island. Bahman asked his son to be careful and to keep away from the people of the island. He listened carefully to his father’s advice.
As he was to set sail, Jalulai came towards him and grabbed the oars. He said rudely, “I am also skilful like you. I will prove to Father that I am also very good.” “It’s dangerous! Father just told me,” said Jalulat.
“Hah! You’re just trying to frighten me and show off to Father that you are better than 1.1 will show him that I am better than you. There is no danger there.
You’re lying!”  
He pushed Jalulat aside and set sail. Jalulat ran to tell his father what happened.
Bahman and Jalulat waited for Jalulai to return for so many days but he did not return. “I’m sure the people of the island caught him. He doesn’t know the advice I gave you. I am very worried.”
“Don’t worry, Father. I will go and find Jalulai.”
His father hugged him and again reminded him to be careful.
After one day at sea, Jalulat finally reached the “Sands of Mandalei”. He slowly crept to the village. He saw his brother near a hut. His hands and legs were tied. Jalulat waited for nightfall. As soon as it was dark, the people went to their huts. Jalulat walked slowly without making any noise towards his brother. Jalulai was very happy to see him. There were tears in his eyes. Jalulat untied Jalulai. “Let’s go quickly before they wake up.”
Jalulat grabbed his brother and both of them ran to the canoe. They took the oars and rowed as fast as they could, away from the island.
As soon as they reached the shore of their island, their father rushed to both of them. He hugged and kissed them. He was happy he got his sons back alive and well.

Answer the questions.
Why was Jalulai not interested to learn the skills?
He felt it was a waste of time.
He had more important things to do.
He was busy helping his father building canoes.
Why do you think Jalulai wanted to go to the “Sands of Mandalei”?
A He wanted to have some fun there.
B He wanted to prove to his father that he was better than Jalulat.
C He wanted to get the sword of Mandalei from the native people.
Why was Jalulai captured by the people of the island?
All the answers are correct except
A He did not have the patience to listen to his brother’s warning.
B He was not there when his father explained and advised Jalulat.
C He forgot the instructions and warnings his father gave him.
Find a sentence from the story which shows that there was sibling rivalry between Jalulai and Jalulat.
The word ‘Hewhich is in bold refers to_____.
Give two words to describe each of the following characters.
Jalulai -  
Jalulat -  
Bahman -
What can you learn from this story?
So Long, Farewell
It is the end of Year 6.
Everyone is saying goodbye to one another.
Read the poem below.

Goodbye my friend,
Goodbye for now,
The year has come to an end,
As we take a bow.

We may meet again next year,
While time passes by,
Missing friends so dear,
To our teacher, we say goodbye.

Nothing is loss,
But much to gain,
Forgive the flaws,
Look ahead to meeting again.

Such a wonderful year,
When we study together,
And with a wonderful teacher,
We have achieved success without fear.

We had good times,
In class we worked hard,
And teachers never fail to remind,
“Face your future with an open heart.”

Of you my friends,
I have only good memories,
Waving farewell as the year ends,
We shall move on with our studies.

With vision so clear,
Here I pen a full stop,
Forget me never,
Forget me not.

Let’s Talk/Discuss
How would you say goodbye to your friends and teachers?
Design a farewell card to your friends and teachers. Include details like:
- your feelings about your friendship.
- your hopes for the future.

The Tragic/Horrifying Crash
Tragic scene: The destroyed bus lying near the underpass in Kampung Jayor near Pagoh, Johor.
Sorrowful ending: Keseven and fiancee Renugah in happier times. Renugah died in the accident.
Baby among 14 killed in horrifying bus crash at Pagoh.
MUAR (25 December 2016): What was supposed to be a night trip from Johor Baru to Kuala Lumpur during the Christmas break turned into a horrifying trag­edy for 30 passengers when their bus plunged at high speed into a ravine near Kampung Jayo, Pagoh at the North-South Expressway.
Fourteen of them, including a baby, were killed, and the rest suf­fered injuries.
A witness reportedly heard screams of people and loud bang before realising that the bus had crashed.
Villagers awakened by the noise, rushed to help and found the pas­sengers either dead or injured.
Police said the express bus was travelling at high speed before it plunged down 10m off the highway at 3.25am yesterday.
Muar OCPD Asst Comm Azman Ayob said the bus that was heading to Kuala Lumpur from Johor Baru, veered off the highway and plum­meted straight onto a concrete tun­nel.
Thirteen people died on the spot while another victim was pro­nounced dead at the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital. Sixteen other passengers were injured.
Seven of the dead were women.
The witness, Ahmad Fahmi Khairuddin, could still remember the sound of screaming passengers on board the bus.
The 19-year-old vocational col­lege student was sitting outside his house when the accident took place.
He said he was playing a round of board game with three friends when he said heard a loud crash some 100m from his house.
“We went over to take a closer look. It was pitch black at the time.
“I remember hearing screams for help and people crying in pain. I don’t think I can ever forget that sound,” he said when met at the scene yesterday.
Ahmad Fahmi said he ran home and alerted his sleeping father Khairuddin Abdullah, 49, who then telephone emergency services.
Khairuddin, the Kampung Jayor village head, said while waiting for the authorities to arrive, he called his brother and other villagers to help pull the passengers out of the bus.
“As it was very dark at the time, several villagers shone their motor­cycle headlights towards the bus and we began helping the victims out of the bus, many of whom were bloodied and in pain,” added Khairuddin.
He said the stretch of highway beside the kampung was accident prone but most of the accidents usually took place on the south­bound side.
Another villager Robiyah Tayeb, 48, a cook, had just came home from the Pagoh RnR stop where she works and was resting in the living room when she heard the commo­tion outside.
“As I went near the ruined bus, I saw that a body had been flung out of the vehicle.
“I could hear people moaning in pain.
“Although it was difficult because some of the bus seats had been dis­placed, I managed to help pull out a woman and a man from the bus,” she said.
Johor Islamic Committee chair­man Abdul Mutalip Abdul Rahim,
who represented Mentri Besar Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin, conveyed the state government’s condolences to the families of the victims.
“The state government will assist the families of those involved and help to transport the bodies home for funeral.
Speaking at the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital here, Abd Mutalip said the authorities were still in the process of identifying the victims.
“The state government will also work closely with Singapore to identify its citizens and provide any assistance needed,” he said.