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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Comprehension Practices for Primary Students

What is the meaning of Comprehension?
Comprehension is about finding meaning in text. “Comprehension means that readers think not only about what they are reading but what they are learning. Simply put, reading comprehension is the act of understanding what you are reading. 
Comprehension is also defined as the understanding and interpretation of what is read. To be able to accurately understand written material, children need to be able to:
(1) decode what they read;
(2) make connections between what they read and what they already know; and
(3) think deeply about what they have read.
Holiday At The Sentosa Theme Park
Jasleen and her family went to Sentosa Theme Park for a holiday. They enjoyed themselves playing games and doing other activities. Jasleen also visited her uncle, Mr Gurmit. He works at the theme park. He gave her some gifts as souvenirs. It was a memorable holiday for her. She hopes to go to the theme park again.
Answer the question
What is the name of Jasleen’s uncle?
Mr Gurmit

A Family Day
During the last school holiday, Irfan and his family went to a beach in Perak for a Family Day. They had a picnic by the beach. Irfan’s father rented a beautiful chalet for them to stay. Irfan’s mother brought sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and sausages in a big basket. They enjoyed sitting on the sandy beach under the tall coconut trees. They had a good time together as a family.
Answer the question
Where did Irfan and his family go during the last school holiday?
During the last school holiday, Irfan and his family went to a beach in Perak for a Family Day.

The Benefits of Having a Bank Account.
One of the important things to do with your money is to save it. By saving a little bit each week, you would have enough money to use for something meaningful in the future. You can open a savings account to save money. It is one of the safest ways to keep your money. You don’t have to worry about your money being lost or stolen. You will also get profit for keeping your money in a savings account.
Answer the question
What is the benefits of having a bank account?
The benefits of having a bank account are the safest ways to keep our money and we don’t have to worry about the money being lost or stolen. We will also get profit for keeping the money in a savings account.

Cik Siti Wan Kembang
Cik Siti Wan Kembang’s favourite animal was the deer. She was presented with a deer which later became a symbol of the state emblem. At that time, the gold coins were stamped with the image of a deer too.
According to the legend, Cik Siti Wan Kembang never died but ‘disappeared’ into the mystical world. This is because no one has found her tomb till today. However, she will always be remembered for being the only female who ruled a state in our country.
Answer the questions.
What was Cik Siti Wan Kembang’s favourite animal?
Cik Siti Wan Kembang’s favourite animal was the deer.
Why is the deer used as a symbol in the Kelantan state emblem?
The deer used as a symbol in the Kelantan state emblem because Cik Siti Wan Kembang was presented with a deer and the gold coins were stamped with the image of a deer too.
Do you think Cik Siti Wan Kembang is still alive?
I think Cik Siti Wan Kembang is no longer alive.

Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia)
Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood is the founder of Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia). She was born in Malaysia and is trained as a doctor.
One of MERCY Malaysia’s mission is to provide medical relief to affected communities during disasters and crisis. The organisation helps to build people’s life.
Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood is very courageous. Although she was shot in her hip during a MERCY mission, she carried on with her work. She has received many awards for her services to the community.
Answer the question
Who is Tan Sri Jamilah?
Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood is the founder of Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia)

The Charlie’s Family
This is Charlie’s family. The whole family live together in a small wooden house. The house is old and really small. Life is extremely uncomfortable for them all. There are only two rooms in the house and there is only one bed. It is given to the four grandparents because they are so old and tired. They are so tired that they never get out of it.
Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine are the father and mother of Mr. Bucket while Mrs. Bucket’s parents are Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina. Mr. and Mrs. Bucket have a son whose name is Charlie. Charlie is a well-mannered boy with a big heart. He loves his parents and grandparents very much. They look out for each other all the time.
(Adapted from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl)
Answer the questions
Where does the family live?
The family lives together in a small wooden house.
How many rooms and beds in the house?
There are only two rooms in the house and there is only one bed.

A Unique Building
This is a unique building. The name of this building is Robot. The building was designed by an architect named Sumet Jumsai. It is located in Thailand. This cheery robot shows a friendly face of technology.
The robot’s eyes are a dining and meeting rooms, his eyelids are a sunshades, and his antennae are lightning rods. The head of the robot has nuts on both sides.
The best part is that the robot’s eyes are designed to wink at night. They wink to the tune of music. It is certainly an eye-catching masterpiece and building every child would love to see.
Answer the question
What is the name of the architect?
Sumet Jumsai

Mr. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
Mr. Willy Wonka, the confectionery genius whom nobody has seen for the last ten years sent out the following notice.
I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children to visit my chocolate factory this year. These lucky five will be shown around the factory personally by me. They will be allowed to see all the secrets and the magic of my factory. Then, at the end of the tour, as a special present, all of them will be given enough chocolates and sweets to last a lifetime.
So watch out for the Golden Tickets! Five Golden Tickets have been printed on golden paper. They have been hidden underneath the wrapping paper of five bars of chocolate. These five chocolate bars may be anywhere at any counter where Wonka’s Sweets are sold. Only the lucky finders and their companion are the ones who will be allowed to visit my factory and see what it is like inside!         
Good luck to you and happy hunting!
Willy Wonka.
Who is Mr Willy Wonka?
Mr Willy Wonka is the owner of a chocolate factory.
How many children will be allowed to visit his chocolate factory this year?
Five children / Five children will be allowed to visit his chocolate factory.

The Batang Lupar River
The Batang Lupar River in Sarawak is known for its benak or tidal bore. The tidal bore is one of the largest in the world. It is a rare phenomenon that only happens to few rivers. Many people come to see the huge waves.
The tidal bore is an amazing event that happens a couple of times a year. The tide comes in from the river mouth and fills up the river really fast. The wave goes up from two to four metres high. During the event, there will be other activities held such as the longboat paddling competition, tidal bore surfing, and water sports. The Batang Lupar tidal bore has become a major tourist attraction in Sarawak.
Answer the question
Where is The Batang River located?
The Batang River located in Sarawak.
What is the tidal bore?

The tidal bore is one of the largest waves in the world and it happens a couple of times a year.

A Huge Crocodile Skull
This is the skull of Bujang Senang. Bujang Senang is a huge and strong crocodile living in Senang River. There was a strong and brave Iban warrior named Simalungun. His enemies were jealous of his strength. They decided to kidnap his wife hoping that he would tell them the secret of his strength. Simalungun fought in a battle near the Senang River to free his wife. However, he lost the battle because he was outnumbered. His wife was also killed.
Simalungun vowed to take revenge on the people who hurt him and his wife. Magic spirits transformed him into Bujang Senang. It was easily recognised because it had unique white markings on its back.
Answer the question
Who is Simalungun?
Simalungun is a strong and brave Iban warrior
Where does Bujang Senang live?
Bujang Senang lives in the Senang River.

Write your answers in complete sentences.
Where did this story happen?
This story happened in ...
What is the name of the warrior?
The name of the ...
Who killed him?
He was...
What transformed the warrior into Bujang Senang?
What is Bujang…

Lake Chini
Lake Chini, also known as ‘Tasik Chini’ is located in Pahang. It consists of twelve lakes which are not only famous for their natural beauty but also for the mysteries that surround them. The first legend is that an enormous snake was transformed into a dragon called Naga Seri Gumum. There is also a story of an ancient city that existed in the lake. It is believed that some remains of the old city can still be found at the bottom of the lake.
Answer the questions.
What is the other name of Lake Chini?
The other name of Lake Chini is ‘Tasik Chini’
Where is Lake Chini located?
Lake Chini is located in Pahang.

Let’s learn and practices
Interrogative Pronouns.
The word in bold are called Interrogative Pronouns.
We use them to ask questions.
What is a legend?
Who is Simalungun?
Why was Mahsuri punished?

The word in bold are called Interrogative Pronouns.
We use them to ask questions.
to ask about people, animals or things
What do you wear to school?
to ask about things that belong to someone
Whose bag is that?
to ask about choice
Which is her pet, the cat or the rabbit?
to ask about people
Who is the boy wearing the green shirt?
Whom are you giving this gift to?

Let’s practise.
Use the correct interrogative pronouns and answer the questions
(Who/Whose) pair of shoes are these?
(Whom/Which) is your pet, the cat or the goldfish?
(Who/What) is the teacher’s name?
(Whose/Who) lives in that house?

A Holiday to Lake Chini
Last week, Jasleen and her family went on a holiday to Lake Chini. They stayed at her grandfather’s home by the lake. They went hiking and visited the Orang Asli settlement. They also went on a boat ride to see the beautiful lake. There were many boats at the lake, some with motors and some without. Jasleen and her family took the motorboat Jasleen took many photographs of the lotus and the beautiful scenery. She loved the visit to the Orang Asli settlement the most because she learned a lot about their culture.
Based on the text, form questions using interrogative pronouns.
Then, answer the questions,
____ did they see?
_____ went on a holiday?
_____ did they do at Lake Chini?
_____ house did they stay at?
_____ did Jasleen go with to Lake Chini?
_____ boat did they take to see the beautiful lake?

Mr. Chong Is A Zookeeper
Mr. Chong is May Lee’s uncle. He is a zookeeper.
One day, he checked all the animal cages as usual. He was shocked to see that one of the cages was opened. It was the tapir’s cage.
He saw the footsteps of the tapir outside the cage.
Mr. Chong reported the tapir’s disappearance to the security officers. He suspected the tapir had gone into the bushes near the cage. The best way to find the tapir now is to do a rescue search as soon as possible
Answer the question
Who is Mr. Chong?
Mr Chong is May Lee’s uncle and he is a zookeeper?

A Female Ruler
Once upon a time, the state of Kelantan was ruled by a female ruler. Her name was Cik Siti Wan Kembang. Her father passed away when she was only four years old. At the age of 30, she became the ruler of Kelantan.  
Cik Siti Wan Kembang is a legendary figure for her beauty, courage, and wisdom. She made sure  the land under her control was always safe from enemies. She was respected as a warrior princess. She was brave to enter battles on a horseback with an army of female horse riders. Though admired by many for her beauty, she never got married.
State True or False.
Cik Siti Wan Kembang ruled Kelantan at the age of four. (True/False)
She was a brave and wise leader. (True/False)
She rode on elephants when she entered battles. (True/False)
She was only known for her beauty. (True/False)
She got married at the age of thirty. (True/False)

A Story About ‘Caption Malaysia’
This is a story about a special man and his mission to protect all the children in Malaysia. He only wants to be known as ‘Captain Malaysia’.
No one knows who he is and where he lives. Only he himself has the answers to the questions.
Many people admire him for his strength and willingness to help those in need. His mission is to protect all the children around him from any evil or danger. Whenever they need help, he will know through his supersensitive hearing and bionic vision. He will be there to make sure every child is safe and sound.
Captain Malaysia can run and fly as fast as lightning.
He uses a titanium shield to protect himself from enemy attacks. Some people say he acquired his powers from the enemies he fought but no one really knows for sure. It will remain a secret forever.
The children love Captain Malaysia as he is a kind and unselfish hero. He is willing to help any child without expecting any reward in return. He always reminds the children to take care of themselves. Despite being famous, he is never boastful. His best friend is Master Kiddo who helps him whenever needed.
Answer the questions
Who is the ‘Caption Malaysia”?
Caption Malaysia is a special man and his mission is to protect all children in Malaysia.
Why so many people admired him?
Many people admired him because of his strength and willingness to help those in need. His mission is to protect all the children around him from any evil or danger.
Why the children love ‘Caption Malaysia’?
The children love Captain Malaysia as he is a kind and unselfish hero. He is willing to help any child without expecting any reward in return. He always reminds the children to take care of themselves.

A Mobile Phone
Today, a mobile phone is one of the most important gadgets to have. It has become an important tool of communication. Keeping in touch with family and friends and accessing emails are a few reasons why it is important.
There are many functions in a mobile phone. Besides making and receiving calls and text messages, it can be used to send emails, photos, and videos.
Most mobile phones have a number of features in common. They are sleek, thin, and sophisticated. In addition, text messaging is a basic feature where we can send messages via SMS (Short Message Service). Other extra features include a clock, calculator, calendar, and notepad.
The future of the mobile phone is bright. It is ever changing and ever evolving. Most people cannot live without it because of what it can do.
Answer the questions
What are the functions of a mobile phone?
The functions of a mobile phone are to make and receive calls and text messages, and to send emails, photos, and videos.
What do you think about the future of Mobile phones?
The future of mobile phones is bright.

(Essays, questions and answers)
The Future of Reading (Electronic Books)
Electronic books or e-books are electronic versions of printed books. They can be viewed on a computer screen or on an electronic book reader.
E-books can be purchased on the Internet from publishers or e-bookstores.
We can only pay for these books using credit or debit cards. Purchasing an e-book is faster compared to purchasing a book from a bookstore.
Nowadays, more people are choosing to read e-books. This is because the materials can be downloaded and accessed anywhere. E-books are also environmentally friendly because they reduce the number of trees being cut.
The future of e-books is bright. It allows us to bring the whole library with us wherever we go. They are slowly gaining popularity because of its convenience.
Answer the questions.
What is an electronic book?
Electronic books is electronic versions of printed books.
Where can we purchase an e-book?
E-books can be purchased on the Internet from publishers or e-bookstores.
What is an electronic book reader?
Electronic book reader is an electronic version of printed books and materials can be downloaded and accessed anywhere. It is also environmentally friendly because they reduce the number of trees being cut.
Why are more people choosing to read e-books?
People are choosing to read e-books because of its convenience.

KotaBharu, 12 January - Floods caused by the monsoon rain have forced over 40,000 people to evacuate their homes. News reported at least 10 people had died while a mother and a daughter are missing.
More than 20,000 people have been placed in evacuation centers in Kelantan. The rain also affects Terengganu, Pahang, and Johor. Almost every year these states are affected and they usually last from late November to February.
Volunteers are helping people to move their belongings and food supplies on small boats. One of the volunteers informed, “These victims have been placed in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Mentari and Sungai Jenuh Mosque for safety and refuge.”
All flood victims have been advised to stay at these centers until the situation is safe.
Based on the news report above, imagine that you are one of the victims of the flood. Using the information provided, write a letter to a friend describing your unforgettable experience.
Answer the question
Name the countries which were affected by the rain?
Terengganu, Pahang, and Johor.

What to do before a flood?
Prepare an emergency kit.
Know your surroundings.
Make a plan to save important documents.
Stay out of low areas.
Identify places to evacuate.
What do during a flood?
Save yourself first, not your belongings.
Stay away from power supply and live wires.
Turn off the tap and gas tank before leaving your home.
Lock all doors and windows to secure your home.
Do not drive.
What to do after a flood?
Wait until it is safe to return.
Stay away from power lines.
Do not enter a building if it is still surrounded by water.
Wear proper shoes so that you don’t hurt your feet.
Throw away food, medicine, and water that has had contact with flood water.

What is an earthquake?
An earthquake is the result of violent shaking and movements of the Earth’s surface. It causes great destruction.
How does an earthquake happen?
An earthquake happens when the Earth’s crust moves in different directions. These create an energy called seismic waves.
What happens in an earthquake?
When there is an earthquake, the ground shakes or vibrates. Deep inside the Earth, there are big movements that cause upheavals. When the movements are strong, they crack open the ground.
How do we measure an earthquake?
An earthquake is measured using an instrument called seismometer. It measures and records details of the earthquake such as the force and duration.
What can we do about it?
During an earthquake, seek a clear space and drop to the ground. Be aware of things that can fall or hurt you. Always remember to protect your neck.
Answer the questions.
Why does an earthquake cause massive destruction?
Do you think it is possible to prevent an earthquake? Why?
Why do you need to drop to the ground during an earthquake?
How can you help the victims?

The King’s Decision
Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom called Artistic. It was full of happy and talented people. They were ruled by a wonderful king named King Sam.
Although everyone in the kingdom loved King Sam, he was not happy. He and Queen Sara did not have children. He was old and needed an heir to his throne.
King Sam loved art very much.
One day, he had a brilliant idea.
“I shall use art to find my heir.”
A message went out saying whoever wished to be the next king should come to the palace. Since John loved painting, he decided to give it a try. He was the first to arrive at the palace.
King Sam announced in his red royal cloak, “Whoever wants to be the next king must draw the most beautiful portrait of me.” Months went by and everyone worked so hard to paint the best picture of the king.
The day finally came to choose the new king. All the people put their best foot forward, hoping to be chosen. When John saw the other villagers holding beautiful portraits of the king, he had butterflies in his stomach. He was afraid King Sam would be angry because he came with just a mirror.
The King finally arrived. His red royal cloak was bright and he kept a straight face. King Sam walked around slowly looking at all the portraits, one by one. All of them had a big picture of him in his red royal cloak.
King Sam came to John and saw him holding a mirror. John said, “I was sure I could draw the most beautiful portrait, Your Majesty but nothing that I drew was perfect. So today, I brought you a golden mirror.”
King Sam looked into the mirror and saw an image of himself.
He was delighted with the clever idea. The King declared, “Look at me. The reflection in the mirror is perfect.” On that day, King Sam proclaimed John as the next King.
Answer the questions.
Why did King Sam need to find an heir to his throne?
What was King Sam’s passion?
Why was John the first to arrive at the palace?
Find the idiom in the passage that has the same meaning as:
(a) was nervous       
(b) wanted to make a good impression
(c) looked serious
Do you think it is fair for the king to proclaim John as the next king? Why?

Peter Pan
Three children from the Darling family lived in London. They are Wendy, John, and Michael.
While they were sleeping, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell flew into the house. The children woke up and saw Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in their bedroom. Peter told them that they lived in Neverland. It was a beautiful and magical place.
Tinker Bell sprinkled pixie dust over the children so they could fly to Neverland.
The Lost Boys were eagerly waiting for Wendy to tell them stories.
However, Captain Hook, an evil pirate wanted to take revenge on Peter Pan because he caused the loss of Hook’s left hand. This led the pirates to kidnap all the children.
In the end, Peter Pan tried to save all the children...
Answer the questions.
Do you think this story is interesting? Why?
Based on the pictures describe Captain Hook and Peter Pan.
Predict what happened in the end.

A Firefighter
My name is Azmin and I am a firefighter. My day starts at 8:00 a.m. Each morning, our supervisor briefs us on the work we will be carrying out for the day. We check the tools and equipment to make sure that they are in good condition.
A quick response is needed every time we receive an emergency call. It could be a house on fire, a kitten trapped on a tree or a snake found in a house. In any of these cases, I am ready to help. However, there are cases of prank calls from people who report false emergencies. These put real lives in danger because it is a waste of time and resources. Sometimes I give fire safety talks and monitor fire drills in schools. It is important to know these safety tips. Each building must have an escape route where people can run to safety in case of a fire. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can help save lives.
I love my work very much because I feel satisfied being able to help and serve my community.
Answer the questions.
Why do Encik Azmin and his colleagues check the tools and equipment?
What kind of emergencies require Encik Azmin’s quick response?
Why is it wrong to make prank calls?
Name two fire safety tips.
Do you think Encik Azmin is happy with his work? Why?

BMX race organised by the Adventure Sports Centre.
Your friend is going to join a BMX race organised by the Adventure Sports Centre.
Write a letter to advise him or her on how to prepare for the race.
Use the words in the boxes to help you.
eat healthily
start training
fit and healthy
wear protective gear
take a break
drink enough water
warm up exercises

2615, Jalan BP 14/1,
Taman Muhibah,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Dear Ramesh,
How are you? Hope you are fine.
I heard that you are going to participate in the BMX race organised by the Adventure Sports Centre. It is good that you have the courage to join an adventure sport that you like doing.
Since the race is just around the corner, I would like to advise you to be physically prepared. You must _____ from now. Before you start, you must always do _____ to prepare your body for the training. Make sure you _____ to prevent any injury while doing the activity.
If you are tired, _____ before you continue with the training. Make sure you . * to prevent dehydration. Most importantly, you must always _____, _____, and train to make sure you remain _____ .
I wish you good luck and stay calm for the race. I know you can do it!

Sabah and Sarawak
Sabah and Sarawak are two states in MALAYSIA. They are located in the island of Borneo. Sarawak is called The Land of the Hornbills’ while Sabah is known as ‘The Land Below the Wind’. They are both rich in fascinating cultures and unique flora and fauna.

Sepilok (Orang-Utan Sanctuary): An opportunity to see orang-utan up close during feeding time
Kinabalu Park Mountain: Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site Has the largest variety of pitcher plant
Sipadan Island (Diving): Internationally known as one of the world’s famous diving destination
Ask and answer questions.
Where can you go diving?
I can go diving at Sipadan Island.
Do you know the name of the biggest flower in the world?
Yes, I know. The biggest flower in the world is the Rafflesia.

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia
Kuching: Capital city, River cruises, Cat Museum, Sarawak Cultural Village and Crocodile Farm
Mt. Mulu: Has the world’s largest cave passage and cave chamber Famous for its limestone spikes called The Pinnacles’
Niah Caves: The National Park
Semenggoh: Orang Utan Sanctuary
Answer the questions
Have you been to Sabah or Sarawak?
Name some of the places you can visit?

A Trip To Sabah
The pupils of 5 Bestari are organising a trip to Sabah for the conning school holiday.
They are looking at a brochure about the places of interest in Sabah.
Situated in the island of Borneo, Sabah has beautiful amazing rainforests and beautiful islands. The capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu offers adventures such as diving, river-cruising, mountain climbing, water-rafting, and caving.
Places of Interest
Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia. It stands over A,000 metres tall. This mountain is also a World Heritage Site. The dense jungles contain species of flora and fauna that are protected. It is a perfect spot for mountain climbing, sightseeing, and camping.
Sipadan Island
This is a beautiful island which is a perfect getaway. Tourists can look at turtles and coral reefs when snorkelling, swimming or diving. There are 3,000 species of fish among the colourful coral species.
Sepilok Orang-Utan Sanctuary
It is the largest orang-utan sanctuary in the world. Don't miss the daily feeding of the orang-utans. You can also see different types of birds flying over the trees in this sanctuary. Go bird watching and explore a variety of wild plants.
Getting There Land in Kota Kinabalu International Airport. You can also rely on our good public transportation.
Useful Contacts Tourism Information Centre (Sabah Tourism Board)
Website: www.tourismma.gov.my
Questions and answers
What is Sabah also known as?
These are the activities you can do in Sipadan Island except...
A swimming B diving C river cruising D snorkelling
The orang-utan is fed ...
A hourly B daily C weekly D monthly
What are the three ways to get more information about Sabah?
What do you think the slogan ‘where real adventure begins’ means?
Choose the right meaning for the words below:
1. Diving -
2. Gateway -
3. Sanctuary -
4. Species -
5. Dense -
a quick escape
the same kind or same group
thick or close together
swimming underwater
a place that provides shelter or protection

Complete the table below:
Places of interest
Mount Kinabalu

Sipadan Island

Sepilok Orang-Utan Sanctuary

An Email
May Lee receives an email from her cousin who lives in Sarawak.
Dear May Lee,
How are you? I hope you are well. Everyone here is fine.
In your email, you wanted to know the best way to see the beautiful city of Kuching. Well, one of the best ways is to go on a cruise along the Sarawak River. The Sarawak River Cruise provides a unique and different experience. Along your journey on the river, you will pass small house-like boats called perahu tambang which are used to ferry locals across the river. You will also see Malay kampung houses built on stilts and fishing villages.
Besides that, you will pass the Astana, which used to be Rajah Brooke’s residence. Located next to the Astana is Fort Margherita which is now a police museum.
Before returning to Kuching city, you will cruise by the Satok Bridge. Make sure you don’t miss the new State Legislative Building. It is as grand as a palace and resembles the Melanau tribal hat.
That’s all for now. Bye.
State True or False.
The river cruise is one of the best ways to see Kuching. (True/False)
.A perahu tambang is used to bring passengers across the river.  (True/False)
Most of the houses in a Malay kampung are made of bricks. (True/False)
Fort Margherita has been turned into a restaurant. (True/False)
The Satok Bridge resembles the Melanau tribal hat.  (True/False)

Let’s Read and Answer
The old woman
A long time ago, in a small village in Japan, there lived an elderly childless couple.
One day, while the old woman was washing clothes, a giant peach floated down the river. She took the peach home.
The old woman showed the peach to her husband and placed it against the wall. Suddenly, the peach started moving. They were surprised to see a baby coming out of the preach.
They decided to name him ‘Momotaro’ which meant ‘Peach Boy’. Momotaro grew up to be a very strong and brave boy.
One evening, an evil ogre stole the villagers’ belongings and destroyed most houses in the village. Nobody dared to stop the ogre. After it left, Momotaro asked for permission from his parents to fight the ogre.
Momotaro’s mother was worried for him, but she knew she had to let him go. For the long journey, she prepared him dango to give him strength.
Momotaro made his way towards the ogre’s island with his dango. He was determined to defeat the ogre. On the way, Momotaro met a dog. a monkey, and a pheasant. They told him that they wanted to help him fight the ogre.
So Momotaro gave them a dango each.
They got on a boat and sailed towards the island.       
When they landed, Momotaro and his friends saw the ogre sleeping. They fought the ogre.
(Adapted from The Peach Boy)
Sequence the story in the correct order.
They were shocked to discover a baby in the peach. They named him Momotaro.
Momotaro asked permission from his mother to fight the ogre.
Together they went on a journey to defeat the ogre.
Once upon a time, there lived an elderly couple.
One day, an evil ogre attacked the village.
On his way, Momotaro made friends with a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant.
The old woman found a peach floating in the river and showed it to her husband.
Predict the ending of the story.

Let’s Read and Write.
Sigat received an email from his penfriend in Japan.
Dear Sigat,
How are you? It is the school holiday here in Japan and I have been visiting a few interesting places.
My family and I went to see cherry blossoms. These flowers are also known as sakura. They bloom all over Japan from the end of March to early May. We had a picnic along the riverbank to enjoy the flower most loved by the Japanese.
Apart from that, I also went to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. It is one of the world’s largest cities. My mother went shopping in several big malls. She bought me two dresses and a pair of earrings.
You should visit me one day. I will take you to the best local restaurant and interesting places. It will be a trip that you will never forget. Can you tell me more about your country in your next email?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Imagine you are Sigat. Write a reply to Hitomi’s email.

Let’s read and answer.
A Visit to the Chocolate Factory
Mr. Wonka was standing all alone just inside the open gates of the factory.
He invited the five winners and their companions into his factory. He took them to a very special room.
“This is an important room - the Chocolate Room!” exclaimed Mr. Wonka. “It is the nerve centre of the whole factory. I insist on my rooms being beautiful.
I can’t stand ugliness in the factories. But do be careful, my dear children! Don’t wander off by yourselves. I wouldn’t want to lose any of you at this stage.”
Mr. Wonka opened the door and what an amazing sight the room had.
A great brown river flowed in the middle of the room. Enormous glass pipes were dangling down into the river somewhere high up in the ceiling. There were green meadows and trees along the riverbank. What was more beautiful was the liquid chocolate waterfall flowing into the chocolate river. Everyone was mesmerised by the beauty of the Chocolate Room.
Language Arts
Willy Wonka warned the children not to get lost when they first entered the Chocolate Room. Imagine one of them wandering off to the other rooms. What might happen to the child? What might the child discover?
Everything is made of chocolate in the Chocolate Room. What if your classroom is made of chocolate? Draw, describe, and present it to the class.

Let’s read.
Announcing the winner
Willy Wonka’s decision to open his factory to five lucky children was actually a plan to find a successor. This successor would take over the factory where Mr. Wonka would teach all the secrets of chocolate making. There could only be one winner. Who could it be?
Augustus Gloop was slurping chocolate from the chocolate river. He fell into the river and was sucked up by one of the super pipes. He came out the other side as flat as a pancake.
Veruca’s demanding nature caused her a lot of problems. She wanted to have Wonka’s trained squirrels but they saw her as a ‘bad nut'. So they threw her down the garbage chute.
Violet grabbed an experimental piece of gum and chewed it. It was against Wonka’s advice. She greedily chewed the gum and turned into a giant blueberry.
Mike wanted nothing more than to check out the Chocolate Television Room. He took the opportunity to be on television and tried to film himself. However, he ended up shrinking in size.
Charlie never asked for more than what he was given. He found the adventure in the Chocolate Factory to be interesting and fun. He listened to the instructions and obeyed Mr. Wonka.
Who do you think the winner was? Why?
What can you learn from the story?

Let’s Read and Answer
Let’s Read/Talk
Miss Sharmila is highlighting a natural disaster that happened in 2004 and 2011 which shocked the world. Listen to the information and talk about it.
A tsunami is an extremely large wave in the sea caused by an earthquake. The waves can travel for thousands of kilometres.
Tsunami in 2004. In 2004. the Indian Ocean tsunami caused massive destruction and death in countries like Thailand. Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. More than 150,000 people died and millions were left homeless. It is the deadliest tsunami in history.
Tsunami in 2011. Japan was also hit by the fifth most powerful earthquake in 2011. It happened in the city of Sendai. It created waves more than 10 metres high. Many people lost their homes and more than 15,000 died.

Complete the table.

Affected countries

Number of lives lost


Let’s Read and Answer.
A volcanoes is a mountain with a large opening at the top through which gases and lave are forced out into the air, Volcanoes happen because the Earth is hot inside. The heat gets to hot and erupts lava through the opening of the volcano.
Mount St. Helens in the United States of America erupted in 1980. The eruption was the most spectacular ever seen. A cloud of ash that grew 6,000 metres tall covered the sky. The volcano exploded sideways and travelled up to 30 kilometres away. The eruption killed 57 people. Mount Pinatubo located in the Philipines erupted in 1991, It was the most devastating of the 20 th century. In ash cloud rose 40 kilometres high. Ash in the air made it dark during the day and caused temperature to fall. Hundreds lost their lives and thousands lost their homes.

Complete the table.
Mount St. Helens Volcano
Country: ____
Date of eruption:1980
Result of eruption: ____
Mount Pinatubo Volcano
Country: ____
Date of eruption:____
Result of eruption: ____
Mount Vesuvius Volcano
Country: ____
Date of eruption:____
Result of eruption: It buried a city called Pompeil.

Let’s Read and Answer
Wonderfully made…/Story time
Mrs Lau told the class a story about a handsome boy who was changed into a ....
Read on and find out.
A long time ago, there lived a cobbler, his wife and his son in a small village. His wife sold herbs, fruit and vegetables at the market place. His son, Jem, was twelve years old. He was very handsome.
One day, an old woman came to their stall. She had a small, sharp and wrinkled face. Her eyes were red. She had a thin, hooked nose.
She limped slowly to their stall. She put her hands into the herb basket. She held some packets to her nose to sniff. Jem’s mother was upset when she saw her doing that but she kept quiet. The old woman said, “Bad stuff, this is all bad stuff! All inedible!”
Jem became very angry. He said to the old woman, “You’re an awful woman. If you keep doing that, no one will buy our herbs. Go away, if you’re dissatisfied with our herbs, you thoughtless old woman!”
The old woman looked at him and laughed unpleasantly as she said, “It’s inadvisable and unwise to talk to me like that, young man. Anyway, I want six cabbages and two packets of herbs. You will carry them home for me. I will surely pay you for your trouble.” She went off laughing.
Jem was unwilling to help her because he did not like her. His mother told him that he should help the poor old woman. As soon as they reached the old woman’s house, she said to Jem,
“Thank you, my dear boy. I shall repay you. This is for your trouble.”
She threw some strong smelling bluish herbs on his face. Jem screamed loudly and fainted. When he woke up, the house was empty. He went back to the market place.
As he neared the village, he saw people laughing at him. He went to his mother’s stall. He could see deep sadness on her face. He said, “Mother, why are you so sad?”
Jem’s mother looked at him like she has never seen him before.
“I’m not your mother. What do you want, hideous dwarf? My son disappeared a few weeks ago. He was stolen from us,” she said and started crying.
The people in the market chased Jem away. He felt so unwanted. He hung his head low and went to the river. He looked at his reflection in the water. He stared in disbelief. He looked exactly like the old woman. His eyes were tiny. His nose was huge and hung over his mouth and chin. His chest had become broader and grown into lumps. His legs were small and his arms were large with huge brown hands and long skinny fingers. He was very sad.
Just then, he heard a voice. …
Answer the questions           
Jem’s mother....
A. repaired shoes B. sold vegetables C. bought herbs
Why was Jem angry with the old woman?
A. She was sniffing the herbs.  
B. She was buying the herbs.
C. She was laughing at Jem.     
D. She was scolding Jem’s mother.
Hideous also means ....
A. beautiful B. bad C. ugly
Which sentence in the story tells you that the old woman warned Jem not to be unkind to her?
Which picture best describes Jem after he was turned into a dwarf?
What do you think happen to Jem?
Give the story a title.

Let’s Read and Answer
Proud to be a Malaysian/You have got MAIL
Laura who lives in Kuala Lumpur has received an email from her friend Kareena in Mumbai.
Read her reply.

Dear Kareena,
Thanks for the email. Glad to know that you and your family are coming to Malaysia for your holidays. Just can’t wait to see you and show you my country.
Yes, what you have read about Pulau Sipadan and Taman Negara are true - beautiful corals and marine caves - oldest tropical rainforests in the world. I have an idea! My uncle lives in Sabah. We’ll visit Pulau Sipadan when you are here and Taman Negara is a few hours drive from my place. We can go there too.
Now, what else can I show you? Yes, Kuala Lumpur, our capital city! Here, you can find people of different races. They have their own culture and traditions and practise different religions. All live together in harmony. You will see for yourself how we work and live together.
Another interesting thing about Malaysia is our food. We have many types of food from the different races. I am sure you will enjoy trying out the different Malaysian dishes.
You know, I am so excited to show Malaysia to you.
Yes, our weather is hot but it rains sometimes. Bring along comfortable clothes, shoes and a hat.
Hope to see you and your family soon.
Bye and warm regards,
Kuala Lumpur.

Who is coming to Malaysia?
A. Kareenaa B. Kareena’s family C. Kareena and her family
How does Laura feel?
A. puzzled B. surprised C. excited
What is Pulau Sipadan famous for?
A rainforests B variety of food C corals and marine caves
Where do you think the oldest tropical rainforests in the world can be found?
Why does Laura want to take Hannah to Pulau Sipadan and Taman Negara?
The word ‘Here’ refers to         .
What can you find in the capital city of Malaysia?
The word ‘harmony' means ______
Name the different races and ethnic groups in Malaysia.
“We have many types of food from the different races.”
Find out the different types of food according to the races and ethnic groups and complete the following table.
nasi lemak

Which food would you recommend to Hannah? Why?
If you are writing to a friend in another country, what else can you tell your friend about Malaysia?
(a) _____
(b) _____
(c) _____

The word ‘proud’ can be replaced with ____, _____ and _____.
(arrogant) (satisfied) (happy) (pleased) (ashamed) ( dissatisfied )
Do you know your country well? Do this quiz.
Say whether the following statements are True or False about Malaysia.
Give the correct answer if the statement is false.
Malaysia was formed in 1957. (True or False)
Satay is not a vegetarian dish. (True or False)
Malaysia has a tropical climate. (True or False)
Malaysia grows lots of rubber trees. (True or False)
Malaysia is a country in South East Asia. (True or False)
The capital city of Malaysia is Putrajaya. (True or False)
Why do you think they are proud to be Malaysians?

Let’s Read and Answer
Read the excerpt from the story entitled “The Caring Tree”
Written by Sheikh Hassan Seylan Abad.
One day, the boy, who was now a young man, returned.
The tree was very excited to see him again.
“Come and play with me,” said the tree.
“I do not have time to play. I have to work for my family.
I need a house for shelter. Can you help me?” asked the young “Sorry, but I do not have a house. You can chop my branches off and build your house,” answered the tree.
“Oh, thank you,” said the man.
So, the man cut all the branches of the tree and left happily. The tree was left lonely again and sad for a long time.
One fine day, the man returned and the tree was delighted. “Come and play with me!” the tree said.
“I am getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself. Can you give me a boat?” asked the man.
“Use my trunk to build your boat. You can sail far away and be happy,” answered the tree.
So the man cut the tree trunk to make a boat.
He went sailing and again he never showed up for a long time.

Look at the title. What do you think the story is about?
-a tree that cares
-care for a tree
-a tree that needs to be cared
Describe the relationship between the boy and the tree
How would you describe the two characters?
The boy
The tree
If you were in the story, which character would you like to be?
Share your reasons with your friends.
What does the story “The Caring Tree” teach you about friendship?

Read and Answer
Read the story about a man and his two sons.
There was once a man named Bahman. He had two sons. The elder son was named Jalulai and the younger son was called Jalulat. Bahman was a famous man in his village as he was a great and skilled canoe builder. He was also very good at sailing. Bahman decided it was time to teach his sons the skills of canoe building and sailing because he was getting old.
Jalulai and Jalulat did not get along very well. Jalulat was more interested in learning the skills from his father. Jalulai preferred to swim, collect sea shells and spend his time loitering with his friends in the village. He was not keen in learning the skills of canoe building and sailing. He felt it was a waste of time. He always thought his father loved Jalulat more than him.
One day, after building a beautiful canoe, Jalulat asked his father’s permission to visit the island called “Sands of Mandalei” on his own to test his skills. Bahman warned him that the people who lived there were dangerous. They do not like outsiders to come to their island. Bahman asked his son to be careful and to keep away from the people of the island. He listened carefully to his father’s advice.
As he was to set sail, Jalulai came towards him and grabbed the oars. He said rudely, “I am also skilful like you. I will prove to Father that I am also very good.”
“It’s dangerous! Father just told me,” said Jalulat.
“Hah! You’re just trying to frighten me and show off to Father that you are better than I. I will show him that I am better than you. There is no danger there.
You’re lying!”
He pushed Jalulat aside and set sail. Jalulat ran to tell his father what happened.
Bahman and Jalulat waited for Jalulai to return for so many days but he did not return. “I’m sure the people of the island caught him. He doesn’t know the advice I gave you. I am very worried.”
“Don’t worry, Father. I will go and find Jalulai.”
His father hugged him and again reminded him to be careful.
After one day at sea, Jalulat finally reached the “Sands of Mandalei”. He slowly crept to the village. He saw his brother near a hut. His hands and legs were tied. Jalulat waited for nightfall. As soon as it was dark, the people went to their huts. Jalulat walked slowly without making any noise towards his brother. Jalulai was very happy to see him. There were tears in his eyes. Jalulat untied Jalulai. “Let’s go quickly before they wake up.”
Jalulat grabbed his brother and both of them ran to the canoe. They took the oars and rowed as fast as they could, away from the island.
As soon as they reached the shore of their island, their father rushed to both of them. He hugged and kissed them. He was happy he got his sons back alive and well.
Answer the questions
Why was Jalulai not interested to learn the skills?
A He felt it was a waste of time.
B He had more important things to do.
C He was busy helping his father building canoes.
Why do you think Jalulai wanted to go to the “Sands of Mandalei”?
A He wanted to have some fun there.
B He wanted to prove to his father that he was better than Jalulat.
C He wanted to get the sword of Mandalei from the native people.
Why was Jalulai captured by the people of the island? All the answers are correct except
A He did not have the patience to listen to his brother’s warning.
B He was not there when his father explained and advised Jalulat.
C He forgot the instructions and warnings his father gave him.
Find a sentence from the story which shows that there was sibling rivalry between Jalulai and Jalulat.
The word ‘He’ which is in bold refers to ____.
Give two words to describe each of the following characters.
What can you learn from this story?

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